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Baby Shares Pacifier With Mom

    Babies idolize their parents. As soon as they begin taking in their surroundings, they often recognize the ones who have been loving them and taking care of them since they were born.

    Babies will begin to follow their parents around the room with their eyes and often smile when they enter the room. It is no surprise that as they get older, they begin to interact more and more each day with their parents.

    How do babies recognize their parents?

    Babies will do several things to show that they recognize their parents. They will make noises to gain their parent’s attention and sometimes even wave their arms are kicked their legs around.

    Babies will also cry out for attention or throw whatever they are holding. These motions will get their parents to pay attention to them.

    Children recognize their parents and aim for their attention by smiling or offering their parents whatever they are holding.

    Things that babies will offer their parents:

    • Bottle
    • Toy
    • Blanket
    • Food
    • Pacifier

    What does it mean when your baby offers you a bottle?

    When your baby is offering you his or her bottle, it could mean a variety of things. Perhaps your little one is still hungry and would like more to eat.

    Your baby may just want to share with you because they mimic the motion of when you had them the bottle in the first place. Your baby could also be trying to gain your attention or simply starting a game of ‘pass it.’

    Why would your baby give you their toy?

    Babies share their toys because they want to play a game or simply want to hand the toy off. This is a great way to start interacting and begin teaching share with your baby.

    This motion typically does not start until your little one is over 6 months of age.

    The baby is giving a blanket to parents

    When your baby is giving their blanket to their parents, they could be wanting to show their parents something that they love.

    Blankets are warm and cozy and used at nap time and night time. This is something that is probably quite special to your baby.

    Baby shares food with mom or dad

    When your baby is sharing food, he or she is most likely mimicking the motion of when you feed them. Your baby is learning the process of food going into the mouth.

    This is a great chance for your little on to work on his or her fine motor skills. Sharing food is a way of sharing something special, and your baby is showing you love by sharing what they have.

    Baby shares pacifier with mom

    Babies are very clingy to their pacifiers. Sharing a pacifier with mom could have several meanings, and there are quite a few ways to react to this special kind of sharing. Lets’ discuss those meanings first.

    Here are 5 reasons why a baby would share their pacifier with their mom.

    Baby relates the sucking motion to mom

    This is especially true for babies that are breastfed. The breast and bottle both supply a soothing way to eat. The baby is held in a loving cradle pose while eating.

    Your baby feels the most as peace while being held and fed. Your little one has, at this point, associated sucking with soothing and is wanting to share the pacifier to share that feeling with mom.

    Baby is learning to reach and give

    When babies are still very young, everything is new. They discover their hands and want to see them quite often.

    As soon as your little one sees the pacifier in his or her hand, they may begin waving it around to see it more.

    When your baby hands you the pacifier, it is another new motion and sensation. Your baby may want to share the pacifier because it is new and exciting continually.

    Baby is learning to share

    Your baby is no longer an infant and is on the verge of becoming a toddler. This is the time that baby learns how to share with mom.

    As a mom, you are continually teaching this lesson by handing things to your baby and say ‘look, we are sharing,’ and when your baby hands you things, you say ‘oh, thank you for sharing’.

    The pacifier means a lot to your baby, and by sharing, he or she feels very proud and is doing what makes mom happy.

    Baby does not want the pacifier anymore

    Maybe your little one is not as dependent on the pacifier as other babies. Your baby enjoys sucking on it sometimes when he or she is teething.

    Beyond that, your baby has little interest. The baby may be passing off the pacifier to mom because they are just done with it.

    Baby shows love by sharing with mom

    Babies love their moms. For a baby, the mom is the beginning and end of every day. Mom wakes up during the night for feedings and diaper changes.

    Mom holds, and rocks and mom sings and soothes. The simple motion of giving something else that brings comfort to the person who offers comfort unconditionally is a major sign of love and adoration.

    5 tips for mom when baby hands her the pacifier

    1. Accept the pacifier because your baby is sharing and wants you to have the pacifier.
    2. Offer the pacifier back. If the baby takes the pacifier back, they may be trying to start a game of ‘pass it,’ which helps fine motor skills.
    3. Mimic the sucking motion on the pacifier. Your baby may be sharing the soothing sucking motion. Mimicking this motion shows your baby that you pay attention to their moves as well.
    4. Put the pacifier up to be sanitized for use later. You know your baby, and this may be a sign that your little one is just done with a pacifier for the time being.
    5. Always say thank you. Even though your baby is young, you can start teaching manners. By getting into the habit of saying ‘please, thank you, your welcome,’ your baby will adapt these into their speech as they get older as well.

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