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7 Tips If Your Baby Smells Like Poop

Having a baby means keeping up with everything which has to do with their hygiene, especially when it comes to your baby smelling like poop during the day. To make sure your baby smells good and staying clean at all times, try the tips listed below to help you. Even if you choose to bathe them more often, use scented wipes, or change them more frequently, it is important to remember; it is very beneficial to their comfort levels. Just being able to smell good and stay fresh will keep them in a good mood and comfortable when they lay down in their crib to take a nap in the afternoon.

1. Change Their Diaper More Often

If your baby starts to smell like poop, there could be a possibility of them going to the bathroom just a tiny bit here and there. To ensure they do not get a diaper rash or smell throughout the day, be sure to give them a diaper change more often than not. Although it can get costly to change a diaper constantly, it is much healthier for your baby to have a fresh diaper at all times. Even leaving a small spot of feces in their diaper could quickly lead to a rash and a lingering smell.

2. Use Scented Wipes

If you still smell your baby’s poop lingering in the air after a diaper change, maybe it is time to try different wipes. Using scented wipes will quickly help eliminate the smell and give them the fresh and pleasant smell you both deserve. When you are using the wipes, be sure to go over their diaper area multiple times to make sure all traces of feces have been removed from their skin.

3. Wash Them Thoroughly

Every parent understands accidents do happen with babies, and sometimes it involves having to clean up poop, which has somehow reached up to their back. When this happens, it is important to wash them up thoroughly, so nothing is remaining on their skin. Even just the smallest amount of poop on their skin could leave an unpleasant smell which lingers until the area is gone over again. Always remember the accident can easily leave poop on all parts of their body, especially when they start to move around and flail their little arms and legs in the air.

4. Use Different Bath Soaps

Even though we all love to save a dollar here and there, sometimes it is not worth it when it comes to our baby. After a baby has an accident that causes their poop to spread across their body, you are going to want a decent brand. By purchasing something in the higher price range with some type of scent, you will notice how much better your baby smells after having an accident. Not only will it benefit you, but it will also help them stay more comfortable as they smell and feel clean while lying in their crib at night.

5. Bath Time

To help rid the smell of poop from your baby, it is important to clean all the hard to reach places on them. Baby’s have a way of moving their diaper around, which in return could spread poop across their entire body. Before removing them from the tub, be sure to go over each spot multiple times, especially if they have had multiple diaper changes throughout the day. Even a brief bath after an accident will keep them smelling the way a baby should and not sitting around with the smell of poop on their skin for them and everyone to smell.

6. Relieving Gas

Just because you are noticing a poop smell come from your baby, it does not necessarily mean poop is what it is. Quite often, babies tend to get gas, which will let off an unpleasant smell in the air. To help eliminate the smell, try burping your baby more after their feedings or picking up medication to decrease the amount they are experiencing. Not only will it help with the smell of poop on your baby, but it will also help provide them with relief so they can remain comfortable during the day and while they are asleep. Having a baby full of gas will result in a long night for both you and your child, so it is best to rid it as quickly as possible.

7. Baby Powder

When all else fails, and your baby still has a slight smell of poop after a diaper change, try baby powder. The powder will dry the area and keep their next diaper accident from absorbing into their skin completely. By keeping their urine and feces from soaking into their diaper area, it will greatly reduce the chances of you smelling poop on them throughout the day. Not only will it help with the smell, but it will also keep their skin smooth and possibly even rash-free as long as their diaper changes are frequent.

After having a baby, you will begin to notice sometimes they will smell like poop for several reasons. Reasons the smell can be on your baby is from lack of diaper changes, not washing them properly, or even using unscented wipes after they had an accident. By using these seven tips listed above, you can decrease the chances of your baby having the smell of poop on them during the day.

Not only will you eliminate the smell, but you will also be providing them with excellent hygiene by learning how to clean them properly. Washing them correctly will also help with diaper rash and even infections from having feces or urine on their skin for a long period of time. Do yourself and your baby a favor and tackle these tips next time you notice the smell of poop on your baby after a diaper change

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