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Why Your Baby Sleeps in the Corner of the Crib

Many parents face a common challenge in the early months of their baby’s life: understanding their baby’s preferred sleep position. Often, the baby may gravitate towards sleeping in the corner of the crib. This habit can sometimes worry first-time parents who might fear suffocation risks. If you’re grappling with such concerns, this guide will explain why your baby sleeps in the corner of the crib and how you can ensure their safety and comfort.

Why does my baby sleep in the corner of her crib?

Babies often find comfort in sleeping in the corner of the crib because it mimics the enclosed, cozy feeling of the womb. The corners of the crib provide a snug environment that can make them feel safe and secure. This position may also offer more stability as they learn to navigate their surroundings.

Why does my baby keep pushing his head against the crib?

Babies push their heads against the crib for several reasons. Some do it for comfort or self-soothing, especially when they’re trying to fall asleep. It can also be a method of exploration as they’re discovering their environment and understanding spatial relationships. In rare cases, persistent head pushing can be a sign of autism or other developmental conditions, so if you’re concerned, it’s best to consult with a healthcare professional.

Why does my baby roll into the side of the bassinet?

This behavior is typically a part of the baby’s natural movement and exploration. As babies grow, they start to roll and move around more, even during sleep. The side of the bassinet provides a boundary they can feel, which can be reassuring. However, if your baby often ends up with their face pressed against the side of the bassinet, it’s important to ensure the bassinet is safe and breathable to prevent any risk of suffocation.

How do I stop my baby from turning sideways in his crib?

Babies often turn sideways or move around in their crib as part of their normal development and exploration. If you’re concerned about safety, you can consider using a crib divider to keep your baby positioned correctly. It’s also beneficial to encourage tummy time when they’re awake and supervised to help strengthen their muscles. However, remember to always place your baby on their back for sleep. If your baby consistently moves into positions that concern you, it’s best to discuss these with your pediatrician.

Understanding Your Baby’s Sleep Preference

Babies often find comfort in sleeping in the corner of their crib. This position could remind them of the warmth and security of the womb, creating a sense of relaxation similar to being nestled within the pelvic bones. To soothe any concerns about this sleeping habit, experts suggest using a breathable bumper to ensure your baby’s comfort and safety.

Why Do Babies Prefer the Corner of the Crib?

Once your baby starts feeling sleepy, they might naturally gravitate towards the crib’s corner. To them, this feels akin to the comforting embrace of their mother’s arms. In these early months, the crib is still a novel space for them, and they’re experimenting to find the most comfortable sleeping position.

Some babies also prefer sleeping against something solid, like the corner or edge of the crib. This position can provide them with a sense of security, much like sleeping next to someone. While your baby may not be aware of their safety, as a parent, you might wonder if it’s necessary to adjust their sleep position.

Is It Safe for Your Baby to Sleep in the Crib’s Corner?

Seeing your baby nestled into the crib’s corner might be alarming, with worst-case scenarios flooding your thoughts. However, what may seem uncomfortable to you could be the most soothing position for your baby. They might even sleep longer in this corner spot compared to when they’re placed on their back or side.

If there are no other concerns, it’s typically safe to let your baby nap in the corner of the crib. But if it’s causing you distress, consider using a breathable bumper or gently repositioning them.

Should You Adjust Your Baby’s Sleep Position?

The decision to reposition your baby during sleep depends on their safety and your comfort level. The fear of waking up your child and needing to soothe them back to sleep might be daunting. However, if you’re concerned about their ability to breathe properly, don’t hesitate to move them to a more comfortable sleep position. Always do this gently to avoid disturbing their sleep or causing discomfort.

Managing Baby Sleep Challenges with

Sleep issues are common in babies, whether it’s about getting them to sleep or dealing with unusual sleep positions. While it may seem like a never-ending cycle, remember that ensuring your baby’s comfort and safety is paramount. If your baby continues to favor the corner of the crib, you can gently reposition them as needed.

If you’re uncertain or need guidance, consider reaching out to This resource offers expert advice on baby sleep patterns, helping you navigate these challenges. By understanding your baby’s sleep preferences and ensuring a safe and comforting environment, you’ll be on the right path towards peaceful slumbers for both you and your baby.

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  1. SleeplessInSeattle:
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  2. NewMommy42:
    @SleeplessInSeattle Same here! I literally just read this article and was freaking out. Started searching around and found They have this whole section on safe sleep positions and it’s been super helpful. Thinking of getting their guide cause this mama needs some zzz’s.

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    Y’all need to relax. Babies are like little drunk yoga masters, they sleep in the weirdest positions but they’re usually fine. Still, better safe than sorry, I got the SleepBaby guide for my peace of mind. 😌

  5. CribSafety101:
    It’s important that we understand the crib is a huge space for a small baby. The corner can feel like a snug hug, which is calming. But ALWAYS make sure there’s no loose bedding or soft toys around. If you’re not sure about safety, is the way to go. They know what’s up.

  6. AnxiousAuntie:
    I got my sister the SleepBaby guide when her newborn started doing the corner curl-up. It’s full of good stuff on how to keep the baby safe and snug without all the worries. She swears by it now.

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    Ok but for real, seeing my baby’s tiny butt sticking out from the corner of the crib is cute and all, but I’m a wreck. 😟 Checked out and the sense of URGENCY is real. I need to know my bub is safe. Buying the guide now.

  10. SafetyNerd:
    To be frank, the idea of my kid struggling to breathe keeps me up at night. I’ve read the article, and I still think we need to be more alarmed about crib safety. I’m on right now – it’s not just about buying something, it’s about education and prevention. Going to grab their guide. No price on safety, folks.

  11. LOLparent:
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  12. ScienceMom:
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    Remember when sleep was a thing? Me neither. 😴 But seriously, just finished reading their guide from, and it’s packed with reassuring info. It’s like a survival kit for new parents.

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