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How to Safely Remove an Eyelash from Your Baby’s Eye: Expert Tips

In this article, we will address a common concern among parents: what to do when your baby’s eyelashes are in his eye. This could happen due to a simple eyelash fall or a condition known as trichiasis, where the eyelashes point inward rather than outward.

Understanding Eyelashes in the Eye

Why Are My Baby’s Eyelashes in His Eye?

Eyelashes naturally protect the eyes from dust and foreign particles. However, occasionally, an eyelash may fall into the eye. Another cause can be trichiasis, a condition where the eyelashes are directed towards the eye. This may occur due to an injury to the eyelid or congenital disorders like epiblepharon, which creates an extra fold of skin on the lower eyelid, pushing the eyelashes into the eye.

Signs and Symptoms

How to Identify If Your Baby’s Eyelashes Are in His Eye?

If an eyelash falls into your baby’s eye, signs include excessive blinking or rubbing of the eye, along with easy tearing. With trichiasis, your baby may continuously rub his eye due to discomfort, resulting in redness, pain, and potential cornea scratches, leading to infection and scarring.

Handling the Situation

Steps to Remove Fallen Eyelashes from Your Baby’s Eye

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your baby’s eyes.
  2. If possible, get someone to help hold your baby.
  3. Gently open your baby’s lower eyelid to widen the eye.
  4. Rinse your baby’s eye with lukewarm water to flush the eyelash out.
  5. Use a towel to catch any runoff.
  6. After flushing, check under the upper and lower eyelid to ensure all eyelashes are removed.

You can also use eye drops to help flush out the eyelashes. If these methods do not work, try using a wet cotton swab or moist handkerchief to wipe your baby’s eyes.

Caution: Avoid using a dry cotton swab or handkerchief as it could harm your baby’s delicate eyes.

When to Seek Medical Help

If you observe that your baby’s eyelashes are pointing inward or if your baby’s eye remains irritated even after removing the fallen eyelash, consult an ophthalmologist. Do not attempt to rotate the lashes yourself, as this could cause injury.

Treatment for Trichiasis

Often, trichiasis resolves on its own as your baby’s facial bones continue to develop. However, in some cases, a doctor may need to pluck the inward-pointing lashes, prescribe artificial tear ointments, or suggest antibiotics for scratches. If trichiasis is due to Epiblepharon, surgery may be recommended to remove the extra skin and adjust the eyelid. Always consult an ophthalmologist for the best course of action.

What to Do If My Baby Has an Eyelash in Her Eye?

If you notice your baby has an eyelash in her eye, try to flush it out gently with lukewarm water or a sterile saline solution. If you cannot remove it or if your baby’s eye becomes red and irritated, consult with a pediatrician.

Can Babies Feel Eyelashes in Their Eyes?

Yes, babies can feel eyelashes in their eyes. They may show signs of discomfort such as excessive blinking, rubbing their eyes, or tear production.

Will an Eyelash Hurt My Baby’s Eye?

An eyelash in your baby’s eye can cause temporary discomfort but it is unlikely to cause serious damage. However, if left unattended, it may lead to redness, irritation, or potential infection, especially if your baby rubs their eye excessively.

Will an Eyelash in Your Eye Eventually Go Away?

Most of the time, an eyelash in the eye will eventually wash out naturally with tears. If it does not, it may need to be removed manually.

Do Babies Get Eyelashes in Their Eyes?

Yes, like adults, babies can also get eyelashes in their eyes. This could be due to their developing motor skills or rubbing their eyes.

What Causes Eyelashes to Grow Inside the Eye?

An inward-growing eyelash, known as trichiasis, can be caused by various factors including eyelid injuries, infections, or congenital conditions. It’s relatively uncommon but can cause discomfort and should be evaluated by a healthcare professional.

Can Babies Get Ingrown Eyelashes?

While it’s rare, babies can indeed get ingrown eyelashes, typically due to a condition known as distichiasis, where an extra row of eyelashes grow and rub against the eye. If you suspect your baby has this condition, consult a pediatric ophthalmologist.

How Do You Get an Eyelash Out of a Baby’s Eye?

If you see an eyelash in your baby’s eye, wash your hands, then try to flush it out with lukewarm water or a sterile saline solution. If this doesn’t work, consult a healthcare professional for assistance.

What is a Home Remedy for Removing Eyelashes?

One common home remedy for removing an eyelash from the eye is to gently rinse the eye with lukewarm water, allowing the natural flow of water to help remove the eyelash. Never try to remove the eyelash with a cotton swab or your finger as this can potentially scratch the eye and cause more harm. If home remedies fail to remove the eyelash, seek medical assistance.

Concluding Thoughts

While it’s common for an eyelash to fall into your baby’s eye, understanding how to handle this situation can alleviate discomfort and help restore your baby’s peaceful sleep. Remember, when in doubt, always consult a healthcare professional. Visit for more baby sleep tips and advice.

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