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Addressing the Challenges of the 22-Month Sleep Regression

What is the 22-Month Sleep Regression?

The “22-month sleep regression” is a period when your toddler, who had been sleeping well, begins to experience disruptions in their sleep patterns. These can include resisting bedtime, waking frequently during the night, or having difficulty falling back asleep.

Signs of 22-Month Sleep Regression

Identifying the Signs

  • Your toddler is suddenly waking up more frequently at night.
  • There’s an increased resistance to bedtime or naps.
  • Your child becomes particularly fussy or temperamental due to lack of sleep.

Duration of the 22-Month Sleep Regression

The duration of the 22-month sleep regression can vary, but typically this phase lasts between two to six weeks. It’s a temporary period often linked to developmental growth and cognitive advancements.

Managing the 22-Month Sleep Regression

Patience and consistency are key when managing the 22-month sleep regression. It’s important to maintain a regular sleep schedule and a soothing bedtime routine, and to provide reassurance and comfort for your toddler during this challenging period.

Is there a sleep regression at 22 months?

Yes, many parents do experience a sleep regression around the 22-month mark. However, sleep regressions can vary greatly from child to child. This regression typically coincides with developmental milestones and can cause disruptions in your child’s sleep patterns.

How long does 22 month sleep regression last?

While the length of sleep regression can differ, the 22-month sleep regression typically lasts between two to six weeks. Remember that this is a temporary phase and it’s usually linked to your child’s developmental growth.

Developmental Leap at 22 Months

Is there a developmental leap at 22 months?

Yes, the 22-month mark often corresponds with significant cognitive and physical development in toddlers. They’re learning new skills and becoming more independent, which can sometimes lead to sleep disruptions.

22-month-old developmental leap

The developmental leap at 22 months often involves advancements in motor skills, language development, and cognitive abilities. Toddlers at this age may show an increased interest in exploring their environment, exhibit more complex play, and begin stringing words together in simple sentences.

Common Sleep Disruptions at 22 Months

Why is my 22 month old waking up at night?

A 22-month-old may wake up at night for several reasons, including a disrupted routine, discomfort (such as teething), nightmares, or the 22-month sleep regression. If night waking continues to be a problem, consider consulting with a pediatrician or sleep expert.

Why is my 22 month old waking up screaming?

If your 22-month-old is waking up screaming, it could be due to discomfort, nightmares, or night terrors. However, it could also be part of the 22-month sleep regression. If the screaming continues or is accompanied by other signs of distress or illness, it would be wise to speak with a pediatrician.

Bedtime for Two-Year-Olds

2 year old not going to sleep until 11pm

If your 2-year-old is not falling asleep until 11pm, it might be due to a late nap, an inconsistent bedtime routine, or overstimulation before bed. Try to ensure your child has a calming bedtime routine, that their sleep environment is conducive to rest, and that any naps are not too close to bedtime. It might take a bit of experimentation to find what works best for your toddler’s sleep.

How Can Help

The 22-month sleep regression can test the patience of even the most seasoned parents. That’s where can offer support. As a leading resource for baby and toddler sleep, provides expert advice, helpful articles, and practical strategies to help manage sleep regressions and other sleep-related issues. Whether you’re navigating the 22-month sleep regression or other sleep challenges, is here to help guide you through these sleep disruptions.


Though the 22-month sleep regression can be a challenging phase for both you and your toddler, it’s important to remember that it’s a normal part of your child’s development and it is temporary. By employing patience, consistency, and the help of resources like, you can help your child get through this sleep regression and back to a more peaceful night’s sleep.

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