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Your baby won't sleepYet again. You're tired. You feel helpless – desperate to help your baby sleep...

And yet, you need to get up because it hurts your heart to hear your baby cry.

Hi, I'm Kacey! I'm about to show you a scientific approach to help your baby fall asleep.

The workshop is designed to work on newborns through toddlers and does NOT involve use of the controversial "cry it out" method. Whether you have a newborn or a toddler, this workshop can work for you. In fact, it's the only thing that has worked for my baby and I've tried almost everything to get my little one to fall asleep and STAY asleep.

Did you know that some of the standard sleep advice, such as crying it out or co-sleeping, can negatively impact your child's nervous system? Many argue that these controversial methods may increase the likelihood of your child developing anxiety disorders and possibly panic attacks later in life. For this reason, our workshop does NOT encourage use of the heavily debated (and potentially dangerous) "cry it out" method.

The information I am going to share with you includes impressive, scientific research. References are available upon request.

But most notably, I am a parent just like you! My baby, Benjamin, refused to fall asleep and stay asleep. I certainly understand how it pulls on your heartstrings when your baby won't sleep. 

For this reason, I created the Sleep Baby Workshop, in addition to my blog with hundreds of articles dedicated to baby sleep. My mission is to help parents and babies alike to finally achieve high-quality, consistent sleep.

The information I'm going to share with you has helped thousands of families to finally enjoy the restful sleep they have been missing. In fact, our sleep workshop is so effective when your baby won't sleep that it can also be used on teething babies and toddlers.

Our Scientific Approach Helps Your Baby Fall Asleep & STAY Asleep

If your baby won't sleep, take a deep breath. It's about to get better.

If you're anything like me or the thousands of parents I've spoken to, I suspect you've likely tried a plethora of sleep training methods. Please be aware that many of these methods, such as crying it out, can be very dangerous and are totally inefficient.

Please don't risk your little one's health by taking risky approaches. Our sleep workshop will help you to enjoy a happier, more relaxed and easier-to-parent child.

Imagine having a baby (or young child) who looks forward to bed-time just as much as you do!

Truth is, all babies can learn how to fall asleep and stay asleep, regardless of age. You can even get your child to stay in the crib. I know it’s hard to believe. At one point in my life, I would have been the first to doubt it, but then I had a life-changing experience...

My baby wouldn't even nap anymore!

When Benjamin was born, my husband and I were elated. Like any parent, we thought he was the cutest baby on planet Earth, but even more fortunate was our discovery that he was an incredible sleeper! Our other mom and dad friends were constantly complaining about their restless nights, all while we felt like the luckiest parents in the world! However, when Benjamin turned 5-months old, things changed... seemingly overnight!

Everything changed. Much to our dismay and shock, Benjamin started waking up hourly, or every three hours if we were lucky. My husband and I were constantly tired. The negative impacts of our sleepless nights started to appear in other facets of life, such as work and even in our marriage.

Initially, we thought this problem would be temporary and that we would soon go back to the earlier mentioned glory days of basking in our child's excellent sleep habits.

Sadly, we couldn't have been more wrong.

 My Baby
Won't Sleep!

Needless to say, I was overwhelmed. In hindsight, I should've searched for a baby sleep solution before my many restless nights started negatively impacting my life, marriage, and work. Once my patience completely expired, I went online desperately searching for a solution. Sadly, my efforts felt fruitless.

I bought the books, the tapes, and even hired a $400 sleep consultant who simply told us to let our baby cry it out. Here are three MUCH safer sleep solutions you can start using today:

3 Tips If Your Baby Won't Nap or Sleep:


Tip one:
the giggle monster

Unleash your baby's inner giggle monster! Have you ever heard the popular saying that laughter is the best medicine? Just as it's true for adults, this age-old wisdom is equally true for your baby... especially when it comes to helping your baby sleep!

Stress is often largely to blame for why your baby won't sleep. Release your baby's built-up stress with laughter! Plus, what's cuter than hearing a baby laugh?

If your baby isn't laughing much, our baby sleep workshop is for you! You will learn the best ways to make your baby laugh. Most importantly, you'll discover WHY laughter is such a powerful tool in helping your baby sleep.


