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I’m Pregnant and Want to Be Left Alone

    During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through fast changes internally and externally. With the fetus growing in the womb and the body rapidly changing shape, you may begin to want more personal space. 

    Hormone changes during pregnancy also affect your brain and emotions, which may contribute to your sudden desire to want to be left alone. 

    How Long Does the Feeling to Be Left Alone Last When Pregnant

    Most pregnant women develop a desire to be alone from the 27th week, which may last to the end of pregnancy.

    As your abdomen begins to widen, your maternal instincts will prompt you to start changing the space around you. This change may include wanting to be left alone. However, this feeling does not occur in all pregnant women. It also doesn’t happen during the first and second trimester. 

    Why You Want to Be Left Alone When Pregnant

    When pregnant, you may want to be left alone as a natural reaction to your emotions or maternal instincts. Pregnancy makes women moody and sometimes grumpy, and you may shun away people without realizing it. The desire to be left alone is common during pregnancy and is your brain’s reaction to keep danger at arm’s length. 

    However, other external factors like toxic relationship experiences and over-stimulation can contribute to your desire to isolate yourself.

    What to Expect if You Are Pregnant and Want to Be Left Alone

    During pregnancy, the desire to be left alone comes with complicated feelings. You feel tired when you haven’t done anything. Your energy levels are low, and even talking to someone takes effort. You may get irritated when someone speaks to you. The very presence of people around you become annoying, and you get overwhelmed.

    If you are pregnant and want to be left alone, you may start to develop a dislike for the people around you. You will tend to withdraw and stay in isolation to avoid interacting with family and friends. This experience makes some pregnant women feel awkward. If you are about 39 weeks, you will start to lie down more often than stay upright.

    Pregnant women who want to be left alone may withdraw from virtual social spaces. Your texts and other media messages will go unanswered. All you may feel like doing at this time is to sleep, eat, and drink water. You have no energy or desire to do things that need to be done.

    Is It Good to Be Left Alone When Pregnant

    Pregnancy mood swings and emotions are baffling. Wanting to be left alone when pregnant may include not wanting to talk to or be talked to by anyone. You may also have a desire to be in a space by yourself. Even if it is alright to want to be alone when you are pregnant, it is wise to allow a loved one to interact with you from time to time.   

    Humans are social beings, and they can often get boring and lonely when you are on your own. However, you can keep yourself occupied by doing something you love. You can engage in some light exercises, meditation, and reading. Breathing exercises are also a proven way to keep yourself active when you are in isolation.  

    When to Worry if You Are Pregnant and Want to Be Alone

    Your desire to be left alone may hurt family and friends who want to be around you during pregnancy. This can impact your emotions as you get torn in between your needs and that of the family. 

    Your pregnancy can be affected if you develop chronic stress and are overwhelmed by your desire for isolation. You need to seek expert help if you develop stress-related symptoms like high blood pressure, headaches, muscle tension, sleep problems, and digestive issues.


    It is common for pregnant women to want to be left alone after the 27th week. This desire to want to be in isolation can last to the end of your pregnancy.  A previously social pregnant woman can want to have personal space, and this is quite normal. This is a natural reaction and your body’s defense mechanism to keep you safe. However, this social change can be triggered by other factors like over-stimulation and unloving relationships. 

    Your desire to be left alone may sometimes cause relationship issues that can increase your stress levels and affect your health.

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