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My Baby Sleeps Like a Starfish

    Babies have different sleep patterns, and each has a personality trait relating to it. Some sleep patterns are hazardous for your baby as they can suffocate in the process. However, if your baby sleeps like a starfish, it means they’re lying on their back. Your baby sleeping on their backs poses fewer risks than the other positions. 

    Most moms, especially first-timers, receive different confusing information about sleeping position; it can be hard knowing the truth. Starfish sleeping positions have several myths around them. Suppose you want to see the truth about this sleeping position, continue to read this article. We’re going to show you the benefits of allowing your kid to sleep in a starfish position.

    Boost the Baby’s Oxygen Intake

    When you allow your baby to sleep like a starfish, they’ll have enough oxygen supply throughout the night. The position doesn’t affect their air passage so that oxygen will flow in freely. With enough oxygen supply during sleep, nothing will interrupt them. Remember, it’s during sleep that essential body parts grow, and with enough oxygen, nothing will interfere with the process. If you let your baby sleep on their stomach, know they won’t be safe. Sleeping on their stomach can lead to suffocation if the baby blocks the air passage with bedsheets.

    Prevents Suffocation

    If you let your baby sleep like a starfish, their chances of suffocating reduce. If you put them in other sleeping positions like on their sides, they can easily roll over. When your baby rolls over while asleep, they can block their nose with the beddings leading to suffocation. Other sleeping positions can also lead to low oxygen supply for your baby, which can cause suffocation. But when your child sleeps like a starfish, it means barriers to their air passage are less, and oxygen supply is also sufficient. So, the chances of them suffocating in this position are less.

    Reduces SIDS

    SIDS is sudden infant death syndrome and happens when the baby is asleep. Your baby’s chances of dying from SIDS reduces when they sleep like a starfish. SIDS mostly kills kids below one year when they’re unable to change sleeping positions while in danger. Even though the exact cause of SIDS is not known, people believe certain sleeping positions contribute to it. For example, letting your kid sleep on their stomach or sides can lead to SIDS, robbing you of your precious gift. To reduce the chances of your child dying, prematurely allow them to sleep like a starfish.

    Allows Your Kid to Have Uninterrupted Sleep

    When your kid sleeps like a starfish, they’ll have fewer interruptions since the position is comfortable. Being comfortable during sleep means they’ll sleep longer, giving you time to do other duties. Quality sleep also means that your baby’s health will improve, reducing your hospital visits. Having an uninterrupted sleep also gives you time to sleep with ease if it’s at night.

    Reduces Acid Reflux 

    Acid reflux in babies is a common problem that can make them uneasy. When your kid has acid reflux, sleeping can be a nightmare because of the irritability. But if they sleep like a starfish, it will help them manage it. Ensure you don’t overfeed your child before bed to avoid food crawling back into their digestive system.

    Puts Less Pressure on Your Baby’s Muscles

    When your baby sleeps like a starfish, less pressure will be on their muscles, unlike other sleeping positions. With less stress on their body, they will not be having pain, making them cry all through. The posture allows most of your baby’s muscles to relax without strain, which causes no aches. Fewer muscle pains give your baby ample time to sleep and make you have an easy time. 

    It Prevents Your Kid from Falling

    If your child sleeps like a starfish, their chances of falling are minimal, especially if they don’t know how to turn. Other sleeping positions make it easy for them to fall since their muscles pain forces them to turn. However, the starfish sleeping position makes it hard for them to turn. And since their bodies are spread all over the bed and become heavy as they sleep. 


    Suppose your baby sleeps like a starfish, don’t worry since it has tremendous benefits. It prevents acidic reflux, reduces their falling chances, and puts less pressure on muscles. It’s advisable always to put them to sleep like a starfish to avoid SIDS.

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