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Understanding the Funny Noises Your Baby Makes When Sleeping

One of the most endearing and sometimes baffling aspects of new parenthood is understanding the array of sounds your baby makes, especially during sleep. This guide explains the various “funny noises” your baby might make when sleeping and whether or not they should cause any concern. We’ll explore grunting, cooing, squeaking, and more.

Decoding the Funny Noises: Baby Sounds 101

From tiny grunts to high-pitched squeaks, your baby can make a whole host of sounds while they snooze. Here’s what these sounds typically mean.

  • Grunting: Often associated with your baby’s effort to pass gas or bowel movements, even during sleep.
  • Cooing: These gurgling sounds are part of your baby’s early vocalization and development.
  • Squeaking and High-Pitched Noises: Common in newborns and usually just part of your baby’s normal breathing sounds.
  • Snoring: Not common in babies but could happen occasionally. Frequent or loud snoring should be discussed with a healthcare professional.

Why Does My Baby Make Funny Noises When Sleeping?

Your baby’s respiratory system is still developing, making them prone to making a variety of noises while sleeping. Sometimes, these sounds can be attributed to a baby’s immature digestive system or their small nasal and throat passages. It’s essential to note that most of these noises are perfectly normal and part of a baby’s development.

Should I Be Worried About the Noises My Baby Makes in Their Sleep?

Generally, the noises your baby makes during sleep are normal and no cause for concern. However, if these noises are accompanied by signs of distress, such as changes in color, labored breathing, or excessive irritability, it’s important to seek medical attention. You know your baby best, so always trust your instincts.

When Should I Consult a Healthcare Professional?

If your baby’s noises become louder, more frequent, or are accompanied by other symptoms like difficulty feeding, poor weight gain, or frequent waking, it might be a good idea to consult a healthcare professional. They can help determine if these sounds indicate an underlying issue or if they’re just part of normal baby development.

Normal Baby Sleep Sounds Explained

Baby Grunting, Moaning, and Groaning in Sleep

Grunt-like noises are often associated with a baby’s efforts to pass gas or bowel movements, even during sleep. Moaning and groaning are part of the normal spectrum of baby sleep sounds, and they usually don’t signify anything concerning.

Squeaking and Whistling Sounds

Squeaks and high-pitched noises are common in newborns. These sounds are often due to the small and still-maturing nasal and throat passages of your baby.

Humming Noises

A humming noise can often be attributed to your baby’s breathing rhythms while they’re in a deep stage of sleep.


Snoring can happen occasionally due to congested nasal passages. However, frequent or loud snoring might need medical attention as it could be a sign of a health issue such as sleep apnea.

When to Be Concerned About Your Baby’s Sleep Noises

Signs of Respiratory Distress in a Baby

It’s essential to understand the signs of respiratory distress in infants. These may include flaring nostrils, grunting sounds at the end of each breath, skin between the ribs pulling in with each breath, blue color around the lips and face, and constant chest movement.

Recognizing Symptoms of Baby Sleep Apnea

Baby sleep apnea could manifest as pauses in breathing, snorting or gasping sounds, and frequent waking. If you observe any of these signs, consult your healthcare provider as sleep apnea could increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Noises Indicating Possible Health Conditions

Laryngomalacia, a condition in which the tissue above the vocal cords falls into the airway, can make your baby’s breathing sound noisy or high-pitched. Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) in babies can result in wheezing or a phlegm-filled cough. Both of these conditions require medical attention.

Neuro Crying and Baby Grizzling

Neuro crying or neurological crying is a term sometimes used to describe excessive crying in babies without any clear cause. Similarly, grizzling refers to a low-intensity cry or fussing. If these behaviors persist, they may indicate discomfort or distress, and you should contact a healthcare professional.

How Can Help

At, we understand that the myriad sounds your baby makes can be confusing and sometimes worrying. We’re here to help decode these sounds and offer guidance on what’s normal and when it might be time to seek professional advice. Our range of expert resources is tailored to helping you understand your baby’s sleep patterns, including the funny noises they make when sleeping.

Whether you’re trying to decipher a new sound or concerned about a change in your baby’s sleep pattern, can provide expert advice and resources to help you navigate these concerns with confidence. Together, we can ensure that both you and your baby enjoy restful, worry-free sleep.

Final Thoughts

While it can be puzzling to hear the various sounds your baby makes when sleeping, rest assured that most of these “funny noises” are just part of your baby’s growth and development. Stay informed, trust your instincts, and remember, there are always resources like to turn to for guidance and advice. And remember, each baby is unique, so what might be normal for one baby may not be for another. So keep observing, keep loving, and keep enjoying the sweet (and funny) sounds of your baby’s sleep.

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