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My Baby’s Father Is Ignoring Me and Blocked Me

Communication isn’t always easy, especially for young parents. This is certainly true if your baby’s father is ignoring or blocking you.

While the birth of a child can complicate relationships, ignoring each other makes parenting difficult. If your relationship is going south, it’s important to decide how to best move forward for your child.

My baby’s father ignored or blocked me.

If you’ve found yourself blocked after a breakup, you’re not alone. While there are many reasons a relationship may not work out, ending things with your child’s father is challenging.

Regardless of your relationship status, it’s important to get on the same page. If you’re blocked from his phone, try sending an email or calling from another phone.

The goal of establishing contact is to decide what’s best for your child, not the relationship.

Ideally, your baby will have access to both parents for the long-term. However, if things are too stressful between you both, it’s time to discuss alternatives. Decide if the dad can stay without causing harm to you or your child.

Why is my baby’s father ignoring me?

If you’ve lost touch with the dad, make sure you have the correct phone number for them. If it’s clear that he’s avoiding you, legal action is an option.

Remember, even if you’ve sent a few unanswered texts, your baby’s dad may just be busy. If you’ve called or texted and haven’t seen a response in days, he may be blocking you.

While blocking may seem immature, some fathers choose to take this route. For some, blocking is an easy way to cut ties. If your baby’s dad is shirking his responsibilities, ignoring and blocking you is the easy way out.

How can I negotiate with my baby’s dad?

For the sake of your baby, it’s best to negotiate with the dad. The goal is to make sure the father has some level of healthy involvement.

If you’ve separated from the father and they’ve blocked you, the goal is to see if they still want to stay in the picture.

Can’t get in touch with your baby’s dad? The next step is to get a mediator. Have someone that can arrange a meeting or conversation between the two of you. This person can be a mutual friend or a lawyer, depending on the scenario.

Is this a case of abandonment?

It isn’t uncommon for a father to abandon his family by ignoring or blocking the mom. The truth is the dad may not want to father their baby at all. If this is true, your baby’s dad may be abandoning your baby.

If you are unable to get in contact via phone or in-person, it’s time to get legal aid. Consult a lawyer to discuss child abandonment. Legally, a dad that chooses to abandon their child is actively forfeiting their parental rights.

If the father doesn’t have the right yet refuses to communicate, it’s best to resort to a lawyer. If he ignores a court order for child support, he will face legal consequences.

How do I move forward after my baby’s dad blocked me?

In some circumstances, the father may realize the error of his ways. If your baby’s dad understands he cannot continue to ignore or block you, there may be hope.

If you still aim to remain in communication with your baby’s father, you may want to consider counseling. Barring serious problems like substance abuse or domestic violence, it is possible to work through past issues with your child’s father.

If you can get in contact with your child’s father, consider going to counseling. Through therapy, you’ll be able to improve your communication efforts. This way, you’ll have a reliable way of talking to your child’s father.

Communication is essential when it comes to raising a baby. If your baby’s dad is ignoring you, take action now to solve communication issues, or take legal action.

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