Tip two:
adjust the bedtime

If you think a later bedtime is the answer, you are mistaken. Sure, it's easy to think that a later bedtime would mean your child is more tired.

However, if your baby has been awake too long, his/her body can become full of energizing hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. At increased levels, these hormones can energize your baby and sabotage your bedtime efforts. The last thing you want when your baby won't sleep are energizing hormones flowing throughout your baby's body. 

To help prevent your baby from being awake too long, establish a solid sleep schedule. Our workshop explains everything you need to know to help achieve an optimal bedtime routine.


tip three:
create a noisy environment

Sure, it may sound entirely counter-intuitive to imagine that a noisy environment is better than a quiet one. Yet, it is based entirely on facts. 

The correct sleep sounds can have a strong impact on your child by releasing anxiety and making your baby feel safe and protected.

Scientists have discovered that music has a profound impact on babies. Later in this presentation, I will give you access to our entire collection of baby sleep sounds.

Introducing a Faster Way to Help Your Baby Sleep...

The scientific sleep methods used in the Sleep Baby Workshop can help to finally solve your child's sleeping problems once and for all! Additionally, parents are able to quickly implement our best practices as the information is easy to digest and follow. 

However, before I tell you more about the practices you'll use, please be warned: If you are looking for an instant, miracle fix I would advise that our baby sleep workshop is not for you.

Why? There are some simple steps you’ll need to follow and employ over the course of a few days.

What Parents 
Learn Using the

Sleep Baby Workshop:

  • The most effective alternatives to nursing or rocking your baby to sleep.
  • Ways to make your baby feel loved so he/she isn't crying for extra attention when it's time to sleep.
  • Simple ways to ease your baby's anxiety so he/she is calm when bedtime arrives.
  • Scientific-based baby sleep schedules specific to your baby's age.
  • Holistic ways to release and regulate your baby's natural sleep hormones (100% safe and drug-free!)
  • ...and much, much more!

Plus 3 FREE bonuses! 


Baby Sleep Music

I've received many success stories about these sounds designed just for babies. Our collection of these amazingly effective sounds have helped parents worldwide. Now it's your turn to unleash their power!

Better yet, studies have shown that sounds we use remind babies of life inside the womb. This translates into a calmer baby and better sleep.

The complete collection of these incredible sounds are included in our baby sleep workshop!


deep into dreams

Did you know that babies begin dreaming 2 to 3 months prior to birth?

You may notice your baby making noises as he/she transitions between the stages of sleep. This can make you wonder if you should wake your baby... especially if you suspect he or she is having a night terror!

In this free bonus, you’ll discover simple steps to encourage happy dreams so your baby can sleep peacefully and undisturbed.


sleepy siblings

Trying to make one child sleep can be hard. When you have more than one baby or child, the struggle is doubled!

This bonus is all about sleeping siblings. Learning how to help two children fall asleep simultaneously simplifies their bedtime routine and saves you time.

Whether your children share a room or sleep separately, this free bonus will give you the answers you crave on how to help siblings (or twins) fall asleep at the same time.

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No questions asked. Our team truly cares about you and your baby.

This is a one-time charge for a digital download of our method and three bonuses. Delivered instantly!

Real Parents,
Real Results!

 Real Parents. Real Results!

"Your sleep method worked like a charm!"

"It has been so hard to get my baby to stay asleep. I tried your sleep method and it worked like a charm. I’ve been telling my friends because we’ve all had a hard time with fussy babies who won't sleep. Please keep up the good work. You have helped my baby so much by getting her on a normal sleep schedule!"


Honolulu, Hawaii

"Since starting your workshop, she falls asleep and stays asleep."

"Thank you for helping my baby finally sleep! I know that all parents have a hard time with getting their kids to bed, but we felt like we were having the worst time and felt so stuck.

Since using your sleep method, she goes right to sleep and stays asleep. I feel so refreshed since I'm no longer waking up throughout the night. My baby is now on a sleep schedule that makes her and I both much happier during the day."


London, UK

"My baby kept fighting sleep, but not anymore!"

