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My Baby Is Obsessed With Feet!

    As babies grow and develop, they begin to notice new things.

    What was once something that caught your little one’s attention will quickly become a thing of the past because something new is visually appealing to your baby. This goes for more than just physical things in the nursery or the home.

    One week your little one might be especially intrigued by a baby toy that makes a lot of fun noise and even lights up.

    The next week you might be a bit confused because your little one wants nothing to do with that toy but instead is super excited about the sink.

    These are adorable little quirks that only last for a limited amount of time. In addition to discovering interesting things in the home, your baby is also discovering his or her body parts.

    This means, depending on your baby’s age, he or she might also notice the same body parts on you.

    Your baby may have just discovered their hand. Their hand is now so exciting they can’t stop sucking on their fingers and even discovered that two hands could clap together.

    How exciting!

    Now you can expand on their discovery and show them your hand. Let your little one size their hand up to your hand or hold on to your hand.

    In addition to hands, your baby may have discovered feet as well.

    If you stop and think, “my baby is obsessed with feet,” just remember it is most likely an adorable phase that will pass and become a loving memory.

    Feet are new to your baby.

    When your baby begins to stretch his or her limbs and roll around, they discover all kinds of new things.

    This new-found flexibility will help your baby discover his or her feet. You may notice your baby is obsessed with feet when they can grab hold of them. Why wouldn’t they want to grab hold of those adorable little tootsies?

    First, they just discovered a new body part, and second that body part is as mobile as their hands.

    Can you imagine what your baby is thinking when he or she is grabbing their toes and those toes wiggle?

    Sometimes babies become so flexible they will even try to suck on their feet. Make sure you keep your baby’s feet clean if they are going to insist on sucking on them.

    Clean them as frequently as you would their hands.

    Baby has discovered toes on his or her feet.

    Your baby has not only discovered his or her feet, but the baby has also discovered toes. These fantastic little digits that wiggle and tickle are very intriguing to your baby.

    Your baby is trying to suck on each toe just like he or she would with their fingers. These toes become so interesting once the socks are removed that your baby must instantly play with them every chance he gets.

    Baby thinks socks are fun and soft.

    In addition to feet being interesting, your baby might also find socks neat. Baby socks are sometimes also called booties.

    These adorable little socks are soft, and the inside is typically fleece lined. They have cute designs and slip easily on and off.

    If your baby has discovered how to pull the sock off, then it might be a game to your little one.

    Your little one might eagerly grab the sock and pull it off so that you can put the sock back on their foot.

    Baby loves shoes on his or her feet.

    Socks are interesting, but shoes are a whole other level of neatness. If your baby is pulling up and trying to cruise between pieces of furniture, then shoes are an entirely new experience.

    Your little one might love the feel of the shoes on his or her feet. The soft tapping noise that the shoes can make on the ground is also quite neat for the first few experiences.

    When you find shoes with characters or colors that your little one loves, then they will be especially drawn to their feet.

    Older babies may even take note of other people’s shoes and get very excited to point out the shoes and feet of strangers.

    Baby noticed you walk on your feet.

    Babies are forever paying attention to adults and other children in their life.

    When your baby is on the verge of walking, he or she will begin to pay attention to how other people are doing it.

    This means that your little one might be paying extra close attention to your feet and everyone else’s feet in your home.

    Baby is so intrigued by how these feet support a person and help them get around the house that he or she might be a bit obsessed with watching these fantastic feet work their magic.

    Baby is experiencing textures with their feet the same way they would with their hands.

    Your baby might also be obsessed with feet when he or she begins to notice textures. One day the bath will be very interesting because your little one will notice the feel of water between the fingers.

    The same is true for water between the toes. If you take your little one to the beach, he or she may love or hate the feeling of sand between the toes.

    When your baby becomes mobile on the carpet, the carpet texture will also be unique to your baby. These new textures on the feet will draw extra attention their way until these become normal to your little one.

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