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I’m Pregnant and My Sister-in-Law Is Jealous

    Feeling jealous happens when someone starts experiencing insecurity, fear, and a deep desire to acquire something.  Jealous people have a fear of losing something or someone that is of value to them. Jealous emotion is often displayed in symptoms like anger, helplessness, insufficiency, or disgust.

    Being Jealous happens in persons of all ages due to varying reasons that trigger symptoms related to jealousy. If you are pregnant and your sister in law is jealous, it can be due to a need or a fear in her personal life. 

    Nevertheless, jealousy has a positive side and can point you to your relationship areas that need mending. 

    Fear Can Make Your Sister-in-Law Jealous When You Are Pregnant

    Fear of not getting attention can make your sister in law jealous. It is normal for people to experience jealousy when they feel threatened by something or some other person. Being jealous is a complex emotion and is usually affected by individual causes. However, past experiences of loss or betrayal trigger emotions of jealousy in a person.

    Perhaps, your sister-in-law’s jealousy is triggered by the birth of your baby, who will undoubtedly get all the family’s attention. If your pregnancy is receiving too much attention from the family, it can also trigger jealousy in your sister in law.  

    If your sister in law is overly attached to you or your husband, the fear of losing a close relationship because of your baby can trigger an emotion of jealousy.

    Fertility Challenge Can Make a Sister-in-Law Jealous if You Are Pregnant

    Jealous emotions can overwhelm you if you want something that you cannot have yet. Your sister-in-law may have been trying to get pregnant for a long time without success. If you are pregnant, especially with little effort, your sister-in-law can feel jealous. This jealousy is because your sister-in-law is unable to come to terms with her situation and is emotionally distressed.

    Is It Normal for a Sister-in-Law to Be Jealous When You Get Pregnant?

    Jealous emotions are more prone to unstable relationships. Though some people are more likely to be jealous than others, persons in loving relationships are not as jealous. A sister in law who exercises loving communication and care in a relationship will not be jealous of your pregnancy.

    However, a sister in law who is afraid of losing affection and attention from the family is unstable. If there is a display of anger and disgust in the way you relate, your sister in law can be jealous when you get pregnant.  It is easy for people in troubled relationships to be jealous.

    How Does It Feel When Your Sister-in-Law Is Jealous if You Are Pregnant?

    Excessive jealousy is a painful emotional experience and can ruin any relationship. During pregnancy, due to hormonal change, you experience complex emotions. Having to deal with a jealous sister in law is stressful and can make your pregnancy experience more challenging. 

    This situation can make you feel uneasy about your relationship. However, you can maintain your peace and calm by avoiding negative comments and constant contact with your sister in law.

    How to Stop Your Sister-in-Law from Being Jealous if You Are Pregnant

    If you know why your sister is jealous, you may try to get a close friend or relative to address the situation.  Sometimes, people become jealous because of the fear of being ignored or rejected. It may help your sister in law stop being jealous if you show kindness and love towards her. 

    Sometimes, you can be the cause of jealousy without knowing it. If you are unkind and unloving in your relationship with a sister- in- law who has lost a pregnancy, it may trigger jealousy. It helps to make your sister in law feel loved, special and valued.

    It helps to talk things through directly and be open about your feelings with your sister- in- law.


    Jealousy is triggered by the fear of losing someone or something that you love. It can be destructive, and it can also save a relationship by pointing you to areas that need mending. If you are pregnant and your sister- in- law is jealous, you can help by being kind and loving in your communication.

    However, due to your pregnancy, you may be going through complex emotions and may not be able to deal with a jealous sister-in-law. To help you maintain peace of mind, desist from negative comments, and avoid constant contact with your sister-in-law.

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