"As a single dad, I am already tired and my baby's sleep problems made it even worse. My son kept fighting sleep, but not anymore! I used to come home from work dreading his bedtime because I knew I'd be up half the night. Since starting your workshop, he now sleeps through the entire night. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


Sydney, Australia

"Your method is very intelligent, easy to follow, and unique!"

"I was insanely sleep deprived when I heard about you from my son's daycare. No matter what I tried, my baby wouldn't sleep and it was driving me crazy! After months of sleepless nights, my baby wasn't the only one crying... so was I. Honestly, I was a bit concerned your workshop might be more of the same, but I admit I was wrong. Your information is very intelligent, easy to follow, and unique."


Ontario, Canada

"Our son now sleeps through the night because of you!"

"Our baby had trouble sleeping through the night from the time we brought him home from the hospital. We tried changing his formula and even putting his crib in our bedroom. Nothing I tried before this worked. The night after I started using your workshop, he started sleeping for several hours at a time.

I really enjoyed your tips on how to make my baby laugh. I love hearing him laugh and I think your laughter tips help relax him so it's easier for him to sleep. Oh! And I also liked your instructions about how to create the right environment in his room that's relaxing. Our son now sleeps through the night because of you!"


Warren, Michigan

Try It Today! 
Sleep Guarantee! 

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

You are fully protected by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If our baby sleep workshop does not help put your baby to sleep quickly and easily, please contact us at for a prompt 100% refund.

No questions asked. Our team truly cares about you and your baby.

This is a one-time charge for a digital download of our method and three bonuses. Delivered instantly!

Let's Talk One Parent to Another. This Really Helps!

I understand if you may be worried about wasting your time and money on something that won't work for you and your baby. 

However, the Sleep Baby Workshop has helped thousands of parents all over the world. Based on their feedback and results, you can trust this will work for you as well.

What is the 100% Satisfaction Sleep Guarantee?

Here’s what this means:  Our team truly cares about you and your baby. If you ever feel we didn't deliver on every single promise, contact us anytime for a prompt 100% refund. No questions asked.

You are fully protected by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. To reiterate, if the Sleep Baby Workshop does not help put your baby to sleep quickly and easily, you will receive a prompt 100% refund.

"I've been using your sleep method for 2 months now and we've had amazing improvements."

"I felt like the worst mother in the world when I could not get my kids to sleep the way they were supposed to. I know that most people get their kids on a sleep schedule really early, but nothing worked. I was reduced to watching TV in the middle of the night and eating snacks.

I've been using your sleep method for 2 months now and we've had amazing improvements. Learning what I was doing wrong was very helpful. I feel so prepared for my next little one that we are adopting soon!"


Tampa, Florida

"Now that we've unleashed the giggle monster, he is falling asleep without a problem."

“Kacey, your tips on laughter have helped so much with tension relief. My 16-month-old was waking up several times throughout the night. Now that we've unleashed the giggle monster, he is falling asleep without a problem."


Bristol, England

"After using the workshop, Macy is sleeping through the night and I have more energy than ever."

"I'm a mother of two twin toddlers and a newborn, so it is essential that I get a good night of rest. Before I discovered your workshop, my newborn, Macy, would wake me up at least five times every night. This was terrible because I would barely have the energy to get my children to preschool and I was falling behind at work.

After using the workshop, Macy is sleeping through the night, and I have more energy than ever. Your workshop was a lifesaver and I feel back to my normal self!"


Auckland, New Zealand

"Thank you for helping all the babies that I get to work with."

"I’m just a babysitter, but I became really interested in your workshop shortly after I began working for my first family. They actually had the sleep sounds going at night when I got there. The kids would be asleep the whole time I was there, and then I asked the couple what they were using.

When they told me about your baby sleep workshop, I decided to get it for myself. I take the sleep sounds with me to every new house just so that I know I can get the kids to go sleep. This is something that I never would have thought I could do for couples, but a lot of them are so surprised to hear that I can use these sounds and get their kids to go to bed on-time. Thank you for helping me and all the babies that I get to work with."


Brisbane, Australia

"Your sleep methods have helped so much to soothe my 6-month-old."

