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Can I Feed My Baby During Periods?

As a new mother, you might have several questions about breastfeeding, one of which could be, “Can I feed my baby during periods?” Let’s delve into this topic, discussing breastfeeding during menstruation and how it might affect both you and your baby.

Breastfeeding During Menstruation: Is It Safe?

Absolutely! It is perfectly safe to breastfeed your baby during your period. The quality and composition of breast milk do not change due to menstruation. While you may notice a slight change in the taste of your breast milk, this is typically not enough to discourage most babies from nursing.

Does Menstruation Affect Breast Milk Supply?

Some mothers may experience a slight drop in their milk supply in the days leading up to their period and a few days into it. This dip is usually temporary and often goes unnoticed by most babies. It’s also important to note that this does not occur in all breastfeeding women.

How Menstruation Affects Breastfeeding

Before we answer specific questions, it’s essential to understand how menstruation can affect breastfeeding.

Does Your Milk Supply Drop During Your Period?

Some women may experience a slight dip in milk supply a few days before and into their period. However, this is usually temporary and tends to normalize once the period is over.

Does Breastmilk Taste Different During Periods?

Due to hormonal changes, your breast milk might taste slightly different during your period. Some babies might notice this change, while others may not.

Can My Period Hormones Affect My Breastfed Baby?

The hormonal changes associated with your period can affect the taste of your breast milk, possibly leading to temporary fussiness or changes in your baby’s feeding habits. However, these effects are typically minor and temporary.

Period and Breastfeeding: Common Queries

Let’s now look at some specific questions related to menstruation and breastfeeding.

How Long After I Stop Pumping Will I Get My Period?

The return of menstruation varies greatly among breastfeeding mothers. Some women may get their period back shortly after giving birth, regardless of breastfeeding, while others might not see their period until after they’ve completely weaned off breastfeeding.

Are Periods Heavier After Breastfeeding?

Postpartum periods can be heavier and more irregular than pre-pregnancy periods. This is due to hormonal changes and does not have a direct correlation with breastfeeding.

Can You Get Your Period While Breastfeeding?

Yes, it’s normal to get your period while breastfeeding. However, many women experience a delay in the return of menstruation due to the high levels of prolactin (the hormone responsible for milk production) during breastfeeding.

Addressing Baby’s Behaviour During Your Period

You may have noticed some changes in your baby’s behavior during your period. Let’s address these.

Why Is My Breastfed Baby So Fussy When I’m On My Period?

Some babies may become fussier during feedings around the time of your period due to the slight change in the taste of your milk caused by hormonal fluctuations.

Why Won’t My Baby Nurse While I’m On My Period?

If your baby is resisting nursing during your period, it might be because they are noticing the minor change in the taste of your milk. However, this change is usually temporary, and nursing should return to normal once your period is over.

How to Increase Milk Supply During Period

If you’re experiencing a temporary drop in milk supply during your period, there are several strategies you can adopt, such as hydrating well, nursing or pumping more frequently, and ensuring a balanced diet.

Can Menstruation Affect Your Baby’s Feeding Habits?

While breastfeeding during your period is safe, some babies might notice a slight change in the taste of your milk due to hormonal fluctuations. This could potentially impact their feeding habits temporarily.

Could Menstruation Affect Baby’s Sleep?

Some babies might be slightly more fussy or irritable during feedings around the time of your period, potentially leading to disrupted sleep patterns. However, it’s important to remember that every baby is different and not all will react in the same way.

How Can Help

When it comes to navigating breastfeeding and the potential changes in your baby’s sleep patterns during your period, is an excellent resource. They provide helpful tips and advice on maintaining healthy sleep habits for your baby, even during times of change such as the return of your menstrual cycle.

Moreover, offers strategies to cope with any potential fussiness or changes in feeding habits that could disrupt your baby’s sleep. With their guidance, you can ensure that both you and your baby continue to have restful nights, irrespective of your menstrual cycle.


In conclusion, you can certainly feed your baby during your periods without any concerns for their health or your milk supply. Some babies may temporarily change their feeding habits due to the slight alteration in milk taste, but these changes are typically minor and temporary. For any concerns about feeding or sleep habits, consider reaching out to resources like to help guide you through these transitions.