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Understanding and Managing Your Baby’s Obsession with Cords

Does your baby have an infatuation with cords? While it’s not uncommon for babies to take an interest in strings, wires, or cords due to their texture and flexibility, it’s crucial to ensure their safety. This post will guide you through managing a baby’s obsession with cords and maintaining a secure environment for them.

Why are Babies Obsessed with Cords?

Babies are naturally curious and love to explore different textures and objects. Cords are particularly intriguing because of their length, flexibility, and the way they sway or dangle.

Texture Exploration

Babies learn a lot about their world through tactile experiences. The unique feel of cords can be intriguing to them.

Motion Fascination

The way cords sway or dangle can captivate a baby’s attention. This fascination is part of their developing perception of the physical world.

Safety Concerns with Babies and Cords

While it’s essential to encourage exploration and learning, it’s equally vital to ensure that it happens in a safe manner.

Choking Hazard

Small cords can be a choking hazard if babies put them in their mouths, while longer cords can pose a strangulation risk.

Electrical Hazard

Babies could pull on electrical cords, risking injury from falling appliances or electrical shock.

Preventing Potential Dangers


Ensure all cords, especially electrical ones, are out of your baby’s reach. Use cord covers, cord shorteners, or secure cords with furniture straps.


Always supervise your baby, especially in environments with potential cord hazards.


Provide safe alternatives for your baby to play with. Teething toys or soft, textured playthings can be a good substitute for cords.

Why Are Babies Intrigued by Cords and Similar Objects?

Why Does My Baby Like Cords?

Babies are curious by nature and drawn to novel textures and objects. Cords, with their flexibility and interesting texture, captivate their attention.

Why Do Babies Like Plugs?

Plugs, like cords, are captivating due to their unique shape, texture, and the fact that they can be manipulated.

Why Does My Baby Like Chewing on Metal?

Babies often explore the world orally, and the cool, hard texture of metal can be soothing, especially for teething infants.

Why Does My 9-Month-Old Put Everything in His Mouth?

Oral exploration is typical at this age as babies explore the world around them. Teething can also increase this behavior.

Understanding Sensory Issues and Behaviors in Babies

What Do Sensory Issues Look Like in Babies?

Sensory issues can present as extreme reactions to textures, lights, sounds, or an unusual fascination with certain objects or textures, such as cords.

What Is Oral Stimming?

Oral stimming refers to repetitive behaviors involving the mouth, such as chewing on objects like cords. This can be a self-soothing behavior, especially in stressful situations.

What Is Sensory Chewing?

Sensory chewing is when babies or toddlers chew on items to soothe, focus, or manage sensory overload.

What Are Early Signs of Sensory Issues?

Early signs can include adverse reactions to specific textures, colors, or sounds, extreme fussiness during dressing or feeding, or a fixation on certain items.

Can a Baby Have Sensory Issues without Autism?

Yes, not all children with sensory issues are autistic. Sensory issues can occur in children with other conditions or even in those with typical development.

Managing Your Baby’s Fascination with Cords Safely

How Do I Get My Baby to Stop Chewing on Cords?

The key is baby-proofing and distraction. Keep cords out of reach and offer safe alternatives for your baby to chew on, like teething toys.

How Do I Get My Toddler to Stop Playing with Cords?

Along with baby-proofing, it’s important to educate your toddler about the dangers of playing with cords and consistently redirect their attention to safe activities.

How Can Help?

When a baby develops a new fascination, it can sometimes disrupt their sleep patterns. They may wake up during the night to explore, or their naps could be cut short by the irresistible allure of a cord. At, we understand these challenges.

Our team of experts can offer guidance on managing your baby’s changing interests while maintaining healthy sleep habits. We can provide you with practical strategies to ensure that your baby’s curiosity doesn’t come in the way of the restful sleep they need for healthy growth and development.

In the face of your baby’s obsession with cords, or any other safety concern, remember that you are not alone. At, we’re here to guide you through these exciting but sometimes challenging developmental phases. Contact us for more information on ensuring your baby’s safety, health, and sound sleep.

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