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Can Babies Sleep with a Sippy Cup? Safety and Alternatives

    As a new parent, you want to do everything you can to ensure your baby’s safety and comfort, especially during sleep time. One question that often comes up is whether or not it’s safe for babies to sleep with a sippy cup. In this blog post, we will provide clear and concise answers to help you make an informed decision.

    Is it safe for babies to sleep with a sippy cup?

    The short answer is no. Allowing your baby to sleep with a sippy cup can pose a few risks:

    • Choking hazard: If the sippy cup has a detachable spout or any small parts, these can become loose and pose a choking hazard while your baby is asleep.
    • Tooth decay: Allowing your baby to drink from a sippy cup throughout the night can lead to tooth decay. Prolonged exposure to liquids, especially those containing sugar (like milk or juice), can cause the buildup of bacteria and plaque on your baby’s teeth.
    • Increased risk of ear infections: When a baby drinks while lying down, there is an increased chance of fluid entering their eustachian tubes, which can lead to ear infections.
    • Potential sleep disruptions: Giving your baby a sippy cup in bed may encourage them to rely on it as a sleep prop. This can create sleep associations that may be difficult to break in the future.

    Alternatives to using a sippy cup during sleep time:

    • Establish a bedtime routine: Instead of relying on a sippy cup, create a consistent bedtime routine that includes feeding, bath time, and storytime to help your baby wind down and prepare for sleep.
    • Encourage self-soothing: Teach your baby to self-soothe by providing a comfort object, like a small stuffed toy or a pacifier, which can help them feel secure and fall asleep without the need for a sippy cup.
    • Offer water only: If you absolutely must provide a sippy cup at night, fill it with water to minimize the risk of tooth decay and ear infections.
    • Transition to a regular cup: As your baby gets older, start teaching them to drink from an open cup. This will help them develop proper drinking skills and reduce the need for a sippy cup at night.


    While it might seem convenient to allow your baby to sleep with a sippy cup, the risks outweigh the benefits. Instead, focus on creating healthy sleep habits and routines for your little one, which will promote their overall well-being and ensure a good night’s sleep for both of you.

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