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My Baby Goes in Circles

    Spinning in circles is a typical game toddler’s play. After learning to walk, and as soon as they can run around comfortably, going in circles is naturally their next move.

    If your toddler is not spinning, he is walking around you in circles, swinging on doors, rocking back and forth, or gleefully running around pretending to be a helicopter. Most likely, all babies will play all these games by the time they are in kindergarten or older.

    As a parent, when your baby goes in circles, understand that the toddler is passing through a phase, all children go through. Even if you did it only that you can’t remember and your parents didn’t tell you.

    It’s so amazing how fun it is to watch a toddler fall on his bum laughing. He gets the dizzy spell from spinning around and falls only to stand up and repeat his game until he’s bored.

    Watching toddlers as they play without interference is quite soothing. It brings out emotions you may otherwise not have known you had.

    So why does my baby go in circles?

    Toddlers Go in Circles for Balance

    For an adult to go in circles successfully, they should master their balance. The same goes for babies. The more a toddler spins, the steadier he is on his legs.

    The sooner a toddler can stand on his two feet during or after a spin, the sooner he outgrows going in circles. Falling is part of the fun, but keeping their balance is the aim of going around in circles.

    Babies Go in Circles to Focus

    Spinning requires focus. No one can go around in circles without the challenge of focusing. Ensuring you don’t fall or get injured as you spin is always your topmost priority.

    Toddlers learning to spin often go in circles around their mother’s feet. Please don’t get irritated you’re your toddler finds you the pillar to his game of spirals. If it bothers you so much, find a better fun activity instead of pushing him away.

    In the process of your child’s growth, you will notice that he enjoys spinning so much. This is because he wants to concentrate on the activity. No wonder your child will keep turning until a more fun activity takes his attention, he is bored, or he outgrows the game.

    Babies Go in Circles for Fun

    The enjoyment you get from the swing or merry-go-round is tantamount to the fun toddlers get from spinning. You don’t even need special equipment. Enough room to spin around, a soft carpet, grass, or spongy surface is all you require to give your baby a joyful experience.

    When to Be Worried

    Over the years, spinning in toddlers was associated with symptoms of Autism. Most parents, therefore, get worried when their babies start going in circles. They hold their breath as they seek soothing answers confirming to them that their fears are unfounded.

    Some parents even attempt to stop their babies from games and activities that involve spinning. This isn’t the most reliable approach when your child goes in circles. As a parent, you should understand that your child’s early age activities contribute to his/her healthy growth.

    Sometimes it is a bit challenging to differentiate whether your baby going round in circles is ordinary or not. All children love repetitive activities. However, spinning that outwears your toddler’s peers is cause for concern.

    Autistic children find solace from spinning much more than average toddlers. So they tend to keep at it longer than an ordinary toddler would.

    When the spinning is accompanied by rocking back and forth, twisting the body in unusual positions, or flapping arms, you should consult a doctor.

    But most mothers know when something is wrong with their baby’s. And a mother’s instinct is always right.

    What to Do When My Baby Goes in Circles

    Creating space for your baby to spin, roll, tumble, or run is the best way to help him learn to control his body.

    It’s important to note that toddlers crave the stimulation that comes with rocking, spinning in circles, jumping around, or swinging.

    Discouraging them from such activities means you are preventing the natural organization and functions of your child’s body.

    Stopping your child from spinning will also result in several issues. Apart from rebelling and creating tantrums, you deny your child the chance to scout his abilities at a young age. You are also preventing your child’s ability to explore and show you what he can or cannot do with his body.

    Remember, you can learn your baby’s talents early through the games he plays. By watching your toddler’s activities, you also know whether your child’s growth is healthy or not. 

    Furthermore, creating a safe play area for your child to spin gives you a few moments of peace. Children concentrate on things they love so much that you can do a few chores or relax without disturbance.

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