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My Baby Eat Washing Powder

    It is common to find cleaning products such as washing powder in almost every home. Although they help keep homes clean, they can also be harmful because of the chemicals used to manufacture them. However, babies will still eat washing powder without realizing the danger it might have on their health.

    You are probably wondering why a baby would eat washing powder. Whether it is harmful and if there are any preventive measures? Keep reading this post to learn more about this topic.

    Why Do Babies Eat Washing Powder?

    If you have had time to interact with babies, you must know how curious they can be. When babies begin to crawl or and walk, they always want to explore the world around them. So, they use their senses, including the sense of taste, to experiment with things in their environment. 

    Note that babies don’t have the ability to distinguish toxic from non-toxic substances. For that reason, they tend to put everything they get in their mouth. In most cases, they are not aware of what they are eating. 

    Most detergents have a sweet smell, which may tempt a child to want to taste it. So, some may mistake it for something edible, and they will go ahead to eat it.

    Is Washing Powder Toxic?

    Most laundry products, including washing powder, are toxic. It contains chemicals that are harmful to the human body as well as the environment. So, when your baby eats washing powder, there are tons of chemicals that you will have to flush out of the baby’s system. If not, they are likely to damage the baby’s body organs and even lead to death.

    Side Effects of Eating Washing Powder

    Washing powder has a sweet aroma, and they make clothes to smell nice. However, this does not mean that they are not harmful. Most detergent like washing powder contains dangerous chemicals, in that when the child eats, it can cause serious problems.

    Some of the side effects of eating washing powder include throat, nose, and skin irritation, as well as carcinogenicity. In severe cases, eating of washing powder may lead to liver and kidney damage.  

    First Aid for Eating Washing Powder

    When you notice that your baby has eaten washing powder, the best thing to do is to seek medical help as soon as possible. Ensure that you keep a sample of the washing powder for the doctor to examine. However, there are also some first aid procedures you can do as you wait for medical assistance. They include the following:

    Make sure that the baby does take in any drink. Drinking induces vomiting of the chemical, which is likely to burn the airways further. Ensure that the baby does not swallow more substance. Instead, let the child spit out the substance. Also, ensure that the baby is not unconscious. Do everything you can to keep the child awake.

    Rinse any residual wash powder on the mouth and surfaces using plenty of water. It will prevent the baby from swallowing more washing powder. You can also help the baby to swill his or her mouth out using water. However, ensure that the baby does not swallow that water.

    Preventive Measures

    As always, it’s better to prevent danger than to allow your baby to go through the agony of poisoning. The priority of every parent should be to see their kids safe and sound. Preventing your baby from eating wash powder and other washing products saves him or her from chemical poisoning.

    So, ensure that you don’t overlook the dangers that household products such as washing powder poses to your baby. Detergent poisoning happens because of two things when you don’t close the washing powder container properly and fail to put the cleaning product out of the children’s rich.

    Note that when a baby begins to crawl or walk, controlling his or her movement can be challenging. Since you have other things to do, it is maybe impossible to have your eyes on the baby all the time. So, you should ensure that you keep away anything that may harm the baby, including washing powder.


    As much as washing powder smells sweet and keeps clothes clean, it can be dangerous to the baby. Besides eating, washing detergents can also be harmful when a baby inhales. Ensure that such products are always out of children’s reach. Being careful can save the life of the baby.

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