"Your sleep methods have helped so much to soothe my 6-month-old. Before we began to use your sleep workshop, everyone under this roof was sleep deprived! A big unexpected bonus is that during the day, baby Cassidy is much calmer and cheerful since using your tips about anxiety and laughter. I'm so glad she's not nearly as cranky as she used to be. She's now a happy baby, with a more rested mommy, daddy, and sister too! I can’t thank you enough, Kacey! I've told all my mommy friends about it!"


Salt Lake City, Utah

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60-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

You are fully protected by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If our baby sleep workshop does not help put your baby to sleep quickly and easily, please contact us at for a prompt 100% refund.

No questions asked. Our team truly cares about you and your baby.

This is a one-time charge for a digital download of our method and three bonuses. Delivered instantly!

10 Reasons Baby Won't Sleep

It can be debilitating when you are exhausted and up again at night to soothe your crying baby, especially when you have a big day ahead. You will start wondering why your baby isn’t sleeping and how you can help him/her to sleep better.

When your baby can’t sleep, they are experiencing a struggle similar to the common life-long struggle that many people have when it comes down to bedtime. Many people develop insomnia from certain triggers such as too much caffeine, screen time too close to bedtime, or simply excess stress.

Your baby has their own set of insomnia triggers that may keep him/her from a good nights rest. Being aware of why your baby won’t sleep, can’t sleep, or requires constant co-sleeping is the first step to solving those problems.

1. Over-Stimulated

When the environment is too stimulating, your baby might have trouble calming down. This can make it hard for him/her to get to sleep when bedtime arrives. Your baby may become hyper-alert, fidgety, or even anxious.

Your baby's growing brain can start to be overwhelmed by all of the new signals it is getting. Each experience and new sensation is another neuron firing. All of these exciting experiences are building strong networks in your baby's brain.

However, babies need a break from all this stimulation in order to process everything. During sleep, the brain has the job of cleaning up all of the construction in the neurons. Memories are processed, experiences are filed away, and the brain cleans itself of the waste byproducts caused by the energy spent during waking hours.

Reducing stimulation close to bedtime can help your baby's brain enter a tranquil state. Stimulation comes in the form of sounds, talking, books, toys, turned on televisions, and even talking faces looking at them.

2. A Lack of Routine

Your baby certainly benefits from a regular routine. Instead of trying to put your baby on a tight schedule, focus on helping him/her learn to associate certain times of the day with certain activities.

Routine helps to create positive expectations. It helps your baby's body and brain look for cues as to what is next. Your baby's body can then adjust to these expectations, getting ready for the next activity... sleep! This type of stability is so important for babies. Moreover, this sense of consistency is beneficial for everyone in the household.

This also marvelously translates into bedtime. As evening approaches, your baby may start to pick up on the cues. The dimming lights, the quieting of activity, and the change of environment might all help signal your baby's brain that sleep is coming.

3. Overtired or Nap-Deprived

If you have ever had a night where you pushed yourself to stay awake and finally got to bed, but then found that your mind just couldn’t slow down, you’ve experienced what it’s like to be overtired.

Babies get that too. If your baby is pushing himself of herself to stay awake when their body starts giving sleepy signals, they’ll likely develop a habit of doing the same thing when it’s time to go to sleep. They’ll wake up more, fuss more, and try to avoid going to sleep. Try to offer your baby more naps throughout the day and an earlier bedtime.

It may seem a little counter-intuitive, but if your baby isn’t getting in enough naps, it’s more likely your baby won’t be able to go down for bedtime either. Babies under one year typically need to sleep every two hours. A baby whom is under six months old only needs to be awake for 1.5 hours before going down for a nap again.

4. Baby Has A Sore Throat or An Ear Infection

You may know what it’s like to try to sleep with a cold. A sore throat can be agonizing and keep you in a cycle of pain that keeps you from relaxing. If your baby is waking up all of a sudden and crying in discomfort, it could be a sign of distress caused by the pain of an ear infection or a sore throat.

While these are generally normal for a baby to experience, fighting off infections can be taxing on their under-developed immune systems. If you suspect this is a problem, please seek medical advice. Watch for thick yellow discharge from the nose or swelling and puffiness around the nose and eyes.

