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Unraveling Your Baby’s Obsession with Chewing Hands

Is your baby constantly chewing on their hands? You’re not alone in wondering why. This post will delve into why babies develop this habit, when it might be a cause for concern, and how to manage it effectively.

Understanding the Hand-Chewing Behavior

Babies often exhibit certain behaviors as they explore their world and reach developmental milestones. Here’s why your baby might be so interested in chewing their hands.


One of the most common reasons for babies to chew their hands is teething. The pressure of chewing can relieve some of the discomfort associated with teething.


In younger babies, hand-chewing may be a sign of hunger. They might use their hands to signal that they are ready for their next meal.


For some babies, chewing on their hands is a way to self-soothe. It can help them to relax and even prepare for sleep.


Babies learn about the world around them using their senses. Putting their hands in their mouth is a way for them to explore and understand their own bodies.

Managing the Hand-Chewing Obsession

While it’s generally a normal behavior, there are a few ways you can manage your baby’s obsession with chewing their hands.

Teething Toys

Providing teething toys can give your baby a safe and more effective way to soothe their teething discomfort.

Regular Check-Ups

Regular pediatric check-ups can help ensure that the hand-chewing behavior is part of normal development and not a sign of any health issues.

Reasons Why Babies Chew on Their Hands

Understanding why your baby is chewing on their hands can provide peace of mind and ensure they’re on track developmentally.

Could My Baby Be Teething?

Yes, hand-chewing is often a sign of teething, which can start as early as 3 months. Signs of teething include increased drooling, a rash around the mouth, changes in eating or sleeping patterns, and, of course, hand-chewing. Your baby’s gums may also appear swollen, and you might notice a small, white cap where the tooth is about to break through.

Is My Baby Hungry?

Not necessarily. While younger babies often put their hands in their mouths when they’re hungry, older babies may do it for other reasons. For example, they might just be exploring their bodies, or it could be a sign of teething. If your baby isn’t displaying other signs of hunger, such as fussiness or reaching for food, they’re likely not hungry.

Is It Normal for My Baby to Chew on Their Hands?

Yes, it’s a normal part of infant development. But if you’re noticing excessive hand-chewing, it’s worth exploring further. Here are some scenarios and milestones you might encounter:

What if My Baby is Chewing Hands at 2 or 3 Months?

Babies often start chewing on their hands around this age. This behavior is often linked to early teething or your baby discovering their hands. They may also drool more during this time.

What about a Baby Aggressively Chewing Hands at 4 or 5 Months?

By 4 months, most babies have gained better control of their hands and might chew more aggressively. They may also be going through a sleep regression, which could increase their need for self-soothing.

When Should I Be Concerned about My Baby Chewing on Their Hands?

While hand-chewing is generally normal, it’s important to be vigilant. For instance, if you notice your baby chewing on their hands after feeding, it could mean they’re still hungry. However, it could also just be a form of self-soothing. If you’re concerned, it’s always a good idea to consult with your pediatrician.

How Can Help?

At, we understand that changes in your baby’s behavior can be puzzling, especially when it might affect their sleep patterns. If your baby’s hand-chewing obsession is causing concern or disrupting their sleep, we’re here to help.

We can provide advice on how to navigate this stage of your baby’s development, suggest self-soothing strategies, and offer tips on managing your baby’s sleep patterns during teething. Visit us at today for guidance and support as you navigate this exciting stage in your baby’s life.

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