I’m Pregnant and Want to Leave My Boyfriend

The news about a positive pregnancy test mostly comes with different reactions. One could be thrilled, disappointed, or confused about the entire matter. This may largely depend on a person’s preparedness for the same.

Moreover, there’s an emotional roller coaster that sets in. Hormonal changes are the key players in these dynamic instabilities. Sometimes you might feel overwhelmed with the pregnancy and feel as though all is not well. Having a supportive relationship during this period is vital.

However, you may find yourself repulsive towards the person who could offer this positive support; your boyfriend. You even want to break the relationship because the relationship no longer works. Why is this so? Could this be mistaken?

You should carefully consider the question of breaking up before making that tough decision. You need to carefully weigh matters to know whether your reasons are valid enough. You further need to assess yourself to gauge whether you are acting out of your emotions or not. 

Despite the self-assessment, you must go beyond it to think of your soon to be born child.

It is necessary to consider the common reasons for the break up during pregnancy. Here are some of them;

Unsupportive Partner

During pregnancy, women go through a lot of changes, both physical and emotional. A supportive partner’s need is crucial at this stage, both for the mother and the unborn child’s sake. When such is lacking, you feel neglected and burdened as a woman. As a result, you may think of separation.

Abusive Relationship

For any relationship to thrive, love is paramount. It doesn’t mean that there wouldn’t be disagreements as this is common to all. However, with every misunderstanding, time should be taken to iron out the differences.

There are some cases where there is abuse, either physical or emotional. Such spell danger to both your health and that of the unborn baby. In most cases, walking away would be prudent.

More Diverse Reasons

In some instances, the chances are that the relationship was already rocky. The pregnancy, with its highs and lows, serves to make the reality clearer. As such, the only option that exists before you is parting ways.

It so happens that some women tend to hate their partners during pregnancy. Hence, they desire nothing to do with the man, thus a reason for breaking up.

Depending on the reasons that best apply to your case, there are relevant measures that you could consider.

Talking to Your Boyfriend

Dialogue, in most cases, helps in solving issues that may cause havoc in a relationship. Try to have some time to talk to your boyfriend about your reasons for wanting the breakup. You can speak about the concerns that have brought about weaknesses in your relationship.

You can find solutions to your problems after the dialogue. Unresolved issues are known to break relationships; however, with matters resolved, you might salvage it.

Seeking Counsel

There’s a common saying that in a multitude of counsel, you decide a matter. Speaking to a professional relationship counselor could go a long way in helping your situation. The therapist will walk you through your reasons and help you determine their validity. From this standpoint, it is possible to make a decision that you won’t regret later. With a concrete position, you may see the wisdom in breaking up.

Hold on for a While

The therapist might detect unsoundness in your reasons. The desire to leave your boyfriend may purely be out of the hormonal changes happening within you. In such a state, making a decision may not be prudent enough. The counselor might advise you to wait until after delivery to make your decision.

This will buy you more time for you to make a more sober decision as you will now be able to weigh all options. At this stage, you will distinguish more distinctly whether you had reasons or you were only emotional.

Make Plans for Your Baby

One cannot force a relationship even if a child is involved. However, the child needs to be taken care of at all costs. If you decide to go separate ways, you need to plan for the child’s welfare. It is necessary to make decisions on issues concerning the child’s support and general well-being. You also need to talk about the father’s role in the child’s life to visit the child.

It is crucial to settle this matter extensively to ensure that the child will always be safe in the future. At the same time, the baby will receive support from the parents.