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My Baby Doesn’t Like Enfamil Formula

    There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to providing nourishment to your baby. Parents seem to forever be in the debate on whether a bottle or breast is best.

    Not all moms have the ability to breastfeed, and not all have the desire. This doesn’t take away from their love for their baby. These parents simply turn to formula.

    How do you pick the right formula?

    When your baby is born, the hospital will ask you if you plan to breastfeed or bottle-feed. If you are undecided, they will typically offer you training on breastfeeding, as well as some formula sample they have received.

    The two most popular brands the hospitals will have are Enfamil and Similac. The hospital receives these directly from the companies. They often come in small free diaper bags with several samples of each formula and some other baby goods inside the diaper bag.

    You have been given the samples, now what?

    So now you have the samples from the hospital. You have been given the pre-made bottles that only need a nipple attached and the powder that requires mixing.

    You can try either or both with your baby. Formula is your baby’s first food. Compare this to the food that you eat.

    Not all formulas taste the same, and not formulas are created the same. This means your baby may be picky.

    Common problems with formula for babies

    1. Baby likes pre-made or powder but not both
    2. Likes one brand more than another brand
    3. A baby requires a soy-based formula
    4. Baby requires partially broken-down formula such as aluminum
    5. Liked one particular formula and a few months later preferred another

    The difference between pre-made and powder

    The difference between pre-made formula (liquid formula) and powder is the consistency and convenience.

    The pre-made formula pours directly out of a large bottle or comes in individual size single-use bottles.

    These are very convenient and are ready to serve. For parents on the go, this means bottles do not need to be packed, and there is no mixing on the go. Simply shake the single-use bottle, screw on the nipple, and feed your baby.

    The powdered formula must be mixed. Purified water must be poured into a bottle, and then the proper amount of formula powder must be added to the proper number of ounces of water.

    The mixing directions and measurements are on the back of the can of formula. There are also single-use pouches that are pre-measured and easier to transport in the diaper bag.

    Typically, a formula container that is divided to hold pre-measured powder is utilized, and then a bottle of purified water is brought along to mix on the go. The major difference for babies is the texture.

    The pre-made ready to serve liquid formula is much smoother. It has a consistency that looks like half and half. The powdered formula is thinner and not as smooth.

    Both are completely found to feed the baby, but your little one may prefer one type over the other.

    What to do if your baby doesn’t like Enfamil

    If you re giving your baby Enfamil you may need to consider the formula itself and not the brand.

    Perhaps your baby simply does not like the pre-made ready serve formula and would prefer the powdered mix on the go instead.

    Do not rule out an entire brand simply because your baby appears to dislike one type.

    Types of Enfamil formula

    • A2 Premium Infant Formula
    • NeuroPro Infant Formula
    • Enspire
    • NeuroPro GentleEase
    • Enspire GentlEase
    • NeuroPro Enfacare
    • Nutramigen Hypoallergenic
    • GentleEase Milk-based
    • Reguline
    • A.R Milk-based

    All of these infant formulas are available in both powder and liquid. Your baby is unique, and one formula from the Enfamil brand may not work for him or her, but another may.

    Some of these formulas above are designed for more sensitive stomachs, while others are closer to breast milk. Your baby may not like the taste of one of the Enfamil formulas but could enjoy a different one.

    Before you switch to a different Enfamil or different brand, follow these 5 tips

    Switch the type within the brand

    If you really like the brand Enfamil and have done your research, you may want to consider letting your baby try a different type of Enfamil.

    Perhaps your baby will enjoy the powder rather than the liquid, or the GentleEase or Nutramigen may be better for your little one’s stomach if indigestion is a problem.

    Speak with the pediatrician

    Speak With your pediatrician before you switch brands or formula types. Do not switch directly to a soy formula until your baby’s doctor has determined it is necessary.

    Your pediatrician may have samples of other variations of Enfamil for your baby to try.

    Keep notes to help determine the right type of formula

    Keep a journal on how each feeding goes for your baby. If your baby seems unsettled or has extra gas after formula feedings, it may not be the brand but rather the type of formula.

    With a well-filled out of the logbook, you and your pediatrician will be able to figure out what type of formula is best for your baby.

    To each their own

    Maybe your baby simply does not like Enfamil. There is nothing wrong with having different tastes.

    If your baby has tried different types of Enfamil formula and still is not thrilled about feeding time, then it may be time to try a different brand.

    It’s ok to switch brands if your baby doesn’t like Enfamil

    You can switch brands without consulting your pediatrician as long as you give your baby the same type of formula.

    If your baby was on a GentleEase formula by Enfamil, you would want to find another Gentle formula by a different brand. Make sure if you switch that you keep a logbook on how feedings are going and if your baby seems to enjoy the new brand more.

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