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9 Tips If Your Baby Doesn’t Like Fruit

    My Baby Doesn’t Like Fruit

    If you are a new parent and just introducing your baby to baby food, you may find that your baby doesn’t like fruit.

    Some babies really just do not like the taste of fruit and others eat it up as if it were dessert.

    All babies are different and all have different things that they like and do not like. Especially when it comes to food choices.

    While fruit is a huge part of where we get our vitamins and minerals from, don’t fret just yet! We may be able to help you with a solution with these tips and tricks!

    1. Don’t give up.

    No matter what, don’t give up on your little one eating fruit. If you have just started to introduce baby foods and fruits, there are some tricks you can try to sneak them in.

    Best of all, your baby will never know!

    Or, perhaps, your baby will actually start to like eating fruits. Just remember, it’s probably just a phase and it will not last forever.

    Nothing lasts forever. So, chin up new mom, you are doing a great job!

    2. Try some sweet fruits.

    If you eat fruit yourself, and I am sure that you do, you have noticed that some fruits are sweeter than others.

    Some fruits have a bitter or sour taste and some are just sweet like dessert.

    Try giving your baby a sweet fruit. Try a couple of different kinds.

    Or is it sweet fruit that he is rejecting? If so, try one that is not so sweet.

    Being a mommy and feeding your baby is all about trial and error. There is no right or wrong way to do things.

    You just have to figure your baby out the best that you can. So, try swapping sweet for sour or sour for sweet and see if that will make a difference.

    3. Try real fruit!

    How about ditching the baby foods and actually trying real fruit that you would eat yourself?

    You can purchase a little pouch that will strain the fruit right into your baby’s mouth as he eats it.

    It is made for a certain age of babies, so be sure your baby is old enough to enjoy real, unprocessed fruit before you give it to him.

    4. Try mixing the fruit with other foods.

    You can always try mixing the fruit that your baby will not eat. Take the uneaten fruit and mix it into other foods that you know your baby enjoys and will eat.

    Try swirling some mango baby food into his carrot baby food. If your baby will eat fruit like that, congratulations! You’ve found a solution to your problem.

    5. Switch up the food bites.

    You could also try switching up your baby’s bites as you feed him.

    Give him a bite of green beans or something that he likes and then give him a bite of the fruit that he is refusing to eat.

    Keep switching up the bites, every other bite. He may spit it out at first, but that is okay. Just keep trying.

    6. How old is your baby?

    If your baby that doesn’t like fruit is old enough to understand speech, you might be in luck.

    Start by explaining the importance of a healthy body with strong, healthy bones. Ensure your little one understands that to achieve this, fruits should be used.

    Many children 3 to 5 years of age are very interested in how their body works. Take advantage of that and start explaining to your baby how their body needs fruit.

    Explain that fruit is rich with vitamins that help our bodies grow big and strong.

    7. Vitamin Drops or Gummy Vitamins

    If you’ve exhausted all your resources and your baby still doesn’t like fruit, try using a supplement.

    Vitamins for infants come in the form of drops that you just drop into their mouth once a day.

    If your baby is old enough for chewable vitamins, you can always give them chewable gummy vitamins. These taste a lot like the popular gummy snacks many kids like to eat today.

    8. Baby Food Desserts with Fruit

    Have you tried giving your baby desserts that are loaded with fruit? If not, this may be something that you will want to pick up at the grocery store.

    You can give him a few bites after he has eaten all of his veggies and his main course.

    While the baby food desserts are probably not something that you want to start giving your baby on a regular basis, a few bites a day or here and there will not hurt.

    9. Do you make your own baby food?

    If you are a new mom making your own baby food, you may want to try a medley of things to blend together.

    Maybe throw in a carrot, part of a peach, and some chicken. Blend it all together and try feeding that to your baby.

    Sometimes sneaking fruit into your baby’s diet is the only way you are going to get any fruit in him.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. Especially when it comes to your child and helping them develop healthy habits.

    These first few years are critical!


    If your baby doesn’t like fruit, you now have a few tricks at your disposal.

    All babies are different. As parents, we simply do the best we can. Thanks for taking the time to research what to do if your baby doesn’t like fruit. That’s sign number one that you’re a wonderful parent.

    Don’t get overly frustrated. Your baby is changing at a rapid pace and so will his taste buds. It is more than likely just a phase that your baby will eventually grow out of.

    Until then, continue trying while consulting with a pediatrician for extra support.

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