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My Baby Makes Dolphin Noises

    When babies come into the world, they usually have narrow nostrils, which interferes with normal breathing. So, if you have a newborn baby, you should prepare to hear different kinds of funny noises during the first few weeks of the baby’s life. One of the noises to expect from your tinny baby is the dolphin-like noise.

    However, for first-time mothers, this noise makes them freak out, and they might even get confused with this weird sound. They may not know if the noise is normal or the baby has a medical condition that requires treatment.

    If you are a mother looking forward to learning more about dolphin-like noise in babies, then this is the post for you. It has useful information to help you gain a deeper understanding of this condition in babies.

    Why Babies Make Dolphin-Like Sounds?

    When babies are born, their nostrils are usually very tiny and narrow, making breathing a bit difficult for them. Also, when the mucus sticks in those nostrils, it causes the baby to make funny noises. It is more common among newborns when they are asleep.

    So, babies make dolphin noises when there is a blockage in their nostrils, and it is interfering with their normal breathing. This nasal congestion does not allow them to breathe well, hence the dolphin-like noise.

    Is It Normal or Should Be a Concern?

    It is usual for babies to make a wide range of weird noises during the first few weeks after birth, including dolphin-like noises. According to child experts, this is a common condition among newborns. If you wonder if this sound is typical and whether it happens to other babies, then the answer is yes.

    While this is normal, experts say that it can also be a health problem. However, the only way to erase the doubts is to take your baby for examination. Through a proper diagnosis and examination, a pediatrician will be able to determine if there is a problem or not.

    Are There Any Home Remedies

    As stated earlier, babies make dolphin-like sounds because their nostrils are small and interfere with breathing. But since this is normal and it is something that goes away as the baby gets older, there is usually nothing to worry about. However, if you find the dolphin noises from your baby irritating, don’t worry because there are home remedies for this condition. 

    One way of managing dolphin-like noises is by setting a humidifier in the room. This remedy will help to ease the congestion in the nasal passage, hence improving the breathing system. Another alternative is to use earplugs while sleeping. That way, you will have time to sleep in peace without worrying about the irritating noise.

    What a Concerned Parent Can Do

    When you notice that your baby is making some funny noises, you will become concerned. You are not sure whether to ignore the noises or not. So, becoming worried is normal. If you are a mother and you feel that the issue is a concern, here is what you can do:

    Monitor your baby closely so that you can learn his or her breathing pattern. Take time to look at how your baby breathes and master the rhythm. This way, it will be easy to notice if they have any problems that may warrant medical attention.

    When to See a Doctor 

    When you have taken time to monitor your baby’s breathing pattern, and you are in doubt, this is the right time to visit a doctor. You can take your baby for the doctor to examine. Another alternative is to make a video of your baby’s breathing patterns so that you can show it to a doctor.

    By examining the baby or watching the video, the health provider will be able to come up with an appropriate diagnosis for the condition. After that, the pediatrician will recommend the right treatment for the baby.


    Dolphin noise is among those funny sounds that your newborn is likely to make. Although they are normal, the sounds can be irritating, and sometimes it’s an indication that all is not well. With this information, you should make the right decision regarding this condition in your baby.

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