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My Baby Ate a Washable Marker

    Babies are unpredictable; one minute, you have a great time coloring on paper, and you turn away for two minutes only to find your little one colored all over his face and mouth. As you look at the baby worried and trying to find the black marker they have, you can only see a tiny piece, and you realize your baby was eating the washable marker.

    As you look at the baby to access the baby, all they can do is smile at you. You aren’t alone. It happens all the time, and sometimes babies have weird behaviors. Read on to know what you should do if your baby eats a marker.

    Is a Washable Marker Toxic?

    Many markers aren’t toxic; however, they could be to your baby. Many washable markers are made with chemicals that are not harmful to your baby. All washable markers go through toxicologists to ensure that their products will not be toxic if ingested.

     The only known allergy-causing ingredient is latex; if your baby is allergic to latex, you may notice some allergic reaction, but if they are not, you may not see anything. Washable markers have water and ink; the markers are soluble in water and can’t harm if the ink is ingested.

    What does Non-Toxic Mean?

    When buying any washable marker, most, if not all, will have a label indicating they are non-toxic. Meaning the products are harmless to your baby, whether it’s on their skin, ingested, or inhaled. However, it doesn’t mean your baby will not get sick.

    Your baby may have nausea when eating a washable marker, vomiting, diarrhea, or even getting a headache. These symptoms don’t mean your baby is poisoned. They represent your baby’s body did not go well with the foreign substance.

    How Do You Prevent Your Baby from Eating a Washable Marker?

    It’s usual for babies to put everything in their mouths, especially the markers. There are a few ways you can prevent or minimize your baby from eating a washable marker every time they hold it in their hands. If your baby is teething, it could cause a sudden craving for everything they have in their hands. When babies are teething, they tend to bite everything they hold to relieve the pain that comes with teething, and washable markers may be their favorite.

    To avoid this, have teething rings or sensory toys they can chew. Also, let the older children learn to keep their markers away once they are done where the little one cannot get to them. You have to be around the baby when they want to remind them; putting a marker is not acceptable, and if they keep repeating it, keep it away.

    Your baby could be looking for some attention and hence eating a marker. If they do so when you are busy, they are probably seeking your attention. Maybe they want to snuggle, play or want to watch the television with you.

    The best way to this problem is by keeping the markers away. Keep them out of reach for the baby, and everyone using them should keep them away after use.

    What Should You Do After Your Baby Eats a Washable Marker?

    Once your baby eats a washable marker, the first thing is to check if they contain harmful toxins from their packets. If there are substances that might be harmful to your baby, you should call poison control right away. If there are no toxic substances, give your baby water and clean them over.

    Keep an eye on them to see how their body will react. Most babies usually don’t respond with any effect, but it’s good to watch over your baby for at least an hour to ensure they are well. If your baby starts vomiting or gets nausea, you can call poisons control to give you directions on what you should do.


    Ensure your house is clean and keep all the markers at a higher place where your baby cannot reach them. When buying a washable marker, read the ingredients, and purchase non-toxic markers. Go for washable markers of a good brand whose products are tested for toxicity. It’s common for babies to eat washable markers once they have one on their hands, but that should not keep you worried.

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