5. Food Allergies or Sensitivities

With the rise of food sensitivities, an increasing number of babies are being diagnosed with food allergies. Your baby may be sensitive to a certain food, too.

These sensitivities can irritate the digestive system and cause general discomfort for your baby. Your child may feel itchy or have acid reflux that is keeping him/her awake at night. If your baby is showing signs of colic distress or developing unexplained or excessive rashes, food allergies should be included in your investigation.

You can start with removing common food allergens to see if baby reacts positively. Foods such as dairy, wheat, and corn are common culprits. If your baby begins to demonstrate signs of relief resulting from the previously mentioned dietary changes, you should continue your baby on their new diet. If your baby still won't sleep, it is possible multiple food allergies are at play.

If you are breastfeeding, you may also need to temporarily remove these foods from your diet as well. Babies can still get small amounts of these food particles through your breastmilk.

6. Acid Reflux

While every baby experiences some spit up, babies who have forceful episodes of spitting up and discomfort when being put down may be suffering from acid reflux.

If your baby is arching their back, squirming uncomfortably, and screaming when put down, then this uncomfortable problem may be the culprit. This may also be the case if he or she is not responding to regular comforting or calmed by a swaddle.

You may be able to relieve this pain by lessening the amount of milk your baby receives at each feeding. If you are breastfeeding, it is possible to be making too much milk. If your baby is overeating, their stomachs may just be struggling to take in all of the milk. You can help to lessen this by keeping your baby upright for 30 minutes after eating. However, please notify your pediatrician if you suspect your baby has acid reflux or allergies.

7. Transitioning Through Sleep Cycles

The body naturally goes through phases of deep and light sleep. There are times at night where you will wake up for just seconds before dosing off to sleep, perhaps with no memory of it. Similarly, your baby will do the same.

This is natural and related to REM sleep and circadian rhythms. Your baby must learn how to get themselves back to sleep after these short phases of waking and dreaming. A baby may wake up during the night and crave the rocking, or sleep prop, they’ve become accustomed to when falling asleep.

This may be a contributing factor as to why your baby won't sleep. A good remedy for this is to let your baby lay down when sleepy, but ensure he or she remains awake to get used to the feeling of drifting off in that environment. As a result, your baby's brain will begin to create sleep associations and cues.

8. Baby is Hungry For Solid Food

Depending on your baby's age, if he/she is older than 6-months, their digestive system may be craving more solid foods. Milk will provide strong nutrition, but a baby's stomachs may need something more to work with. Try gradually introducing more solid food into your baby's diet and observe if they stay full for longer.

9. It’s Too Hot Or Too Cold For Baby

If your baby is waking up at night or oversleeping, check their bodies for sweat and check both hands for cold fingers. Babies need a little extra warmth than adults to be comfortable. You can also try including an extra blanket. Ideally, a baby is most comfortable in a room temperature of 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit (0-22.2 degrees Celsius).

10. Growth Spurts

You may have experienced growing pains when you were a child or teenager. Babies also experience these painful sensations. Babies might go through a week of having a bigger appetite to accommodate this growth. They may also wake up in the middle of the night hungrier than usual.

A growing baby can become more sleepy, but it can also cause sleeplessness. They may be more interested in playing when they’re entering a new developmental phase, making it harder to calm down and go to sleep.

Around two months is a common time for babies to experiences what’s called sleep regression. This means your baby will wake up more frequently at night, even if they previously were sleeping fine. If your baby won't stay asleep, please try the Sleep Baby Workshop.


If your baby won't sleep, you are a prime candidate for the Sleep Baby Workshop. There are many more possible reasons your baby won't sleep. Additionally, losing out on sleep is unhealthy for both you and your baby. Please don't allow your baby's sleep problems to escalate.

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You are fully protected by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If our baby sleep workshop does not help put your baby to sleep quickly and easily, please contact us at for a prompt 100% refund.

No questions asked. Our team truly cares about you and your baby.

This is a one-time charge for a digital download of our method and three bonuses. Delivered instantly!

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