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I’m Pregnant and My Cat Keeps Biting Me

    In case you’ve been keeping a cat, you get pregnant, don’t assume they’ll not notice your body or behavioral changes. Cats are naturally smart and can read between the lines only that they can’t talk. But pussies have different ways of passing across messages. One of the techniques your cat can use is biting. If your cat bites you when you’re pregnant, there’s a message they’re trying to pass across. Either you’re ignoring them, or they’re happy for you. 

    It would help if you were keen, though, when the biting becomes regular because it’s a sign of anger. Maybe your cat has seen you bring changes in the house that affects them directly. We’ll show you what you can do to your cat when you’re pregnant to stop them from biting you always.

    Make Slow Changes 

    Probably you had no baby before your current pregnancy, meaning all your attention was on the cat. But once you get pregnant, your focus will be on the baby. When you’re preparing for your kid, you have to make changes in the house. Suppose you’ve been sleeping with your feline friend it’s time for them to pave the way for the baby. Or even you can make changes because you fear infections from pussies when you’re pregnant. 

    Changing how you arrange your house isn’t bad but remember you also have a family member affected by the changes. To avoid hurting your pussy, do the changes slowly. Don’t just wake up one day and lock your cat out of the bedroom. You can push their bed slowly out of the room until you put it in the new area you want. Bringing in slow changes will make your cat maintain their composure, making them stop biting you regularly.

    Be More Affectionate to Your Pussycat 

    Because your cat knows when you’re pregnant, please don’t ignore them. Double the love for your cat before the baby arrives, replacing them. And given that you’ll make changes in the house that will affect your cat, increase your interaction. You can pet and cuddle regularly before bed or allow them to sleep in your bedroom for some time. You can also play regularly to reduce their aggression and anger on you, stopping the bites.

    Take Your Cat to a New Home

    Sometimes your tom can become stubborn and refuse to stop biting even after trying all your best to make them comfortable. The best thing you can do is take them to a new home where they’ll be safe and well taken care of. If your pussy can’t stop biting you, expect the aggression will extend to your baby once you give birth. To make both of you safe and because you still love your cat in equal measure, take them to a new home. Give the pussy space to overcome their hatred and stop receiving the bites. 

    Teach Your Cat to Adapt to the New Changes

    If you know you’re pregnant, teach those around you how to stay with you. Teach your feline friend how you expect them to behave when you’re pregnant. Teach your cat to associate with other family members as you deal with your pregnancy. You can also change roles with your spouse in cleaning your cat’s mess for them to bond more. Don’t forget to show your cat the new route to their sleeping or cleaning area.

    Continue Taking Care of Your Cat 

    Pregnant mothers fear that coming into close contact with cats during pregnancy can harm their kids. Toxoplasmosis is your great scare with your cat. You probably don’t want to harm your baby because toxoplasmosis can endanger your fetus’s life. But for you to contract the infection, it means you have touched the cat’s stool. To be safe and to avoid neglecting your cat during pregnancy, continue taking care of them. Use gloves when cleaning their mess and put on a face mask to be safe. Not taking care of your cat during pregnancy can anger them, forcing them to bite you to get your attention.


    Cats need care and love all the time, no matter your condition. And because cats love their owners unconditionally, they’ll expect love in return. However, if you deny them love and attention, they will become angry. When your cat bites you when pregnant, they vent their anger on you for changing focus to other things. To stop the bites, love them more or take them to a new home.

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