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I’m Pregnant and My Dog Lays on My Stomach

Have you ever wondered why your furry friend likes laying on your growing stomach while pregnant? According to experts at the animal planet, your dog may be responding to pregnancy hormones.

They might have also taken the wind of the changes in your mood. If you have mood swings and you probably look sad or angry. They are curling around you to comfort you. You may also look vulnerable, and your dog wants to protect you. You may even notice your dog probably follows you everywhere you go and everything you do. How does your dog know you are pregnant?

Scent and Behavioral Changes

Once you become pregnant, your hormones change, and it also changes your familiar scent. Dogs can smell the changes in your body chemistry once you become pregnant. They can tell when you are pregnant before you even know it.  The changes in your body scent can affect your dog in various ways. Due to the growth of your body smell, your dog may get confused and keep a distance from you.  Your dog may remain normal as the bubbly dog you are used to, or they may become very protective and affectionate towards you.

Once the belly starts to grow, your dog will notice the physical changes as your body starts to increase in size. Other pets mainly don’t seem to notice your growing belly, but dogs and especially the small ones, appear a little curious about your body changes as your pregnancy progresses. When your dog does not know what to do when it snuggles on your belly for the first time and hears some baby kicks, calm and reassure them, everything is fine. When you are exhausted and the way you walk while pregnant are the changes your dog might pick on.

Dogs and Pregnant Stranger

Probably you are wondering if your dog can sense when a stranger is pregnant. Dog’s sense of smell is similar to humans but far more substantial than that of a human. Their reactions are identical to humans towards pregnant women, and there is a possibility to sense a pregnant stranger.  While they can quickly tell when you are pregnant from the change of your smell, it’s hard for strangers as they don’t have a baseline to judge any changes.

Signs Your Dog Knows You Are Pregnant

When your dog knows you’re pregnant, they become clingier, following you everywhere you go and in everything you do. Some dogs may refuse to leave the pregnant woman’s side at all. Dogs become more affectionate towards you than they did earlier. More licks accompany it.  They become overprotective and can, at times, block other family members and strangers from you. Have you noticed your dog focusing on your belly a lot, sniffing, or laying his or her head there? They know something is happening in your stomach. Some dogs get nervous and break the house rules, and they start peeing in the house.

Why Is Your Dog Laying on Your Stomach?

Your dog has found a favorite place to snuggle, and that your stomach. Maybe you are wondering if it’s safe for your dog to lay their head on your belly. You aren’t alone as many moms who were dog owners before they had their baby experienced it too. Your dog is trying to be more affectionate and protective because they can feel you are vulnerable. Your dog is enjoying the baby kicks, and it is entirely safe. They are probably looking forward to meeting the new member of the family. 

Helping Your Dog Adjust

As you prepare for the baby’s arrival, you should also prepare your dog for changes ahead. Once the baby arrives, you will work with their schedule, which is unpredictable. It’s good to start accustoming your dog to flexible schedules. Slowly change your dog’s feeding time so they can be flexible. Introduce odd exercise times for your dog but do it gradually so you don’t upset it.  If you don’t have a pet door, it’s time to install one, and the dog will be independent whenever it ventures outside.

Start training your dog to get used to someone else in your lap on your snuggle time. See how it behaves and do it over time and get used to sleeping next to you rather than your laps. Observe their behavior and ensure they are well behaved.

Your dog’s behavior of lying on your growing belly is okay and safe. It is just trying to soothe you while keeping an eye on you. Let your dog snuggle as much as they want and train them for the arrival of a new addition to the family.

How to Train Your Dog Not to Lay on Your Stomach

I am so happy to say that my dog is FINALLY fully trained not to lay on my pregnant self anymore! I found out about this online dog training tool at – it has been such a wonderful help in learning how to train my dog to stop laying on me… all without ever leaving home! I learned so many great ways to teach my dog nearly every trick imaginable. Also, I can finally correct common behavioral issues, anywhere from potty training to barking too much. It’s an actual man who’s a real dog trainer training his dog. He’s an expert so you can see his mannerisms and changes in his tone of voice… especially his body language. My dog behaves PERFECTLY now and picked up on these methods so fast. From what I understand, this will work on all dogs regardless of breed or age. Best of luck to you and your dog! Check out – highly recommended!

PS If you have a cat as well, please be advised that cat pee is very dangerous for babies.

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