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When Your Baby Hates Their Swing: A Comprehensive Guide

This post addresses a common concern among parents: a baby who hates swings. For many parents, swings provide a valuable tool to soothe and calm their baby, often aiding in sleep. But what happens if your baby despises the swing? Here at, we aim to help you navigate such issues, promoting peaceful sleep for your baby and peace of mind for you.

Understanding Your Baby’s Dislike for Swings

Identifying Your Baby’s Sleep Style

Understanding your child’s individual sleep style can provide valuable insights. It’s important to align your approach with your pediatrician’s recommendations. They can offer supportive guidance on how to gradually help your child become comfortable in the swing.

Paying Close Attention

Tune into your child’s needs beyond what you hear. Offer comfort and security when your baby is in the swing, addressing their needs promptly. This builds confidence and gradually makes them comfortable with the swing.

Using Music

Many babies are soothed by continuous, gentle music or white noise. Consider placing a source of sound near the swing to create a calming environment for your baby.

Incorporating Comfort Items

Adding items like swaddling blankets, toys, and pacifiers can help your baby associate the swing with comfort and familiarity.

Adjusting Swing Settings

If your baby dislikes the swing, it could be due to the speed or motion of the swing. Try adjusting these settings for optimal comfort, ensuring they aren’t too intense.

Sleep Techniques for a Baby Who Hates the Swing


Swaddle your baby’s arms while leaving their legs free for safe strapping into the swing. This enhances comfort and security.

Limited Distractions

Like adults, babies need a calm environment to fall asleep. Dim the lights and lower the noise level before putting your baby in the swing.

Simulating Presence

You can trick your baby into feeling that you’re nearby. For instance, placing your clothing close to your baby can give the impression of your presence, offering comfort.

Consistent Routine

Sticking to a consistent swing routine can make your baby more comfortable and accepting of the swing over time.

Gentle Motion

Try gently jiggling your baby’s swing in a dimly lit room accompanied by white noise. The gentle motion and calming environment can help lull your baby to sleep.

Nursing Your Baby

For newborns, nursing before putting them in the swing can be an effective way to encourage sleep.

The Benefits of Swing Sleep

Increased Sleep Duration

Swings can often result in longer, more restful sleep periods for babies.


Learning to fall asleep is a skill. Being in a swing can help babies learn to self-soothe and fall asleep on their own.


Babies in swings learn to sleep independently, a valuable skill as they grow older.

Easing Transition to Crib

The swinging motion can also facilitate the transition to crib sleeping.

When can I put my baby in a swing?

It’s generally safe to put your baby in a swing once they’re able to hold their head up independently, which usually happens around the age of three months.

How long can a baby use a Fisher Price swing?

Fisher Price recommends using their baby swings until your child reaches the swing’s maximum weight limit or until your baby attempts to climb out of the swing, whichever comes first.

What position should a swing be for a newborn?

For a newborn, the swing should be in the most reclined position to prevent slumping over and to provide optimal support for their head and neck.

Are there any baby swings currently being recalled?

For specific and up-to-date information about product recalls, you should check the manufacturer’s website or the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s recall list.

Concerns about Baby Swings

Why does my baby dislike their swing?

There could be a variety of reasons why your baby dislikes their swing. It might be a discomfort, overstimulation, or they might prefer other forms of motion.

What can I do if my baby hates their swing?

If your baby dislikes their swing, try to figure out what might be causing their discomfort. If they’re still unhappy, you might consider alternatives like a baby bouncer or carrier.

Why does my toddler dislike swings?

As children grow, their preferences can change. If your toddler has begun to dislike swings, it could be due to a fear of heights, a lack of control, or simply a change in preference.

How do I help my baby enjoy their swing?

To help your baby enjoy their swing, ensure they’re comfortable, the speed is appropriate, and try introducing the swing gradually.

Potential Impact of Baby Swings

Are baby swings bad for development?

When used appropriately, baby swings are generally safe and shouldn’t harm your baby’s development. However, prolonged periods in a swing can limit opportunities for floor play and interaction, which are essential for development.

Can baby swings cause flat head syndrome?

Long periods of time in baby swings or other similar equipment can contribute to positional plagiocephaly, or “flat head syndrome.” However, alternating your baby’s position and providing plenty of supervised tummy time can help prevent this.

Do baby swings help prevent SIDS?

Baby swings do not necessarily prevent SIDS. The safest place for a baby to sleep is on their back, in a crib, on a firm surface.

Can I let my baby sleep in the swing overnight?

It’s not recommended to let your baby sleep in a swing for extended periods or overnight. This is because swings aren’t designed for long-term sleep and may pose safety risks.

How Can Help

At, we strive to provide resources and techniques to support you in creating a soothing and sleep-friendly environment for your child. We believe that when it comes to “baby hates swings” and similar issues, understanding and addressing your baby’s specific needs is paramount. Our guidance is rooted in helping your child achieve healthy, restful sleep patterns.


Overcoming the “baby hates swings” issue can be a challenging journey. However, by employing these tips and understanding your baby’s individual needs, you can make the swing a comforting, sleep-inducing place for your baby. As always, please share any successful techniques you’ve discovered. Your journey may provide invaluable insights for other parents navigating the same issue.

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