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I’m Pregnant With My Dad’s Baby

    Pregnancy and motherhood are the most beautiful journey you’ll always want to enjoy. However, the journey is sweeter when both couples are present, but situations can force you otherwise. At times the pregnancy was a result of incest or rape. Something you’ll feel uneasy when you need to disclose the dad’s identity if by chance you know the victim. 

    However, when you’re carrying your father’s kid, it will torment you, even if you try to justify the cause. If you know your child is your father, it will take your wisdom to live by it. Ideally, giving birth to your father’s kid is something you’ll not be proud of if you were morally brought up. Given that you’re already pregnant for him, you have to look for survival tactics to prevent people from hating you.  Below are tips you can use to survive when you’re pregnant for your dad.

    Keep It a Secret Between You and the Dad

    Unless you’re not ashamed of conceiving with your dad that you’d be proud of the act, nevertheless, giving birth to your dad’s child will cause disagreements between your family members. Some will want to condemn you, while others will try to emphasize with you. To avoid confrontations and fight in the family, keep the baby’s dad a secret. Even though the baby might come out resembling your dad, it will be to your advantage because it’s your dad too. Keeping your baby daddy a secret is not the best solution, but you have no otherwise because you don’t want your family to separate.

    Talk with Your Family Members to Get a Way Forward

    Sometimes getting pregnant for your dad is something you had no control over. You might be struggling with shame and guilt while pregnant, which is not good for your health. To get a solution and reduce your guilt, look for the best time to have a family meeting and explain your ordeal. Please don’t wait until it’s too late when you can’t do anything. If you fear facing your dad, choose when he’ll be away and talk to the understanding family members only. You need to be strong because your story narration can cause more problems for you or your dad. But tell them by yourself rather than let them learn by themselves.

    Ask Forgiveness from Your Family

    Because giving birth to a baby fathered by your own father is a gross violation in most communities, apologize. Although apologies won’t change the fact that the child is your father’s, make your family members understand that you’re remorseful. The person that this news will affect most is your mom if she’s present, so talk to her. Though she might be wild and aggressive at first, mothers do understand. Give her time to digest the news before she decides on which action to take. 

    Go Away from Home 

    If getting pregnant with your dad is something both of you had a well-laid plan for, go away from home. It would help if you went far away from home because of the pride that comes before you come to your senses. The care and love your dad might spoil you with when pregnant for him, will make you two arrogant. You might feel it’s right to look down upon her, but you’ll be hurting her. To avoid embarrassing your mom, secretly move to another town before letting her know the baby’s dad to give her peace.

    Seek a Psychiatrist’s Help

    Carrying your dad’s baby to term can be challenging if you’re not comfortable with it. People will tell you different views about how your baby will have abnormalities. Or how that’s a cursed generation which is too much to bear while you’re pregnant. Book a session with a psychiatrist who will advise you and give you a way forward to help you out. The psychiatrist can also act as a mediator between you and your family members.


    Spending adequate time nursing your pregnancy with your baby daddy is every woman’s dream. However, when your kid’s father is also your dad, it will be a challenge. It will be hard for him to provide time for you when he’s not proud of his act. You can talk or ask for forgiveness from your family members. Or keep it a secret, alternatively you can go away from home.

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