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Is It Safe if Your Baby Sleeps Face Down? Understanding Baby Sleep Positions

From the moment your bundle of joy arrives, there are countless things that need your attention. One of the most crucial factors is the baby’s sleeping position, specifically, if your baby sleeps face down. Let’s dive into the world of baby sleep, the risks and benefits of different sleeping positions, and how can assist you in this critical phase of parenthood.

What Does it Mean if Your Baby Sleeps Face Down?

Seeing your baby sleep face down can be a worrying sight for many new parents. It’s essential to understand why babies may adopt this position and what it could mean for their health and safety.

The Prone Position: Baby Sleep Face Down

A baby sleeping face down is in what’s known as the prone position. This position can increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), especially in babies under 12 months old.

Is it Safe for Babies to Sleep Face Down?

Health experts and pediatricians generally advise against letting babies sleep face down. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends a supine position — that is, on the back — for a safe sleep environment.

The Risks of a Baby Sleeping Face Down

  • Increased Risk of SIDS: SIDS risk is higher for babies sleeping face down or on their side.
  • Difficulty Breathing: This position can make it harder for babies to breathe freely.
  • Overheating: Babies can become overheated if they sleep face down, especially if they’re sleeping on a soft surface.

What Should You Do If Your Baby Sleeps Face Down?

If your baby has started to roll over on their own and prefers to sleep face down, it’s vital to ensure their sleeping environment is safe.

  • Keep the crib free of soft items: Soft items such as pillows, blankets, or stuffed animals could potentially lead to suffocation.
  • Use a firm sleep surface: A firm mattress covered by a tight-fitting sheet is recommended.
  • Monitor your baby: Regular check-ins can help reassure you that your baby is safe and comfortable.

Understanding the Safety of Babies Sleeping Face Down

When Can a Baby Safely Sleep Face Down?

The general recommendation by pediatricians and safe sleep experts is that a baby should be able to roll both ways — from back to belly and belly to back — before they are left to sleep on their stomachs. This usually happens between 5 to 7 months of age. However, always consult with your pediatrician before making changes to your baby’s sleeping habits.

Is It Safe for My Baby to Sleep Face Down on My Chest?

While it’s common for babies to fall asleep on their parent’s chest, this can be a risky position, especially if the parent is also tired and prone to falling asleep. Babies can potentially roll off, or the parent could accidentally smother the baby, particularly if the baby is lying face down.

What Should I Do If My Baby Rolls Over in Sleep?

If your baby is able to roll over independently, both from their back to their belly and vice versa, then it is generally considered safe for them to sleep in the position they roll into. This includes if they roll onto their belly.

Should I Roll My Baby Back Over at Night?

Once a baby can roll over well, you don’t need to worry too much about them rolling onto their stomach while sleeping. If you notice your baby sleeping face down, you can gently turn their head to the side to facilitate easier breathing.

Should I Turn My Baby’s Head at Night?

Turning your baby’s head while they sleep on their back can help prevent flat spots. If they’re sleeping face down, turning their head to the side can also help with breathing.

Age-Specific Concerns

Newborns and Sleeping Face Down

Newborns should not sleep face down. The safest sleep position for a baby, particularly a newborn, is on their back. This position reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Can My 7-Month-Old Sleep on His Belly? What About My 8-Month-Old or 9-Month-Old?

By this age, if your baby is able to roll over in both directions independently, they may be able to sleep on their stomach if they choose to. However, always consult your pediatrician before allowing this change.

Is It OK for a 2-Year-Old to Sleep Face Down?

By the age of 2, most children are able to move freely in their sleep and adjust their position as necessary. If your child is comfortable and can move easily, it’s generally safe for them to sleep face down.

Understanding Your Baby’s Sleep Behavior

Why Do Babies Like Sleeping on Their Stomach?

Babies might prefer sleeping on their stomachs because it feels secure and comforting. However, because of the risk of SIDS, it’s crucial to keep them on their backs until they are old enough and have enough motor control to roll over independently.

Why Does My Baby Roll Onto His Tummy at Night?

Babies often roll onto their stomachs during sleep as part of their natural mobility development. If your baby can roll onto their stomach and back again on their own, it’s usually okay for them to sleep that way.

How Can Help?

At, we’re dedicated to providing resources and support to help parents navigate through the complexities of infant sleep. Whether you have questions about sleep positions, sleep schedules, or even sleep training, we’re here to assist you.

Our Resources

We offer a plethora of articles and guides, answering a wide range of questions that concern new parents. From sleep positions to creating a safe sleep environment, you’ll find valuable information based on the latest research and expert advice.

Personalized Advice

For parents who need more personalized assistance, we also offer consultations with our team of sleep experts. We can provide tailored strategies to help ensure your baby gets the sleep they need in the safest way possible.

Ensuring that your baby is safe and healthy is our top priority. If your baby sleeps face down, remember to consult your healthcare provider and visit us at for more information and support.

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