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I’m Pregnant and My Boyfriend Is Pushing Me Away

    Life can give you a lot of surprises. You meet a man you fall in love with and want to spend with him your whole life. As a result of your trust for him, you end up getting pregnant for him. While this is a good gesture, it could be the cause of a lot of stress. So, before you make this move, you should be aware that it’s a gamble.

    You are probably not the only woman going through this trouble. Even married women often have these experiences. To some extent, to get pregnant for a man whose inner intentions you do not know is a gamble.

    On the other hand, no woman wants to be a single mother. You want a man with whom you can build a family. So when your boyfriend is showing signs of non-commitment, it might get you worried. You do not know what to think. You don’t know what step to make next. Or maybe You could be overreacting.

    This article is dedicated to you if you are going through this challenging stage in your relationship. We focus on giving you answers that are relevant and practical solutions. Stay with us.

    Signs That He Is Pushing You Away

    There are strange feelings, and even dreams, that you should expect to have when pregnant. But this is not the case in all women. Some may have positive feelings toward their men, while some may have negative emotions.

    The negative feelings may be the magic that your hormones can do. When your hormones are rising, you end up having your feelings exaggerated. You often get angered by tiny things. At times, you misjudge even the innocent actions of your man. It is a critical time. For this reason, we are giving you some of the proven signs to watch out for when in doubt. Here are a few that we have highlighted for you.

    He Shuts You Out of His World

    Knowing if your boyfriend shuts you out of his world is relatively easy. You will notice that he keeps on ignoring you when you talk to him. When you bring up a sensitive matter that concerns your relationship, he’ll do something different to throw you off. At times, he will give you excuses to escape the conversation. He will also cancel on you to avoid you.

    If you engage him in a conversation geared towards settling your differences, he will blame you and defend himself instead.

    He Is Indifferent to Your Well-Being

    This point is very vital in your issue. Any man who is very serious about building a family will be concerned and even overprotective. It is better than being careless. When he is out for work, he will make time to check on you by calling you.

    In this pregnancy period, he will make sacrifices to ensure you have all the help you need.

    But when your boyfriend doesn’t even call to ask how you are fairing on, there is a problem. It does not matter whether he has money or not. Any caring man knows that you need their attention more.

    He Does Not Communicate

    Communication is vital in any relationship. If you lose it, you lose everything. A loving and caring boyfriend will ensure that he initiates contact. If he did this at the start of your relationship, he could do so now.

    If he is no longer communicating, this could be your sign. If you text or call him only for him to make you feel like you are a bother, let him be.

    What to Do

    If your boyfriend has passed our test so far, you should be disturbed. Therefore, your worry is justified. Now let us focus on what you should do.

    Talk. Do not allow yourself to suffer in silence. It will always work against you. If you are uncertain about the state of your relationship, talk to him. Tell him how you feel. Avoid blame games. Tell him how much you want to help build your relationship.

    If you agree to work on it together, check with your list. If your boyfriend is not making any efforts to better your relationship, forgive yourself and move on.

    You Must Advance

    Life does not end at the termination of an unhealthy relationship. Do not cry yourself to death. Remember, you have a child who depends on you. You might blame yourself for the mess, which is unfair because there is no wrong in loving.

    I do not recommend having an abortion. Abortion is a decision you should not arrive at, even if your boyfriend persuades you to do so.

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