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I’m Pregnant and the Father Is Ignoring Me

    Finding out that you are having a baby when hoping to get pregnant is joyous news for both parents. Unfortunately, finding out that you are pregnant when you least expected it could be overwhelming. On the other hand, due to existing relationship problems, they may start ignoring you after informing them that you are pregnant. Considering how essential communication is when you are having a baby, it frustrates you when your partner ignores you. If you feel that your relationship is over and they are not ready to take care of the child, brace yourself and get ready to raise your baby. Read on for more information on how to react when your baby daddy ignores you and prepare to raise the child.

    How Do You Know That He Is Ignoring You?

    Before you conclude that your baby’s father is ignoring you, ensure that you reach out to them in the right way. If you call them, confirm that you are using the right number. Additionally, use apps that help you find out whether he has read your messages and emails. After you are sure that they are getting your messages, you can conclude that they ignore you. In most cases, they will have blocked you as they try to break ties with you.

    Why Is the Baby Father Baby Ignoring You?

    Raising a child is challenging, especially for young people who have a baby for the first time. For this reason, when you tell your baby’s father that you are pregnant, they’ll be confused and not ready to take up the responsibility. This mainly happens when you are not married or in a committed relationship with the father. Additionally, they are likely to ignore you if you get pregnant when your relationship is shaky.

    Should You Negotiate with Your Baby’s Dad?

    Although you are mad about your baby’s father ignoring you, it is essential to try and get in touch with them for the baby’s sake. Remember that raising a child on your own is tricky, and you could use some help from the baby’s dad. Additionally, it is good to see if they are willing to help you raise the child. In case it is hard to reach them, you can use a mediator to plan your meeting, which in most cases, is a mutual friend. You can also involve a lawyer based on the scenario of your relationship.

    How Do You Move on After Your Baby’s Father Ignored You?

    It is possible that even after reaching out to your baby’s father, they are still not interested in helping you raise the child. Forcing him to take responsibility for the baby may result in an abusive relationship. Assume that he is not around and focus on raising the baby, especially now that you are on your own. You can also involve the law where you file a case of abandonment against him. He will face legal consequences if he ignores the court order to support the child.

    How to Succeed at Single Parenting

    If your baby’s father started ignoring you after you told him that you are pregnant, the chances are high that you shall raise the baby on your own. Even if the law forces the father to support the child financially, you will be the one raising the child. For this reason, you need to get ready with tips to help you raise a perfect child when raising the child on your own. Some of the techniques that you can use when raising the child on your own are:

    Create Time

    If you are raising a child for the first time, you probably don’t know that the child will demand a lot of your time. The time you could have spent hanging out with friends is now spent with your baby. Therefore, have a program of how to balance and create enough time with your child.

    Ask for Help

    Although it’s possible to raise the baby on your own eventually, you will need help immediately after giving birth. Therefore, talk to your close friend or relative and let them help you after you deliver. If you are still a student, you can ask your parents to help you raise the baby before completing your studies.


    Your baby’s father may ignore you because of the pregnancy because they are not ready to raise the child. In this case, you can consult a lawyer in filing an abandonment case against the father. However, it would help if you got ready to raise the child since you will probably do it independently.  

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