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My Baby Loves Fried Chicken

    Babies are generally picky when it comes to food. They happen to love some food, and at the same time, develop a dislike for others. Fried chicken, for example, is one of the foods that babies love eating so much. They can eat it almost every day. 

    But why would babies love a fried chicken that much? To find more about this topic, continue to read this post. It will provide you the information you want to know regarding the baby’s love for the fried kitchen.

    Why Do Babies Love Fried Chicken?

    Chicken is the most popular meat that babies eat. Apart from its appealing appearance, children find it tender, sweet, and tasty. It is also one of the unquestionable foods that give pleasure to babies and adults. 

    That crispy and salty skin on the drumstick can leave children craving for more pieces. They usually eat it with so much pleasure. Also, note that babies’ teeth are usually not that strong. So, chicken meat is usually friendly to their teeth because of its tenderness compared to other types of meat.

    Does This Happen to All Kids?

    It’s hard to find a baby who doesn’t love tasty food. And chicken meat is one of those sweet foods that kids find sweet to eat. They are crispy, brown, and mouth-watering, making them irresistible. 

    So, if you are wondering if it’s only your baby who loves eating fried chicken, then you’re mistaken. Unless a baby has any other problem that prevents him or her from eating fried chicken, it is irresistible food. All babies love having a bite of this nutritious dish.

    Does It Have Any Nutritional Values?

    Chicken is white protein meat and under the category of bodybuilding foods. So, it has nutritional value because it supplies the baby’s body with proteins. It also has calcium and phosphorus supplies. It helps to make the baby’s bones healthy and strong.

    Does Fried Meat Have Any Health Problems?

    Although fried chicken has some nutritional value, it can also cause harm to the baby’s body. For instance, it is known to contain a high level of fats and calories, making it a source of cholesterol. So, besides supplying nutrients to the baby’s body, fried chicken also happens to be junk food. In other words, it is also under the category of junk food. It makes fried meat not healthy, just for babies, but also for adults.

    So, for a healthy outcome, what you should do is to regulate the amount of intake. The fact that your baby loves chicken should not be the reason for letting him or her eat much. Controlling how your baby eats fried chicken will help to regulate the amount of calories that enter the baby’s body.

    Healthy Ways of Preparing Chicken

    Since you now know that fried chicken causes some health issues, there should be other ways of preparing chicken other than frying. Note that the way you cook or prepare your chicken can make a huge difference. It determines how much fats and calories your baby will consume. Lucky enough, there are better methods of cooking chicken that will help to reduce the number of fats that end up on your baby’s plate.

    You can poach the chicken using hot water instead of frying it. In other words, you cook it by simmering. Doing this reduces the number of fats in the meat.

    Grilling is also another way of preparing your meat. It is a healthy option for preparing chicken. However, when grilling, you have to be mindful of the number of ingredients you add to it. Remember that you are grilling because you want to reduce fats.

    So, when adding oil to it, you want to make sure that you are adding as little as you can.  You can do this by rubbing some little oil on the flesh before grilling. Doing this is healthier than deep-frying.


    As stated earlier, fried chicken is one of the most loved meals by babies and also popular in most restaurants. However, as much it is expected, it has some health issues. That is why you need to control the amount of fried chicken your baby eats. Doing this will help save your baby from developing many health problems.

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