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Why Your Baby Sleeps in the Corner of the Crib

    At one time or another, and especially in the initial months of life, most parents will grapple with a few baby sleep challenges. A prevalent one and which often freaks out first-time moms is the sleep position. For example, if your baby is not precariously hanging on the crib edge, they are curled deep into the crib corner. You might also notice that, however much you try to adjust them to the right and seemingly safe position, they move right back to their favorite spot. Your baby may even throw a mighty fit if you interfere with this sleep position, and they can only achieve the comfiest doze in that way. 

    So, what do you do, amidst the fear that your little one could suffocate? Research states that babies love the crib corner, mostly because it reminds them of lying in the womb and feeling relaxed within the pelvic bones. And according to most experts, you can alleviate the worry by placing a breathable bumper, which allows your baby to slumber away comfortably.

    Likely Reasons Your Baby Assumes a Funny Sleep Position

    The typical step for any parent is to place their baby down in the crib once sleep catches up with them. But your baby might not have not yet learned this sequence. They will somehow wriggle their way into the crib corner, which is akin to their mommy’s arms. At this point, a crib is also a strange place, and your baby tries as much as they can to discover the best comfortable position to lie and fall asleep, which happens to be the corner. 

    Babies also have a penchant for sleeping with a feeling of being pushed up against something. In this case, it could be the edge of the crib, or for your baby, that corner of the crib, which offers them a certain sense of security. They also imagine they are sleeping next to someone. Your child is oblivious of their safety, and the question that you grapple with is whether to adjust their sleep position.

    Is the Corner of the Crib Dangerous for Your Baby?

    The times when your baby twists its way into the crib corner can be so scary. You can’t stop thinking of the worst-case scenarios, and all you would want is for them to use a safer position. But experts say that what seems uncomfortable to you might be the most comfortable sleep position for your child. Your baby might sleep longer while in this position than they would say if you placed them on their back or side. So if there isn’t any other cause for concern, then it would be wise to let your child nap if you find them curled up in this position. But if it still sends chills down your spine, you can try to reposition them. Or you can prop them up with a breathable bumper for your peace of mind.

    Should You Adjust Your Child’s Sleep Position?

    The answer is yes, and no. Indeed, there is always the fear of waking up your child and going back to square one as you try to lull them back to sleep. But if you feel unsure of the child’s safety, then you must try and reposition them. For example, suppose they have got themselves into a spot where it might be hard for them to breathe correctly. Never hesitate to bring them back to the right and comfortable sleep position. All the same, do it carefully and quietly so that you do not wake them up or make them uncomfortable in any way. 

    Dealing with Your Child Sleep Challenges

    Baby sleep issues are unavoidable. If they are not waking up when you place them down to sleep, they assume all the funniest or uncomfortable sleep positions you have ever seen. It is a catch 22  situation, and while you would not want to interfere with your child’s sleep, the nap position they might have assumed could appear uncomfortable or unsafe. The smart move is to quickly and quietly reposition them. Also, do not tire if your baby keeps gravitating to that position. Keep placing them in the right position until they get used. Meanwhile, if it only appears uncomfortable, rather than unsafe, you can let your child enjoy their sleep without undue interference.

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