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My Baby Makes Dinosaur Noises

    One thing that parents wish their babies could do, but they do not is talking. Unfortunately, babies communicate through crying and making various sounds. Although these sounds may seem strange to you, most of them are normal and do not indicate any problem with the baby. However, few of the sounds made show that your child is uncomfortable or has an issue that you should attend to. Decoding and acting according to what each sound requires you to is not a walk in the park.

    Nevertheless, for you to attend to your kids in the right way, you need to understand each of these sounds and react to each of them. Read on for more information on why your baby makes dinosaur noises, among others, and what they mean.

    How Do Babies Communicate?

    Crying is the most obvious and common way of baby communication. However, at times, your child may cry when overwhelmed by whatever is going on around them. Therefore, if your baby is not sick or in pain, do not worry much every time they cry. Making sounds is the next common way of communication. As soon as they realize that they can vocalize like you, they start imitating your sounds, especially when communicating. By the time they are about two months, you will realize your baby is making many sounds, most of which are worrying and annoying.

    Are the Noises That Baby Makes Normal?

    Although the dinosaur noises or other noises that the child makes may annoy and scare you, these sounds are expected. More often than not, when your baby grants or makes noises like those of a dinosaur, you may think they are in pain or helpless. However, many are the times when your baby will make these sounds, whether they are asleep or awake, and not sign anything.

    What Are the Different Sounds That Babies Make?

    As mentioned above, your baby is likely to make many sounds for communication. Some of these sounds signal a problem while others show that the baby is happy and excited. Some of the everyday sounds that your baby is likely to make are such as:


    Grunting is a common sound that babies make. You can hear your baby grunting and making sounds like a dinosaur, among other animals. At times, you will realize your baby is making sounds as if they are barking. More often than not, your baby makes grunting sounds when they have a bowel movement. Additionally, the baby may make the grunting sound when they feel bored, tensed, or frustrated. 

    When you realize your baby is grunting, pay close attention to them to help identify their problem. However, when giving them your attention, take care to avoid overdoing it. Otherwise, the baby will use this to get your attention when they need something you are against.


    Growling is a sound that babies make, especially when they are below six months. Growling does not mean that the child is unleashing the inner animal but is instead reflexes like crying. Additionally, your child will make growling sounds when they like the feeling it has on the throat. They can also use this method to show that they are displeased about something you are forcing them to do, such as feeding. In most cases, growling does not signal anything serious with the child.


    Sighing is often a sign of relaxation, and the same case applies to the baby. Your baby will sigh when they feel good and relaxed about everything. Sighing back shows your baby that you are content as well and happy to be with them. This is a perfect moment when you can use playtime and bonding time since you enjoy being around each other.


    Squeals are the high-pitched sounds that get your attention immediately. More often than not, babies make this sound when excited, especially during a game. Additionally, squealing could also show that your baby is not thrilled. For this reason, when you hear your baby squealing when they are on their own, check to ensure whether they are uncomfortable or in pain.


    If your baby makes dinosaur noises or other unusual sounds, they try to communicate something to you. However, at times, they are not trying to communicate anything but trying to utilize their vocal ability and produce some words. Nevertheless, watch out since some of these sounds indicate that the baby is in pain or uncomfortable.

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