6 Reasons Your Baby Obsessed With Lights

baby obsessed with lights

Although the world is a bright place, babies cannot see much after they are born. A womb is a dull place. Therefore babies take time to learn how to use their eyes. Learning how to use their eyes includes; knowing how to use the two eyes altogether, focusing the eyes perfectly, and even moving the eyes accurately. However, babies gain their vision ability within the first six months. As the baby’s brain develops, he or she starts gaining the ability to see. Gestational age is among the determinants of when your baby will gain his or her ability to see. If your baby takes longer to gain the ability to see, he or she might have a visual maturity delay. Also, smoking during pregnancy can delay the baby’s visual ability. However, once the baby gains the ability to see, he or she might become an extreme lover of light. Here are some of the reasons why your baby might be obsessed with light.

Your baby has an attraction to brightness.

When the baby has not gained full ability to see, the surrounding appears blurry. However, when the baby’s eyes land on a bright illumination, the vision becomes clearer. Therefore, the light wins the baby’s attention. The baby might spend most of his or her time looking at the bright part of the surrounding. It might appear to the parents as an obsession. But the truth of the matter is he or she does so because it is the only clear vision around. Also, it might be an exciting event for the baby to stare at the bright part of the surrounding. He or she might be trying to figure out what it.

Your baby wants to have control.

Light is natural, and you cannot stop your baby from noticing the presence of light. It might be very hard for you to control your baby’s reaction to the natural brightness in the surrounding. Therefore, your baby might let the presence of the light become the center of his or her world. May it be natural or human-made. It constantly becomes a reason for him or her to start crying in case the sun sets or you switch your lights off. The reason being he or she feels she is entitled to live in a bright place. Light is the first thing that your baby got to see. So you as the parent may not be able to comprehend his or her connection with the presence of light. He or she, therefore, demand for the lights to be on always as long as he/she is awake. Let the baby control over the one thing he or she knows.

Your baby is afraid of the dark.

Who is never afraid of the darkness? Just like any other human beings, babies are also afraid of darkness. The light provides some sort of comfort. For instance, the baby can see clearly what is in the surrounding. Some lights project beautiful patterns on the ceiling. Projections such as stars on the ceilings create fun moments in the mind of the baby. How would the baby choose the darkness over such a beautiful moment of his or her life? Also, babies are not capable of differentiating between fantasy and reality. Therefore when in the darkness, they get a reflection of day time events—for example, clowns from TV programs and bedtime stories. Also, babies are usually curious creatures. Since they have a lot to learn yet, they, therefore, need light to keep seeing more and more in the surrounding.

Your baby might be Autistic.

Autism is a disorder that affects babies’ developmental milestones. It is normal for babies to stare at lights. However, as the babies grow, their eyes’ sensitivity to light should also increase. You should, therefore, watch your baby’s reaction to light as he or she grows. You should know whether he or she tries to look at anything else in the surrounding. If not, then it can be considered a sign of Autism. Autism affects the baby’s ability to diverse his or her attention.

Babies display autism signs and symptoms from birth. The signs occur differently in different babies. In some babies, the signs are mild while on others are severe. The autism signs and symptoms appear before the baby turns three.

Light is a temperature monitor.

Human bodies have levels of temperature at which they get comfortable. Just like any other human being, a baby can feel the warmth of the surrounding. In his or her own words, the baby will tell in case of changes in the surrounding. For instance, when you switch off the lights, the baby can feel the impact on the room’s temperature. Therefore, the baby might cry to mention he or she is not comfortable with the current levels of temperatures. Remember, warmth soothes the baby, making it easy for him or her to catch sleep.

This obsession might indicate a developmental issue.

At the age of around six months, the baby gains the ability to form a three-dimensional view of the world. Also, they can see in-depth and differentiate colors. So the baby will focus on different objects and events in the surrounding. Also, when the eyes’ muscles mature, the baby can look around. So do not be afraid when you see your baby strictly focusing on the brightness in the room. It is because the strength to see or to move the eyes around can only reach the source of the light.

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