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I’m Pregnant and My Dog Keeps Trying to Hump Me

It’s common to notice unique shifts in your dog’s behavior once you’re expecting, and an unexpected one might be humping. Especially during pregnancy, these peculiar habits can be perplexing. Let’s delve into why your dog might resort to humping you while you’re pregnant, and what actions you can take to manage such conduct.

Does my dog hump me because I’m pregnant?

It’s possible. Dogs are remarkably intuitive and can often detect changes in your body chemistry when you’re pregnant. This change might result in various behavioral shifts, including increased humping. However, it’s essential to remember that humping can also be a sign of other issues such as dominance, excitement, or stress.

Why is my dog suddenly trying to hump me all the time?

Increased humping behavior can be due to several factors. In addition to the possibility of your pregnancy, it could also be a display of dominance, a reaction to stress, or simply a way to get attention. If your dog isn’t neutered, hormonal urges could also cause this behavior. If your dog’s humping becomes concerning or disrupts daily life, consider consulting with a vet or professional dog behaviorist.

Do dogs act up when their owner is pregnant?

Yes, some dogs may act differently when their owner is pregnant. Changes in your body chemistry and mood might cause your dog to become more protective, clingy, or even exhibit behaviors such as humping. However, each dog is unique, and their reactions can vary. Some dogs might remain indifferent, while others become more affectionate or anxious.

How can I tell if my dog knows I’m pregnant?

Some indications that your dog senses your pregnancy may include increased affection, becoming more protective, unusual behaviors like humping, and even sniffing at your belly more frequently. They may also react to your physical and emotional changes, such as fatigue or mood swings. However, it’s essential to remember that these behaviors could also be caused by other factors, and not every dog will react the same way to their owner’s pregnancy.

Does Pregnancy Affect My Dog’s Behavior?

Researchers have linked shifts in a dog’s demeanor to human pregnancy, with humping being a prominent one. Usually, unneutered dogs are more prone to exhibit such behaviors. However, dogs are remarkably perceptive and might sense your pregnancy by noting subtle changes. Consequently, your dog may resort to humping as an unusual mode of communication to indicate their awareness of your condition.

Detecting Body Chemistry Changes Through Scent

Ever heard tales of dogs sensing illness in humans? Just as they can sniff out health concerns, dogs may also detect hormonal changes caused by pregnancy, leading to shifts in their reactions towards you. While some dogs may distance themselves due to uncertainty, others may display affection and protection by humping.

Observing Physical and Emotional Changes

As your pregnancy progresses, your dog might notice alterations in your body shape and mood swings. They may perceive your fatigue or mood shifts and, in an attempt to offer comfort, may resort to humping.

How Do Dogs Behave When They Sense Pregnancy?

Many reports suggest that dogs grow unusually clingy and affectionate towards their pregnant owners. Some might showcase dominant behavior, refusing to leave your side and even preventing other family members from getting close to you. Aside from the peculiar humping, they might also sniff at your belly, hinting at their detection of a new life inside you. Other behaviors could include aggression and nervousness, persisting until childbirth.

Ensuring a Safe Environment During Pregnancy

Having a dominant or aggressive dog during pregnancy can be unnerving. However, the situation is manageable with the correct training. It’s recommended to begin obedience training early in pregnancy, teaching your dog to follow specific commands to prevent humping or other disruptive actions. Once your dog acknowledges your authority, they’ll likely become more secure and calm.

Why Neutering is Highly Advised

Experts state that humping is a normal instinctual behavior for dogs, especially unneutered ones. Neutering can help address various behavioral, dominance, and health-related issues. Remember not to shout or scold your dog when they hump you; it could lead to confusion and exacerbate behavioral problems. A gentle discouragement or walking away is more effective.

Preparing Your Dog for the Newborn

It’s crucial to remain vigilant about your dog’s behavior changes due to your pregnancy. One effective approach is to acclimate your dog to baby scents, preparing them for your newborn’s arrival. You can practice this by cradling a baby doll while letting your dog snuggle close. This exercise not only reassures them of your continued affection but also aids in keeping them calm once the baby arrives.

How Can Help? can provide valuable advice and tips on managing dog behavior during pregnancy and preparing your pet for your baby’s arrival. They offer a wealth of knowledge on baby sleep training and parenting, which can be beneficial in smoothly transitioning your dog into accepting the new member of the family. Remember, proper preparation can help create a safe and loving environment for both your dog and your upcoming bundle of joy.

2 thoughts on “I’m Pregnant and My Dog Keeps Trying to Hump Me”

  1. Hey fellow moms and dog owners, wow this article brings back some vivid memories. When I was pregnant with my first, our Border Collie, Max, sure gave us a wild ride. He just couldn’t stop humping my leg whenever I got home from work. He could definitely sense the change in my body. So, I’m sharing some things that worked for me during those confusing dog days of pregnancy.

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    We started with obedience training, and I gotta say, the StarMark Training Collar was a game-changer. It’s safe and doesn’t harm your dog, but it definitely gets their attention. A gentle pull when Max would start to get frisky, and he started getting the message.

    I also started using the Bodhi Dog Training Spray to help Max understand where humping was okay. It has a natural scent that encourages dogs to pee (or in Max’s case, hump) in a specific spot. I know, it sounds weird, but it worked wonders for us! Just sprayed it on his favorite doggy toy, and Max redirected his humping over there.

    But training aside, sometimes a dog just needs to burn off some energy. We live in Brooklyn, and I would take Max on long walks down to the Brooklyn Bridge Park. But if it was a rainy day or I was too tired, we used the Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle Toy. It’s a ball that you can fill with treats, and your dog has to figure out how to get them out. Max would chase that thing around the apartment for hours, and it really helped curb his restlessness and humping.

    Also, this article mentions neutering as an option, and I gotta say, the BellyGuard Dog Onesie was a lifesaver after Max’s surgery. It’s more comfortable and less restrictive than the traditional cones they give you at the vet, plus it prevents them from licking the incision site.

    Lastly, preparing Max for the arrival of the new baby was a crucial step for us. We got the JC Toys Baby Doll and would cradle it just like we planned to with our newborn. We even put some baby lotion on it to mimic the scent of our baby. It sounds crazy, I know, but it gave Max the chance to get used to the idea, and when our little Noah arrived, Max was much more relaxed.

    Being pregnant while dealing with a clingy dog is not easy, believe me, I’ve been there. It’s a wild ride, but totally worth it in the end!

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