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What To Do If Your Baby Ate Triple Paste: A Comprehensive Guide

Taking care of a baby often involves unexpected situations. One such scenario might be discovering that your baby has ingested some Triple Paste diaper rash cream. In this article, we will provide guidance on the steps to take if this occurs, and how can assist in managing your baby’s overall wellness, including their sleep patterns.

Understanding Triple Paste

Triple Paste is a widely-used over-the-counter medicated ointment designed to treat diaper rash in babies. It is generally applied to a baby’s bottom to soothe and protect against moisture, which can cause skin irritation.

Is Triple Paste harmful if ingested?

Although Triple Paste is not intended for ingestion, if your baby accidentally consumes a small amount, it is generally not harmful. However, if your baby eats a large quantity, or if they show signs of an adverse reaction, you should contact a healthcare professional immediately.

What to Do If Your Baby Eats Triple Paste

  1. Stay Calm: Staying calm will allow you to handle the situation effectively.
  2. Assess the Situation: Determine how much Triple Paste your baby may have ingested.
  3. Consult a Healthcare Professional: If you are uncertain or worried, call a healthcare professional or Poison Control Center.
  4. Monitor Your Baby: Watch for any signs of an allergic reaction or distress, such as difficulty breathing, vomiting, or a rash. If any of these occur, seek medical attention immediately.

Preventing Future Incidents

Prevent your baby from ingesting Triple Paste by keeping it, along with other skin care products, out of their reach. Always supervise your baby when applying creams or ointments.

Understanding the Composition of Triple Paste

What are the ingredients in Triple Paste?

Triple Paste is composed of several ingredients designed to soothe and protect your baby’s skin. These include zinc oxide, which acts as a skin protectant, along with other elements such as corn starch, lanolin, and white petrolatum.

What amount of zinc oxide does Triple Paste contain?

Triple Paste contains 12.8% of zinc oxide. This component helps to create a barrier on the skin, protecting it from moisture and irritation.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Triple Paste

Is Triple Paste beneficial for babies?

Yes, Triple Paste is designed to soothe and protect a baby’s delicate skin from diaper rash. It forms a barrier on the skin that helps repel moisture and reduce irritation.

Can overuse of diaper cream harm a baby?

While using diaper cream as per the directions is generally safe, over-application could potentially lead to skin irritation. Always follow the recommended usage instructions on the product.

Comparing Triple Paste with Other Products

What is the generic equivalent of Triple Paste?

There isn’t a direct generic equivalent to Triple Paste, but many other diaper rash creams contain similar active ingredients, such as zinc oxide.

How does Desitin compare with Triple Paste?

Like Triple Paste, Desitin is a popular diaper rash cream that also contains zinc oxide as its active ingredient. Both are designed to soothe and protect against diaper rash.

Dealing with Unintended Ingestion

What should I do if my child eats some Desitin or Triple Paste?

If your child ingests a small amount of Desitin or Triple Paste, it’s unlikely to cause serious harm. However, you should monitor them closely for any signs of discomfort or illness, and contact a healthcare provider if you’re concerned.

Can swallowing diaper rash cream be harmful?

Although diaper rash creams are not intended for ingestion, consuming a small amount usually isn’t harmful. However, if a large quantity is swallowed, it’s essential to contact a healthcare provider immediately.

What are the potential side effects of ingesting Triple Paste?

Consuming Triple Paste could potentially lead to mild stomach upset. If a large amount is consumed, or if an allergic reaction occurs, symptoms could be more severe. Always contact a healthcare provider in these instances.

How Can Assist

At, we understand that the wellbeing of your baby, which includes both their safety during waking hours and their sleep quality, is of paramount importance. Proper sleep routines can often help prevent night-time explorations and curious ingestion of things like Triple Paste.

We provide resources that can help you establish effective sleep routines, create a safer sleep environment, and ensure that your baby is getting quality rest. This will not only enhance your baby’s health and development, but also give you peace of mind.


While finding out that your baby ate Triple Paste can be concerning, it’s usually not a cause for alarm. However, taking preventive measures and understanding how to respond in such situations can help ensure your baby’s safety. At, we’re committed to supporting you in fostering a safe and healthy environment for your child.