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Why Your Baby’s Fingernails Don’t Grow

    Several Layers of keratin protein layers make the nail. The hard part of the nail protects the sensitive nail bed. Nail growth is a prolonged process, and on average,a fingernail grows 2-3mm per month. Therefore, you may take even a month before trimming your baby’s nails. However, you should be able to see the growth.

    The healthy nail should be fast-growing, smooth, firm, color consistent, and free of any dent.

    Season, diet, and health are some of the factors that make your baby’s nail not to grow. Nail worn out during play is not considered as no nail development.

    There are many but non-proven ways of boosting fingernail growth. These are home remedies for strengthening the nails, and they include simple remedies such as massage, use of moisturizer, and vitamin C use, among others.

    Here are the five factors that hinder nail growth in children.

    Winter Season

    Blood circulation is a crucial factor in fingernail growth. Proper blood circulation supplies oxygen and nutrients to the nails. During cold seasons, blood vessels constrict, especially in the hands and legs, hence reducing the blood flow. As a result, some babies may experience no nail development.

    Poor Diet

    Similar to other body parts, nails also require a balanced diet for healthy growth. A healthy diet includes protein, water, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals. An imbalanced diet leads to low or no nail growth.

    Nail Biting

    Almost half of the children suffer from nail-biting. Nail-biting makes the nail grow abnormally and deter nail growth due to damaging the nails’ tissues. Though some studies suggest that nail-biting promotes nail growth, overdoing destroys the cuticle necessary for nail growth.

    Health Condition of the baby

    Stress, physical injuries, high fever, and severe infections temporarily halt nail growth. This is because the body channels its energy towards fighting disease and no energy for nail growth.


    Nail trauma leads to severe injuries in the nail bed and the nail matrix responsible for nail growth. Consequently, the nail growth stops for over 21 days and only resumes after 100 days post-injury.

    For fast-growing nails, here are five simple home remedies.

    Implement Proper Diet

    Biotin is one of the most vital nutrients for longer and healthier nails. You can include food rich in biotins such as cooked eggs, nuts, mushrooms, cauliflower, soybeans, and bananas. However, it is good to offer supplements under the prescription to prevent overdosing.

    Adding protein to the diet will positively affect nail growth. Research shows that collagen from amino acids found in protein enhances fingernail growth. Proteins are available in many foods such as eggs, beans, beef, lentils, and dairy products.

    Use of Citrus Juice

    Lemon and orange juice are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C promotes the production of collagen, which strengthens the nails and promotes faster growth. Soak your baby’s nail in the juice for ten minutes and rinse with warm water.

    Moisturizing the Baby Nails

    Moisturizing does not directly promote nail growth, but it stops nail breakage. Dry skin around the nail matrix slows the growth of the nails. Getting an excellent moisturizing cream for your baby’s skin and finger will promote healthy nail growth.

    Filing and Grooming the Nails

    Keeping the nail short prevents breakage. Regularly grooming of the fingernails discourages the child from nail-biting, a common factor that deters fingernail growth. Well-groomed nails keep away bacteria that may affect the growth of your baby’s fingernails. To prevent damage to the nail bed, use sharp scissors or nail clippers.

    Use of Cuticle Oil

    Cold seasons limit blood circulation in the nails. Gentle massage with cuticle oil on the kid’s hand promotes blood circulation to the nails, countering cold weather effects on fingernails. Additionally, cuticle oil acts as a moisturizer and protects the nails against trauma.


    Nails reflect the overall health of your child’s body. Fresh fruits and vegetables, proteins, and healthy fats are vital for strong, fast-growing fingernails. In addition to diet, focus on reducing nail damage as opposed to promoting nail growth. Sometimes, with proper diet and care, fingernails may still need additional care. Home remedies such as cuticle oils and moisturizing will promote healthy, strong, and fast-growing fingernails.

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