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How to Keep Your Baby Awake Between Naps: A Comprehensive Guide

Helping your baby stay awake between naps is a key aspect of establishing a healthy sleep routine. This article will provide a wealth of tips to achieve this, incorporating advice from sleep experts and real-life experiences from parents. We’ll also touch on how can provide further support.

Understanding Your Baby’s Sleep Needs

Babies require lots of sleep, but also need awake time for their development. The challenge is to find a balance between the two, ensuring they’re not overtired or under-stimulated. As a guideline, a newborn will typically sleep for 16-18 hours a day in short bursts, while a 6-month-old may sleep 14-16 hours including a couple of longer naps.

Tips to Keep Your Baby Awake Between Naps

Creating an engaging environment can help keep your baby awake and stimulated. Here are some practical tips:

1. Encourage Active Play

Involve your baby in activities that stimulate their senses. Play with colorful toys, sing songs, or take a stroll outside.

2. Establish a Routine

Follow a consistent daily routine, including feeding times and activities. Predictability can help babies understand when it’s time to sleep and when to be awake.

3. Optimize the Environment

Keep the lights on and normal household noises during awake periods. This contrasts with a dim, quiet environment during nap time, signaling it’s time to wake up.

Understanding Overstimulation

While it’s important to keep your baby awake between naps, avoid overstimulation. Overly tired babies often have more difficulty sleeping. Recognize the signs of overstimulation (fussiness, avoiding eye contact, etc.) and allow for downtime.

Creating a Balanced Sleep Schedule for Your Baby

How Long Should a Baby Stay Awake Between Naps?

For newborns, awake time should ideally be between 45 minutes to an hour and a half. As your baby grows, they’ll be able to stay awake for longer periods. By 6 months, they may stay awake for 2-3 hours between naps.

What to Do If Your Baby Falls Asleep Between Naps?

If your baby falls asleep between naps, they might be showing signs of being overtired. Try to gradually adjust their sleep schedule, ensuring they have enough awake time for feeding and stimulation before their next scheduled nap.

Should Newborn Daytime Naps Be in the Dark?

For daytime naps, it’s beneficial to keep the room somewhat lit to help your baby distinguish between day and night. However, the room should still be a calming and quiet environment to encourage restful sleep.

What is the 2-3-4 Sleep Method?

The 2-3-4 sleep method is a simple sleep schedule that is often suitable for babies over 6 months. It suggests your baby should nap 2 hours after waking in the morning, nap again 3 hours after waking from the first nap, and then go to bed 4 hours after waking from the second nap.

Why Does My Baby Wake Up 20 Minutes After Falling Asleep for a Nap?

Short naps can often be a sign that your baby is overtired, undertired, or going through a sleep regression. Alternatively, your baby may be disturbed by a wet diaper, hunger, or environmental factors like noise or light.

Optimizing Your Baby’s Feeding Schedule

Should You Feed Your Baby Before or After a Nap?

The “eat, play, sleep” method recommends feeding your baby when they wake up from a nap, followed by playtime, and then putting them down for another nap. This routine can help prevent your baby from associating feeding with sleeping.

Is It Okay to Put Your Baby to Sleep Right After Feeding?

While it’s often okay to put your baby to sleep after feeding, especially for newborns, it’s beneficial to separate feeding from sleep as your baby grows. This can help your baby learn to fall asleep independently.

Should You Feed on Demand or Wake Up a Baby?

For newborns, it’s often recommended to feed on demand due to their small stomachs and frequent need for nutrients. However, if your newborn is sleeping for stretches longer than 3-4 hours during the day without feeding, it may be necessary to wake them for a feeding to ensure proper growth and development.

Should I Feed My Baby Straight After a Nap?

Feeding your baby after they wake up from a nap can work well, especially if you’re following the “eat, play, sleep” routine. It ensures your baby is well-fed and energized for their awake period.

How Can Help

Still struggling to balance sleep and awake times for your baby? offers expert advice and a supportive community for parents. The website features articles on various sleep-related topics, including tips on how to keep a baby awake between naps.

As specialists in baby sleep patterns, understands the intricate balance between rest and active play in a baby’s daily routine. Their resources can help you understand your baby’s unique needs and create an effective sleep schedule. With, managing your little one’s sleep has never been easier.

Wrap Up

Keeping your baby awake between naps can be a challenging task, but with the right strategies and understanding of their needs, it’s certainly achievable. Remember, every baby is different, so feel free to adapt these tips to what suits your baby best. For more detailed guidance, don’t forget to check out the resources on

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