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I’m Pregnant and My Mom Kicked Me Out

    Being pregnant before you are fully independent is stressful and heart-wrecking. Your family, and especially your parents, are the next significantly affected people when you are pregnant. This is especially if you are still a student and unable to meet your basic needs. As a result, your parents may kick you out of the house as soon as they learn that you are pregnant. Being alone and away from home when you are pregnant is one of the lowest moments of your life. You are probably wondering whether you should go back home or not. Remember that whatever decision you make affects not only yourself but also your unborn child. Read on to get insight on how to react when you are pregnant and kicked out of your mom’s house.

    Why Do Parents Kick One Out When You Tell Them You Are Pregnant?

    The news about your pregnancy is as shocking to your parents as it is to you. Additionally, it is probably the last thing that they expect to hear from you. For this reason, your parents may react by kicking you out as a way to express their disappointment. Moreover, they need some time to consider what to do next since a baby is an added expense that they had not planned for. Therefore, do not take it that your mom hates you if she kicked you out of the house when you are pregnant.

    Where Should You Go if Kicked Out of the House for Being Pregnant?

    Being pregnant and kicked out of your parents’ house is stressful, especially if you are financially unstable and entirely dependent on your parents. One of the first places you can go to is your partner’s house, whether he lives alone or with his parents. If you are on good terms, you can live there for a while before settling things out with your parents. In case they are not willing to take you in, forcing them to do it may end up causing more harm than good.

    You can also ask a close relative, such as an aunt or grandparent, to host you for a while. However, when requesting them to host you, do not lie when asked why kicked out. When they know the truth, they can talk to your parents and help them understand and take care of you and your unborn child. If you have no place to go, contact a local pregnancy resource center. Here, they will help you before and after giving birth.

    Should You Reach Out to Your Parents After They Kick You Out?

    As mentioned above, your mom probably kicked you out of the house because she was shocked and overwhelmed after getting the news. Although you have disappointed her, she is still concerned and worried about you. Therefore, you can consider talking to her after about two weeks. If you are afraid to talk to her, you can approach a relative or friend to send your message. Use this chance to apologize and inform her that you are ready to take responsibility for your child but need her help at the moment. If she is not ready to talk to you, give her more time, and she will eventually calm down.

    How Do You Handle the Situation of Being Kicked Out and the Pregnancy?

    Sure, it is tricky to make any critical decisions at this time. However, since you are about to become a parent, you need to know what is next for you and your unborn baby. At this time, you can decide to either raise the child on your own or raise them with your partner. On the other hand, you may opt to terminate the pregnancy or complete the pregnancy term and give up your child for adoption. If you are still on good terms with your partner, you can raise the child together. Ensure that you inform your mom of this decision even if they have kicked you out of the house. Additionally, if your parents are ready to support you and your partner is not, you can go for the option of raising the child on your own.

    Since abortion and adoption are critical decisions, do not make these conclusions on your own. Speak to your doctor, especially if you are considering abortion, for them to advise accordingly. The law may also demand your parents and partner to give their opinion before you can abort or give up the child for adoption.


    When your mom finds out that you are pregnant, they may get disappointed and kick you out of the house. Although this is a challenging situation, you need to act fast and know what is the way forward for the sake of your unborn child. You can also give your mom some time to calm down since she will take you back and care for you.  

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