10 Tips If Your Baby Won’t Open His Eyes

baby not opening eyes

You are a new mother who just got home from the hospital. The entire time since birth until the time you get home, your baby is not opening his eyes at all. You get to think they might be tired from the long hours of labor, and also they are still too tiny. However, you are still anxiously waiting for the time the baby will open his eyes. Days go by, and nothing is yet to happen, then finally worry sets in, and you are thinking about the worst possibilities. If your baby is not opening his eyes, there are some factors you have to know, as you shall see here.

Timeline since birth

If you just gave birth, you don’t have to worry about your baby opening his eyes. When most babies are born, some take longer to open their eyes. How fast your baby gets to open his eyes depends on how puffy his eyes are. In some situations, we have babies who take up to six days to open their eyes, and they are still fine as a parent worrying is okay. Motherhood involves being anxious sometimes. Also, you have had the baby in the womb for nine months; you want to have them look at you. If your baby has been here for a few hours or days, there is no cause for alarm. You can relax, heal, and wait. They will eventually come around, and your baby will look at you.

Premature birth

Babies born prematurely will take some time to open their eyes. For example, if you have given birth to your baby at week twenty-four, you will have to wait longer until around week twenty-six for them to open their eyes. You will realize when the baby gets to the age of twenty-six weeks, the opening of the eyes comes automatically. Therefore if you gave birth to your baby prematurely, give him some time he will come around. Also, your baby opening eyes is among the information you will be given in the event your baby is born prematurely.

Continuous development

The baby does not stop developing after birth. Babies continue to develop to achieve most of their senses even right after birth. As the days go by, the eye muscles of the baby are getting stronger. If your baby has not opened his eyes yet, always know his muscles are weak. Babies are not the same, while some get to open their eyes immediately after birth; others have to wait longer. Your baby could be in the latter category, and with time their eyes will be open.

The level of happiness when his eyes will finally open is immense. Also, you need to note, even those babies who open their eyes immediately after birth, their eyesight is still very limited. Babies generally have poor eyesight, and they will need some time to put their sight into use. The thought of your baby might cause lots of impatience, but unless you have something to worry about, there is strength in waiting.

Hold the baby in an upright position.

When carrying your baby, hold him upright against your chest and support his head. Some newborns will keep their eyes shut because of the position they are in. Most babies who are always in the sleeping position will keep their eyes shut. You will end up feeling like your baby’s sight is at risk. Before you make the final decision of heading out to the hospital, ensure your baby is in a position that contributes to him trying to put his eyes into use.

Monitor the family history on eyesight

Some families have a long line of history on the part of eyesight. If you have an eye condition that you have been battling since birth, your child might be taking after you. Also, even immediate family members with eyesight problems can form part of your statistics or assumptions. While each baby is born different, and they get to face life differently, some hereditary issues might come by. What might bring about the difference between you and your baby is the steps you take. Therefore if you are suspecting your baby might be a victim of hereditary diseases, the faster you move, the better. Call your doctor and ask to meet up as soon as possible.

Schedule an eye test

Too much worry about your baby’s eyesight might stress you. After childbirth, you require a good rest and not stress. Therefore instead of spending your days and night waiting for your baby to open his eyes. You can schedule an eye test with a pediatric optician to look into the eyesight of the baby. Until the baby opens his eyes, there will be some difficulty in determining whether his eyesight is normal or he needs some help. The eye specialist will help you rule out any eye sickness. Some eye problems, when dealt with early enough, can heal. Prolonging treatment might end up being put into a treatment program that can restore the eyesight of the baby. Normally as a parent, you can also monitor your baby’s eyes during the entire time he is not able to open them.

A baby who has weak muscles in the eyes may not be successful when raising his eyelids. Therefore you will often note a great struggle whenever they try to open their eyes. Such situations will have the eyelids lying on the eyes of the baby, and he won’t be in a position to open the eyes. For such a condition, the earlier, the better for your baby; otherwise, they will end up with a bad vision.

In general, a baby not opening eyes is as a result of various aspects. While some situations are worrying, others are just periodical. However, the best advice is if you are uncomfortable waiting for your baby to open their eyes. Don’t keep waiting. Take the trip to the doctor and find out why.

Is puffiness the reason your baby won’t open his eyes?

If your baby is a newborn and isn’t opening his eyes, don’t panic. All newborns are able to see, but focusing can be difficult. Check out how puffy your baby’s eyelids are, especially if your baby is an infant. It’s normal for infants not to be able to open their eyes right away.

How long is your baby keeping his eyes open?

Something to consider before panicking is how long is your baby keeping their eyes open? If your baby is not keeping their eyes open at all, definitely see a pediatrician.

However if your baby is keeping their eyes open usually, but only refusing to open them sporadically, this may be less of a cost for concern, but to make sure, definitely talk to a pediatrician.

The world is really bright!

Just remember that the world is really bright for your new baby. He or she was used to living in a dark room for 9 months and all of a sudden he’s in your loving arms but in a really bright environment. So it’s natural for your baby to not open his eyes right away in such a bright place.

But once the brightness of the world starts to become normal to your baby, here she should start opening up their precious eyes for you to look into and smile knowing that you made that beautiful life that’s staring back at you.

How is the quality of your baby’s sleep?

Sometimes your baby not opening his eyes could just be because he or she is tired and is getting a poor quality of sleep. You’re doing your best to give your newborn a great life, and when he or she won’t sleep it can make you feel guilty. Especially if you’re noticing health problems associated with it such as your baby not opening their eyes. Lucky for you, we have a very easy way to make sure that your baby is getting great sleep.

Check out this article to learn if your baby isn’t opening his eyes due to sleep problems. If so, that article will provide you with an abundance of useful tools to improve your baby’s sleep and maybe get this eye issue figured out once and for all.

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  1. I was really worried because my baby just wasn’t opening his eyes! I never really considered that it could be related to his sleep quality. I’m also comforted by the fact that it can be somewhat normal, but I’m definitely going to do every single tip in that sleep article you linked to. I want to see my baby’s eyes so bad.

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