I’m Pregnant and My Farts Smell Like Rotten Eggs

When you’re pregnant, you’ll likely experience bloating and constipation, which can worsen as the pregnancy grows. Having gases in your stomach can make you intolerant as they can cause pain. The best way to get rid of the gases is to fart. Farting can embarrass you if it comes out with a foul smell that can suffocate the whole estate. Let alone if your fat smells like a rotten egg that your pregnant-self can’t tolerate. The painful part is when you’ve visitors around, and because pregnancy weakens your bowel muscles, you aimlessly shoot out a big fart. 

To help you out, read along to know the causes of nasty farts that smell like rotten eggs during pregnancy. You’ll also know the tips you can use to reduce the foul smell.

Hormonal Changes

When pregnant in your first trimester, you always receive significant changes with your hormones. During this time, progesterone and estrogen production increases as they make your uterus thick for the fetus. Progesterone will make your muscles relax, not excluding the ones in your digestive tract. When the muscles in your digestive track relax, the digestion process will also become slow. The slow digestion process will lead to bloats and gases. An increase of estrogen level in your body during pregnancy will also make your body retain a lot of water and gases. When your digestive tract is full of gases, expect to release farts that smell like rotten eggs.

Stretching Stomach

As your tummy stretches to accommodate the growing fetus, it exerts pressure on your stomach, resulting in glasses. When having a gas build-up longer, the smell can intensify, causing the nasty, rotten smell. To reduce the gases, do some light exercises.

The Kind of Food You Eat During Pregnancy

There are some foods that, if you eat, your gas production will increase.  If you eat foods made of spices, dairy products, or oily foods, they’ll increase your gases. Also, eating vegetables isn’t bad, but some contain harmful gases that won’t give your digestive tract peace. If you’ve been eating foods rich in fiber, they’ll slow your digestion process. As you know, slow digestion will give you unbearable gases that can smell like rotten eggs after some time. To help you fight the gases, avoid eating foods rich in high fiber content.  

Eating in a Hurry

If you’re pregnant, your mind is always occupied with activities you plan to do in a day.  When you feel you haven’t done everything on that day, you can eat in a hurry to beat time. Or you can be a fast eater who finds no need to spend much time doing one thing. When you’re a fast eater, you’ll tend to eat without chewing the food properly. When you don’t chew food correctly, digestion will become slower. Understand that If you eat in a hurry, you’re likely to swallow gases, which will later interfere with your stomach. To stop producing a smell that’s rotten like an egg, eat slowly.

Constipation in Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, your bowel movements reduce. The reduction in bowel movements results from the change in your hormones as they prepare for pregnancy. The hormones will make your stool to travel from the small intestines through the colon slowly. When the excretion process delays, your colon will absorb the stool’s water content, making it hard. It will take you ages to eliminate the stool, and instead of it getting out, you’ll be farting rotten eggs. To reduce constipation while pregnant, take a lot of water intake.

Bacteria in Your Digestive System

Generally, the food you eat should pass through your digestive tract before absorbing useful nutrients in your body. After digestion, waste materials are eliminated either through sweat or as a stool. But because you’re pregnant, your hormones or big tummy can slow down the digestion process. When digestion becomes slow, the number of bacteria in your colon will increase. When you have many bacteria in your colon, you’ll have infections. When having bacterial infections, the number of gases emitted from your bowels increases, and they come with a bad smell.


If you let out a terrible rotten smelly fart, check the kind of food you eat. You also need to stop eating in a hurry or avoid foods that will increase your constipation level. Please take lots of water and do light exercises to eliminate the bad smell.