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Baby Waking Up When Rolling Over: What to Do

Are you getting woken up in the wee hours of the night because your baby wakes up when rolling over? You are not alone. This developmental milestone can temporarily disrupt your little one’s sleep patterns and, in turn, yours. However, don’t worry; there are practical solutions to this common issue.

Understanding Why Your Baby Wakes Up When Rolling Over

Before we delve into the solutions, it’s crucial to understand why your baby wakes up when rolling over. This phenomenon typically starts when your baby begins learning to roll over, a significant motor skill milestone. Here are some reasons why this can lead to sleep disruptions:

  • Surprise: Babies often wake up because they’re startled or surprised by their newfound skill.
  • Uncomfortable: They may find the new position uncomfortable, leading them to cry for your attention.
  • Inability to Roll Back: Some babies master rolling from back to tummy first but haven’t learned to roll the other way around, leaving them stuck and frustrated.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Rolling Over and Sleep

What to Do When Baby Rolls Over and Wakes Up

When your baby rolls over and wakes up, it’s crucial to remain patient. Encourage daytime practice of rolling, ensure a safe sleep environment, consider using a pacifier, and give your baby some time before stepping in. Each baby is unique, so try different strategies to see what works best for your little one.

What to Do When Baby Starts Rolling Over While Sleeping

When your baby starts rolling over in their sleep, it’s essential to ensure their sleep environment is safe. Remove loose bedding and toys that could pose a suffocation risk. Also, encourage your baby to practice rolling during the day to help them master the skill.

How Do I Stop My Baby from Waking Up When Rolling Over?

You may not be able to stop your baby from waking up when they roll over entirely, as this is a new and surprising skill for them. However, you can help your baby adjust by allowing them plenty of daytime practice, ensuring a safe sleep environment, and providing comfort through things like a pacifier or gentle soothing sounds.

Is There a Sleep Regression When Rolling Over?

Some babies do experience a form of sleep regression when they start rolling over. This is often due to the excitement and surprise of their newfound skill. However, this phase is typically temporary and improves as your baby becomes more accustomed to rolling over.

Why Does My Baby Cry When He Rolls Over?

Babies often cry when they roll over because they are surprised, uncomfortable, or frustrated with their new position. Over time and with plenty of practice, this discomfort should lessen.

What to Do When Baby Rolls Over in Sleep and Cries?

If your baby rolls over in their sleep and cries, it can help to soothe them with gentle touch or a pacifier. If they are continually distressed, consider reaching out to a pediatrician or sleep consultant for further guidance.

Do I Have to Roll My Baby Back Over at Night?

Once your baby can roll over both ways independently, it’s generally safe to leave them in the position they find comfortable. However, always place your baby to sleep on their back initially.

How Long Does the Rolling Phase Last?

The rolling phase varies for each baby. Some may move through this phase quickly, while others take longer. Typically, the disruptions to sleep from rolling over lessen as your baby becomes more accustomed to this new skill.

Should I Let My Baby Sleep on His Stomach if He Rolls Over?

If your baby can roll onto their stomach and back independently, it’s generally safe for them to sleep in the position they roll into. However, always start them on their back at the beginning of each sleep.

Baby Rolls Onto Stomach While Sleeping but Can’t Roll Back

If your baby rolls onto their stomach but can’t roll back, keep an eye on them. Most babies figure out how to roll both ways over time. If your baby seems distressed or has difficulty breathing, roll them back onto their back and consult with a pediatrician.

Helping Your Baby Sleep Even After Rolling Over

Fortunately, there are several strategies you can use to help your baby get comfortable and remain asleep, even if they roll over during the night:

  1. Practice Makes Perfect: During the day, encourage your baby to roll over both ways. This practice can help them master the skill and feel less startled when they roll over at night.
  2. Safe Sleep Environment: Make sure your baby’s sleep environment is safe for rolling. Remove loose bedding and toys that might pose a suffocation risk.
  3. Pacifiers: Offering a pacifier may soothe your baby and help them fall back asleep if they wake up.
  4. Wait and Watch: If your baby doesn’t seem distressed, give them a few minutes before stepping in. They might figure out how to get comfortable and fall back asleep on their own.

How Can Help With Your Baby Waking Up When Rolling Over

While these tips can help, every baby is unique, and what works for one may not work for another. If you’re finding it challenging to manage your baby’s new sleep disruptions, you’re not alone, and help is available. At, we understand the intricate nuances of baby sleep patterns and developmental milestones.

With a wealth of expert advice, scientifically-backed methods, and a supportive community, is your go-to resource for all things related to baby sleep. Whether your baby is waking up when rolling over or you’re facing other sleep-related issues, our team can help you navigate these challenges to ensure restful nights for you and your baby.

Final Thoughts

Your baby waking up when rolling over can be a short-lived phase in their growth and development. However, we understand that the lack of sleep for you and distress for your baby can make it feel like an eternity. By implementing the above strategies and seeking expert help from resources like, you can help your baby adjust to their new skill and return to their regular sleep patterns.

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