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I’m Pregnant and My Dog Keeps Trying to Hump Me

     According to research, there is always a close link between particular dog behavior and human pregnancy. It is quite common for your hound to suddenly begin to display some weird personality, such as humping when you are pregnant. However, most reports insist that some of these undesirable behaviors occur only if your dog is unneutered. Even so, a man’s best friend is smarter than you think, and it seems that your dog can sense you are pregnant due to the changes they can feel and see. Somehow by humping, they are trying to communicate that they know. Here are other reasons your pet could be acting up.

    Your Dog Can Smell a Change in Your Body Chemistry

     Have you ever heard of how a dog can detect sickness in your body? It is likely the same way that they can detect a change in scent now that you are pregnant. It could be that pregnancy causes a difference in your hormones, which can also affect how your dog reacts towards you. Some people think that your dog can even sense you are pregnant before you do. Anyway, your dog may be unsure of what to make of your current situation. While some of them may choose to stay away, others could do the opposite, by jumping on you. In this case, the hump is an expression of affection and even protection.

    The Dog Can Notice Both Shape and Personality  Changes

    Once you become pregnant, everyone, including your beloved dog, can notice your body shape and mood change.  Trust your dog to pick up on so many changes in your personality, too. For example, besides your bad moods, they see that you are more tired than usual. So, your dog will take the cues and want to comfort you. Anything with your puppy is possible now, and you just have to be friendly with them.

    Indications That Your Dog Knows You Are Pregnant

    According to several reports, dogs do become quite clingy and affectionate with their pregnant owners. The dog’s dominant behavior can become so apparent that they refuse to leave your side. The more dominant they are, the more they become overprotective and can block access so that other family members cannot reach you. Besides the unnatural hump, your dog can keep sniffing at your belly because they already sense a growing human in it. There are also reports of dog aggression and nervous behavior until when you put to bed.

    How Safe Is It to Be in The Same Surroundings as Your Dog?

    Of course, it can be a worrying scenario if your dog becomes dominant and aggressive because of your pregnancy. The good news is that things do not have to go out of hand with the necessary training. You, your spouse, or a professional can help them adjust to the current circumstances with some behavior modification. This could include an introduction to obedience training, especially during the initial stages of your pregnancy. It means that your dog must follow specific commands throughout your pregnancy so that they do not try to hump you or act out ever. The good thing is that once they know you are in charge, they feel secure and docile.

    Why Experts Recommend Neutering as Early as Possible

    According to experts, it’s normal for your dog to hump you, especially if they remain unneutered. Once you neuter them, you will have solved numerous behavioral, dominance, and even health issues. Again, humping is instinctual, and it’s not as if your dog is acting out. And so, whenever they do, try not to yell at them.  Shouting at your dog in anger can confuse them further, which aggravates personality problems. The best way is to gently shoo them away or walk away instead.

    To conclude, remain alert to any changes your dog is experiencing due to your pregnancy. Also, train them to accustom to baby scents in preparation for your newborn. You do not want another dramatic scene with a new baby, and so the earlier you train your pet, the better. One way you do this is by holding a baby doll in your lap as the dog snuggles along.  You will not just be reassuring them of your love and care, but it will help keep them calm once the baby is here.

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