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When Your Baby Doesn’t Like Bananas: Strategies and Solutions

Struggling with a baby who doesn’t like bananas? You’re not alone. This post is designed to help parents navigate the tricky terrain of introducing new foods to their baby, especially when it comes to a common favorite like bananas.

Why Doesn’t My Baby Like Bananas?

There are several reasons why your baby might not be fond of bananas. It could be related to the texture, taste, or even the temperature of the bananas. Understanding these potential factors can help you tailor your approach.


Some babies may find the mushy texture of bananas off-putting. If this is the case, you might want to introduce bananas in different forms, such as dried banana chips or in small, soft pieces.


Bananas have a sweet taste that most babies enjoy, but not all. If your baby isn’t a fan, consider mixing bananas with other fruits or foods that your baby likes to make it more palatable.


Babies may prefer their food at certain temperatures. Try serving bananas at room temperature or slightly chilled to see if your baby likes them better this way.

Helping Your Baby to Enjoy Bananas

Here are some strategies you can employ to help your baby start to enjoy bananas:

1. Pair with a Favorite Food

Pair bananas with foods that your baby already enjoys. This can help associate bananas with positive mealtime experiences.

2. Experiment with Texture

Offer bananas in different textures, such as mashed, sliced, or dried. This can help your baby get used to the fruit in various forms.

3. Be Patient

Remember, it can take several attempts before your baby accepts a new food. Patience and persistence are key.

Introducing Bananas to Your Baby

When can babies start tasting bananas?

Babies can start tasting bananas when they begin eating solids, typically around 6 months of age.

How should I offer bananas to my 5 or 6-month-old baby?

For younger babies, starting with banana puree is a safe bet. You can gradually move on to mashed or finely chopped bananas as your baby gets accustomed to solid foods.

How can I introduce bananas to my baby following the Baby Led Weaning (BLW) approach?

For BLW, offer your baby a thick slice of a ripe banana. Ensure it is large enough for them to grip and experiment with.

Concerns About Feeding Bananas to Your Baby

What happens if my baby refuses to eat a banana?

If your baby doesn’t like bananas, don’t worry. There are many other fruits and vegetables that can provide similar nutrients. Keep offering different textures and forms of banana occasionally, without forcing it.

Can babies be intolerant or allergic to bananas?

Yes, some babies might have an intolerance or allergy to bananas, which could explain their aversion. If you notice any adverse reactions like vomiting or rashes after eating bananas, consult your pediatrician.

Can eating bananas cause constipation in babies?

The link between bananas and constipation isn’t definitive. While some people believe bananas could lead to constipation, others suggest that ripe bananas could help ease it. It depends on the individual baby, so monitor your baby’s bowel movements and consult with a healthcare provider if necessary.

Safe Banana Consumption for Babies

How much banana should I feed my baby?

The quantity of banana your baby should eat depends on their age and eating habits. For younger babies starting solids, a few spoons of banana puree are enough. For older babies, half or even a whole small banana can be appropriate.

Is it harmful to feed my baby bananas every day?

While bananas are nutritious, it’s best to include a variety of fruits in your baby’s diet for a balance of nutrients. So, feeding bananas every day isn’t necessary and could limit the range of tastes your baby experiences.

Should I warm up banana puree before serving?

There’s no need to warm banana puree. Room temperature or slightly chilled is fine. However, always check the temperature before feeding to ensure it’s not too cold for your baby’s liking.

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In Conclusion

Remember, every baby is different and may have unique preferences when it comes to food. If your baby doesn’t like bananas, don’t worry. With patience, experimentation, and advice from resources like, you can help guide your baby towards a varied and nutritious diet while promoting healthy sleep habits.

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