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My Baby Is Obsessed With Me!

    Does it seem like everywhere you look, your baby is trying to get your attention? Are they constantly crying or screaming if you are not near? Does the thought of being away from you seem to drive your little one wild with discontent? Do not worry. You love your baby, and you are rearing a child that has already learned they can reach out for you. So don’t let this get you down. If your baby does indeed seem obsessed with you to the point that it’s becoming unbearable, there are several reasons that this could be the case. To help you pinpoint why your baby only wants to be around you, consider these six reasons.

    Trying to Get Your Attention

    Your baby could be trying to get your attention. You have done a great job letting your baby know that you love them, and because of that, they already feel they can call for you when they need something. One of the obvious reasons your baby might not want to leave your side is due to the fact they are trying to communicate something to you.

    Over time your baby will develop new needs and change preferences. And it might only be you that they feel confident in reaching out to about things. If you have introduced a new food, your baby might be trying to tell you they are gassy. If you have teething going on, they could be telling you they are in pain. There are all kinds of reasons that your baby won’t seem to leave you alone, and in most cases, they are trying to tell you something. To do that, they need your attention.

    Receiving Too Much Attention

    If your baby only seems to reach out to you or respond only to you, then it could indeed become overwhelming to the point where you feel frustrated. While you know they mean no harm, it does feel almost like an obsession at times. You cannot seem to distance yourself from your baby. Parents do indeed need alone time, too.

    But are you just caving into your baby’s cries and being reluctant to establish an alone time for your baby and alone time for you? Failure to establish times away from one another can be detrimental for your baby, and it can be detrimental for you. You can create too much dependence.

    Needs More Stimulation and Activity

    If you are not dealing with the issue of being there too much for your baby, your child might need the opposite. Your baby could be yearning for more stimulation and more activity. If you fail to increase stimulation activities that are needed at the different stages of your kid’s life, then your little one might now want to detach until you do.

    Even if your baby kicks and screams on their way into daycare for the first time or the first time they are dropped off to any caretaker other than you, like to a nanny, do not let this change your course. Once your pediatrician gives the green light on others taking care of your baby, you must be confident in the decision. While you are doing great at being there for your baby and taking care of every need, the time will come when your child’s development will require new people and new environments. Make sure that you are giving your baby the right amount of stimulation and activity to avoid them only wanting to be around you.

    Only Trust You or Recognizes You

    If others are not stimulating your baby and in other environments, one of the consequences is that they might only be able to trust, recognize, and identify with you. If this is the case, you could feel that your baby is obsessed with you. Your baby is only responding to you.

    On top of the daycare as mentioned above or nanny services, you must also be sure that your child is getting enough time with your spouse or partner, and you also need to set up activity time and caretaking time with other family members. Your baby will be better suited to handle situations, and you will feel some relief when it is needed. The need for new relationships and connections is something we all go through, and this also holds for your baby. Feedings, diaper changes, outdoor time, and sleep changes can be made. There are numerous methods out there to help your baby develop trust and recognition for someone other than you.

    Something More Serious for Your Baby

    If you look at the reasons above and address those areas, your baby’s dependence toward you might show some signs of improvement. You will never know if you do not try. If your baby still seems to be too dependent on you, it might be wise to check with your baby’s pediatrician.

    Your baby could have some other more serious issue that they are trying to alert you about, and that is why they won’t seem to warm up to others. They identify you as their primary caretaker, and you are the one they need to address what is going on in their fragile and delicate little body. To rule out any potential medical issues, check with your baby’s doctor.

    Something More Serious for You

    Your baby’s somewhat obsession with you might not be an obsession or dependence on you after-all. It might be about you, and something you are not aware of that relates to your health. If your a mom reading this and you have recently given birth, you could be dealing with an issue like postpartum depression.

    Fear, anxiety, and depression are among the symptoms of postpartum depression, and you should know that at least half of all new mothers might experience it. When you are dealing with symptoms like fear, anxiety, and depression, your mind might not be able to discern between your feeling blue and what’s going on with your baby. It could just be your mental health. Do not worry. If you are dealing with it, you should not be ashamed. Know you and your baby will both be okay.


    As you can see, there are numerous reasons as to why it might seem your baby is obsessed with you. By looking at the previously discussed six reasons, you should be able to figure it out. Just know that everything will be alright for you and your baby. You will figure it all out, and you will enjoy being a parent.

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