Can I Give My Baby Ovaltine?

Ovaltine is a staple in most households. Children and adults love to drink it all the same. The rich, chocolate flavor is enough to get most people running to this drink. This drink can be found for an evening snack or meal replacement, making it something a lot of people turn to. But is it good to be giving to your little one? Keep reading to find out more information about Ovaltine and see if it’s good to give to your baby.

The Goods of Ovaltine

There is a good side to Ovaltine. It is a delicious drink that also contains much-needed vitamins and minerals such as zinc, magnesium, and calcium (zinc, magnesium, and calcium.). Because of all of the good ingredients that Ovaltine does contain in it, including milk, eggs, and chocolate, it gives you protein and the benefits of chocolate as well. This is a drink that many households love to enjoy towards the end of the day, to put a nightcap on an already healthy day. Keep drinking Ovaltine as a way to boost your immune system and sneak those needed vitamins and minerals into your diet when you make be lacking them.

Get Your Baby That Milk

If your baby does not want to drink whole milk or any of its replacement, it is thought that giving them a good dose of Ovaltine is a good replacement. Why not? It’s a healthy alternative to drinking plain milk and will help your baby get that much-needed milk and vitamins that he or she may need to continue to grow. It seems like a good idea to put in a spoonful or two of Ovaltine to mix into the milk to disguise the taste that your baby may be rejecting. That can be adding vitamins to their meals while getting them to rest easy eating something that tastes good.

The Downside of Ovaltine

Ovaltine does contain a lot of sugar. The first ingredient in the mix is sugar, which makes it a drink that might do more harm than good for your baby. In the consumption of Ovaltine it is mainly made for adults and children, so, therefore, it may have too much sugar and too much of the good vitamins and minerals in it. While your baby is developing and growing, it’s more beneficial to them to be getting the nutrients that they need through whole foods or breast milk.

This is how a baby was designed to get their food in this early and important stage. AS a child gets older, it’s okay to start giving them more processed foods because they are starting to get to a point in their development where they can handle it. But as a baby, your little one needs to get the best food given to them, the food that comes in the most natural form to be beneficial for your baby.

Babies and Their Ovaltine

If you feel like you want to give your baby Ovaltine to help get their milk down a little bit easier, or maybe help them sleep better at night, you can give them a small dose of Ovaltine. It’s best to give them less than the recommended amount and give it to them only once a day. Pick a time of day that is going to work best in giving them the Ovaltine and feed it to them at this time regularly. This will help your baby know when to expect it and help you to monitor exactly how much they are getting of this sweet drink in a day. As previously stated, watch how much you give them because there is a lot of sugar in the drink, and through the chocolate, there is also a good amount of caffeine. Make sure you consult with your baby’s doctor to make sure you are giving your child the right amount of this drink.

Moving Onto The Toddler Stage

Once your baby has grown a bit and you have kept Ovaltine at bay, you can start to decide if this is something that you want to give them on the regular, along with other processed foods or chocolate milk. It can be difficult to make sure your child or toddler is getting the right about of milk and the nutrients that come with that drink. You want to make sure that they are going to grow strong bones and be healthy. But what if you have a child that is stubborn and refusing to drink milk at all?

At this point, it may be beneficial to consider adding chocolate milk or Ovaltine into their diet. This can be a way to get your child more familiar with the look and taste of milk, and the added sweetness will make this a drink that your child is going to crave. It can be a great alternative to have your child consume something that is processed and has added sugar but then get the great benefits of everything that milk has to offer their growing bodies.


Ovaltine is a tasty way to get the added nutrients of milk that many babies or children may be lacking. But overall, babies want to get their main nutrients from either their mother’s milk or other whole foods. It’s best to keep your baby on more of a whole food diet and keep their nutrients straight from their food. AS your child continues to grow, it can be a benefit to add Ovaltine to their milk to help them with drinking something that they may not be fond of.

Babies can have the chocolaty drink, just make sure it is not in excess and only given to them at certain times of the day and in very low doses. Once and a while, it can be something to help your child when they may not be feeling the best with drinking their milk. But it’s not something that you want to rely upon too heavily.