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When Your Baby Wakes Up to Poop: What You Need to Know

One of the common queries new parents have is regarding their baby’s sleep patterns, particularly when the baby wakes up to poop. This article will help clarify why this happens, how to manage the situation, and when it might change.

Why Does My Baby Wake Up to Poop?

Babies, especially newborns, have an immature digestive system that’s still developing, leading to irregular bowel movements. These can sometimes coincide with their sleep, resulting in a baby waking up to poop.

Is It Normal for a Baby to Wake Up to Poop?

Absolutely. In the early months, a baby’s digestive system works round the clock, which can result in poop at any time, day or night. However, as your baby grows, their bowel movements will become more regular and less frequent during night-time.

How to Handle a Baby Waking Up to Poop

When your baby wakes up to poop, gently clean them up and change their diaper. Try to keep the environment calm and quiet to help your baby return to sleep quickly.

Creating a Comfortable Environment

  • Keep lights dim during night-time changes.
  • Avoid too much interaction to help your baby understand it’s not playtime.
  • Consider using a warm wipe or cloth to make the experience more comfortable for your baby.

When Will My Baby Stop Waking Up to Poop?

As your baby grows and their digestive system matures, you should notice a decline in night-time poops. Usually, by the time they are eating solid foods (around 6 months), night-time bowel movements should decrease significantly.

Is It Normal to Wake Up in the Middle of the Night for a Poop?

Yes, especially for babies. Their digestive systems operate round the clock, which can lead to bowel movements at any time, including during sleep. As your baby grows, their digestive system matures, and they should begin having fewer night-time poops.

How to Manage Baby Pooping at Night

Should I Change My Baby If He Poops at Night?

Yes, it’s crucial to change your baby’s diaper after a bowel movement to prevent diaper rash and maintain their comfort.

Should You Change Diaper Before or After Night Feed?

It’s typically better to change your baby’s diaper before night feeds. This way, your baby can go back to sleep after feeding without disturbances. If your baby tends to poop during or immediately after feeding, you might need to adjust this routine.

Understanding Baby’s Digestive Health

What Is Dyschezia and How Long Does It Last in Babies?

Dyschezia is a condition in which babies strain or cry before passing a soft bowel movement. It’s common in the first few months of life as babies learn to coordinate their abdominal muscles for bowel movements. Dyschezia typically resolves on its own as your baby grows and their digestive system matures, usually by the age of 6 months.

How Do I Know If My Baby Has Digestive Problems?

Signs of digestive problems in babies can include frequent crying, discomfort during feeding, frequent vomiting, and irregular bowel movements. If your baby exhibits any of these symptoms, it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional.

Transitioning Out of Night-Time Pooping

At What Age Do Babies Stop Pooping Every Day?

As babies grow and start eating solid foods (usually around 6 months), their bowel movements often become less frequent and more predictable, with many babies eventually stopping their habit of pooping at night.

When Should I Start Potty Training?

Potty training typically begins between the ages of 18 months and 3 years. If your child is waking up to poop at night, this could be a sign that they’re ready for potty training. However, readiness varies greatly between children, so it’s important to look for other signs of readiness as well.

How Can Help

Understanding your baby’s sleep patterns, including disruptions like waking up to poop, is crucial for their growth and development. provides scientifically-backed advice to help your baby sleep better. Our resources can provide guidance on how to navigate these nighttime interruptions and how to help your baby get back to sleep quickly after a diaper change. Learn more about our helpful tips and strategies at

Final Thoughts

While it may seem challenging now, remember that your baby waking up to poop is a temporary phase. With time, patience, and a little help from resources like, you’ll be able to navigate through this period successfully.

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