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How to Safely Warm up Baby Oil

    As a parent, you will often find yourself using baby oil not only on your baby but also on yourself. Baby oil is an amazing way to lock moisture into your skin and keep it hydrated. It makes your baby’s skin soft to the touch. When you bath your baby, you can often make it a great ritual to give your baby a baby oil massage as you are getting them ready for bed. This makes for a great bonding experience for you and your baby.

    Heating Baby Oil

    When it comes to putting the baby oil onto your baby, you will quickly realize that babies do not like cold oil touching their little bodies. They just got out of a warm bath and want to stay warm. They do not want that cold stuff on their skin. There are a few different ways that you can warm the baby oil before you apply it to your baby’s skin. The ways that are listed below are some ways that lots of parents warm their baby’s baby oil because they are easy, convenient, and effective.

    Heating It With Your Hands

    Baby oil or lotion can easily be heated by applying some to your hands and rubbing your hands together before applying the oil or lotion to your baby. This is also beneficial to you because it will hydrate your hands and make them super soft. Babies enjoy the natural, warm feeling that they experience after you warm the lotion in your hands.

    Heating It In The Microwave

    Heating the baby oil in the microwave is another way to get it up to the temperature that babies like, but you have to be a little more careful with this method. Make sure you microwave the baby oil for about fifteen seconds, and always make sure you test the temperature on yourself before applying it to your baby. Another good thing to always check is to make sure that the container that the baby oil is in contains no metal because this could cause a fire.

    Placing The Bottle In The Tub

    This is my favorite option when it comes to warming baby oils and lotions. Your baby is already in a warm tub, so why not let the bottle just float around with them? The van even use it as a bath toy! As long as you make sure that the lid is completely sealed, then this is another great way to heat that baby oil before applying it to your baby.

    Is Baby Oil Safe and Is Heating It Up Safe?

    If you are a new parent, then I am sure you have heard all of the rumors about this is not safe for your baby, and that is not safe for your baby. You may have heard that baby oil is completely unsafe, and it should not be used on a baby, but this rumor is completely false.

    Baby oil is a very safe product that has been trusted by parents for decades. Baby oil has so many ingredients within it that are super safe and effective at keeping skin healthy and hydrated.

    As for warming the baby oil, that is completely safe as well. You can use the baby oil cold, but if you warm it up, you and your baby will both have better experiences all around.

    Bonding With Your Baby

    Warm baby oil can be the starter to a great bonding experience. Baby’s loved to be rubbed on and massaged, and baby oil is the perfect massage oil. Your baby will love bonding with you after bath time as they receive that wonderful hydrating treatment on their soft skin.

    Is Baby Oil For You And Your Baby?

    Baby oil is not for everyone, but baby oil is going to be a product that parents continue to use for a long time into the future. Because it is so effective and safe, it has become a huge hit among parents. Babies seem to love it, too, especially when it has been heated.

    If you are a parent of a baby that is struggling with dry skin, flaky skin, or even conditions such as excema, then you should think about adding baby oil to your daily routine. Your baby will thank you.

    There are some alternative methods that you can use other than baby oil. Methods that are made without using the ingredient that so many parents are afraid of mineral oil. Although a lot of parents are afraid of mineral oil, it is completely safe to use on your baby. Every single parent is different, and that is okay. If you decide that mineral oil is not something you want your baby to be exposed to, then that is your choice, and you can find your baby an alternative method.

    Warm Baby Oil For The Win

    Although baby oil is not for everyone, it is still one of the most popular products among parents. It is a go-to for anyone, even those that do not have babies when they or their loved ones are facing a tough issue of dry skin or something of the sort.

    Companies are going to continue making baby oil because it is going to keep growing in popularity. If you or your loved one is using baby oil to combat any type of dry skin issue, then make sure you are taking the time to warm it up before applying it to your body. Whether you stick it in the microwave, warm it in your hand, or let it float in the bath, you will find that your experience with warm baby oil is much better than an experience of cold baby oil. Warm that baby oil and heal all of your dryness. Warm that baby oil and create a wonderful bonding experience with your baby. Just warm that baby oil, but make sure that you are warming it safely.

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