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My Baby’s Face Looks Weird on Ultrasound

The ultrasound session is your first chance of getting a sneak peek of the baby in your womb. Most moms look forward to this time when they see what they are carrying in the womb. Unfortunately, at times, the look that you get on the ultrasound may be disappointing. Your expectations of seeing a beautiful and cute baby fail when you see a picture where you cannot tell between the different parts of the body. Additionally, the face you see could also disappoint you, especially if it does not look like a human face. 

However, the face you see on the ultrasound does not mean that your baby will look like that after birth. Below are some of the reasons why your baby’s face looks weird on the ultrasound.

The Face Skin Is Still Developing

The skin is usually among the last parts of the body to develop. For this reason, it is possible that by the time you go for the ultrasound, the face skin is not yet well developed. Additionally, some tissues may lack or even some parts of the face, such as the nose. Therefore, the baby’s face will look weird if enough skin does not cover the inner muscles and the bones.

The Working System of the 3D and 4D Ultrasounds

3D and 4D ultrasound images scan when sound waves bounce off the surface of the baby’s body. As a result, they do not give an accurate reading of the surfaces that are not easily accessible. Additionally, the ultrasound will give a picture of what the baby looks like on the inside, which is the skeleton rather than the outer part. Therefore, your baby may look weird on the ultrasound pictures.

Another Body Part Covers the Face

When in the womb, the baby stays in different positions. It is possible that by the time you go for the ultrasound, the baby was not well-positioned. For instance, they may be looking in a direction that makes it hard for the ultrasound to scan them. On the other hand, the face could be covered by another body part, such as the arm. In this case, you can expect that the baby’s face will look weird and not something you will love looking at.

The Face Is Pressed onto the Uterine Wall

When the baby’s face is pressed on the uterine wall, the ultrasound will scan only the part of the face visible. This may be only half or two-thirds of the face. If this is the part of the face seen on the ultrasound, this is the reason why the baby’s face looks weird.

The Time When You Take the Ultrasound

The time when you go for the ultrasound also determines what the baby will look like. When you go during the first weeks of pregnancy, most of the baby’s body parts are not yet well-formed. It is also tricky to distinguish between different parts of the body. For this reason, what you thought was the face may have been another part of the body. Therefore, go for the ultrasound later in your pregnancy, and you are likely to see a difference.

How Should You Prepare for an Ultrasound?

How you go for the ultrasound scan determines how visible your baby is. There are recommendations that doctors give moms to help ensure that the ultrasound is successful and gives the best images. For instance, avoid using the bathroom before the scan. Additionally, if you are doing the ultrasound through the abdomen, avoid eating for several hours before the scan. Doctors advise that you fast for about eight to twelve hours. This helps you avoid undigested foods in the abdomen that may hinder you from getting a clear picture of your little one.

Questions to Ask During Your Ultrasound Exam

When doing your ultrasound scan, this is the perfect opportunity for you to ask all the questions you may have. For instance, ask whether all the baby’s body parts are present, especially towards the end of your pregnancy. You could also ask the gender of your baby and your due date. This is also the opportunity to ask the doctor whether you will have a complicated delivery.


Your baby’s face looks weird on the ultrasound because it is probably not fully developed. Therefore, do not worry that you shall give birth to an ugly baby based on the face you saw on the ultrasound. Plan for another ultrasound scan later in your pregnancy since your baby’s face may look better then.  

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