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I’m Pregnant and My Eyelashes Are Falling Out

    You have heard about the morning sickness, swollen feet, wider hips, and all the good things that come with pregnancy. Probably all the people you know that have been pregnant had the expected effects, and some of them got the best impact of radiant skin and thicker hair.

    As you start your pregnancy, you think you know what to expect, but nobody told you to brace yourself because pregnancy effects can also get pretty ugly. You didn’t see it coming, but it’s here. Your eyelashes are getting thinner and falling out. First, you may think it’s unusual, but it is an uncommon effect of pregnancy that can be a nightmare for every pregnant woman. But all is not lost. Let’s look at what causes pregnant women to lose their eyelashes and how to get back your grove. 

    Causes of Eyelashes Falling Out During Pregnancy

    One of the possible causes you are losing your eyelashes is your thyroid function changes. An overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) or under-active thyroid (hypothyroidism) can cause the loss of the eyelashes. While pregnant, you are likely to have hyperthyroidism due to increased hormones and human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG. Hyperthyroidism renders your hair dry, thinner, and breakable, resulting in your eyelashes falling. Your thyroid duties increase at the beginning of your pregnancy before your baby’s thyroid starts functioning on its own and should get back to normal at the end of the pregnancy.

    In addition to this, your body could be lacking suitable nutrients and minerals. These are Iron, biotin, protein, vitamin D, B12, and essential fatty acids. When you are pregnant, your body needs double the amount of some nutrients and vitamins. You are more prone to have consumed less than your body needs, and the deficiency can bring some side effects, including loss of eyelashes. Some moms reported having lower protein levels when tested, and they were put on a protein diet by their doctor, and their eyelashes got back to normal.

    How to Stop Eyelash Loss When Pregnant

    Women are naturally conscious about their looks, whether pregnant or not. Loss of eyelashes can make you feel worried, especially now that you are pregnant. The good news is that there are ways you can get back your precious eyebrows. First, you need to know why your eyelashes are falling. Starts by getting your thyroid level and protein level test to determine the cause. Once the reason, you can start on a journey to recover your eyelashes back. Here are safe remedies that can help you grow your eyelashes back.

    Having Proper Diet

    Improving your diet is like a win-win situation for you and your baby. Your body gets the proper nutrients missing that’s your baby’s needs, and you get to avoid the side effects that come with it, in your case, eyelash loss. According to Belashed, food suitable for eyelashes are rich in protein (eggs, oat, and milk), biotin, which can be found in whole grains and lean meat, and fatty acids found in salmon. Vitamin A (bell pepper and lettuce), vitamin C (oranges, Brussels sprouts, and red peppers), and iron (beans, raisins, and apricots). These are essential nutrients for the growth of your baby, your body, and your hair development.

    Take Biotin Supplements

    Biotin is a vital nutrient for your baby’s development, and it also helps keep your hair healthy, including your eyelashes.  While pregnant, you can easily have low levels of biotin. You can find biotin in several foods but if you are looking for a faster and effective way, then going for a supplement is more convenient. Biotin is safe to take over the counter, but it’s good to consult your OB-GYN.

    Natural Oils

    Natural oils are a safe way to nourish and grow your eyelashes back and health. One of the best oils for lashes is castor oil, emu oil, and coconut oil. Castor oil has been in use for hair and lashes for ages because it’s rich in vitamin E, proteins, and omega-six fatty acids, essential for hair growth. Apply castor oil before heading to bed and let it work its magic throughout the night.

    Coconut is a natural remedy for many parts of the body, including hair. It contains fatty acids, myristic acid, and cupric acid essential for hair growth, and you can apply at any time. Emu oil is from the emu bird. It conditions and stimulates lashes to grow longer and thicker.

    Pregnancy comes with many changes on your body, and eyelashes falling out are unfortunate effects. But it’s also easy to recover them by following easy and safe methods. You don’t need to panic because once your little one arrives, they will grow back to normal.

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