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How Much Should a 2-Month-Old Sleep?

How Much Should a 2-Month-Old Sleep?

When your baby is two months old, he or she is still considered a newborn. They will be sleeping most of the time. Sleep patterns will usually start developing towards the end of the 2-month-old stage. You will learn how much a 2-month-old sleeps when you see that your baby is now sleeping longer for naps and even through the night.

Before your baby is at the 2-month-old stage, he or she will most likely be sleeping about 18 hours every day. The longest time that they stay awake in between sleep times is usually about 2 hours.

Sleep Routine is Better Than a Sleep Schedule

A sleep schedule for a 2-month-old might be too demanding. A Routine around when the baby wants to be awake and when he or she wants to sleep is better. While the baby is awake, a little holding and cuddling are always great. Playtime might be mom or dad holding the baby on their lap and singing or talking to the baby. How much a 2-month-old sleeps when following a routine, will help on how well the baby sleeps at night as they get older.

Figure Out a Good Routine for Night Time

As parents, your children sleep routine is important to you and your baby. To begin with, a good routine will help your baby to learn the difference between day and night, and you will have longer hours to sleep during the night. When your baby was first born, he or she did not know the difference as to whether it was daytime or nighttime. Now you want your baby to learn the difference between a nap and nighttime.

How much a 2-month-old sleeps at one time will depend on how you guide your child up to the idea that it is nighttime. Nighttime routines might consist of a nice warm bath, a little time to cuddle with mom and dad, a clean diaper, and a full stomach. Some quiet time is perfect for your baby to settle down and want to sleep.

The eat-play-sleep routine seems to work very well. After you have fed your baby, play quietly with your baby and then lay your baby down while he or she is still awake but drowsy. Do not watch the clock at this point. The routine should be done for each evening.

As your baby gets older, the naps will become shorter and the nighttime sleep hours will become longer. Remember, the 2 to 3-month-old baby is just learning a sleep pattern. They are not sleeping in long stretches, but they are learning a sleep pattern. How much a 2-month-old sleeps both in the day and at nighttime will also depend on how much the baby has been tossed around with other chores that need to be done.

Baby Becoming More Active

A 2-month-old baby is becoming more active and alert. It is an exciting time of life for both the baby and the family around the baby. It also is a struggle as to how much a 2-month-old sleeps during this transition time. The common factor for 2-month-olds at this age is that their naps become shorter and the nighttime sleep hours become longer, with most babies. It will depend on the baby.

Set a routine that is consistent. Decide what time is best for the baby to go down for the night, and then make sure you put the baby down every night at that same time. His or her sleep pattern will adjust to the time table that you establish as the baby’s routine. Most babies seem to have a big growth spurt at this age too. This can also make your baby want to eat more and sleep more.

Frequent Feedings

Your 2-month-old baby will still need feedings during the night hours. Many babies can go more than the two hours in a stretch, but at least one feeding will most likely be needed in the wee hours. Once the baby reaches 3-months-old, the in between feeding times become longer. Wrapped up in a nice warm blanket or baby sleep bag will keep your baby warm, and help your baby to sleep so he or she will not need as many feedings during the night.

How much a 2-month-old sleeps will depend on how long your baby can go between feedings. The first biggest milestone is around nine-pound weight. At this weight, your baby should be sleeping about five hours before needing to eat again. Although not all babies are alike, most babies at nine pounds will reach the five-hour or more sleep pattern by the time they are 2-months old.

The 2-month-old Witching Hour

You are not alone if your baby is fussy in the evenings. This witching hour or fussy hour is common for the 2-month-old baby. How much a 2-month-old baby sleeps can be controlled with cuddling and an extra feeding in order to keep the baby awake a little longer. Your baby is developing fast and some babies want to cluster feed in the evening.

This is good for you also. If your baby wants smaller, but more frequent feedings in the evening, there is nothing wrong with satisfying your baby. Most babies will then sleep for a longer period of time during the night after cluster feedings.

Transition Time

The 2-month-old transition time is different for every baby. Your neighbor’s baby might be sleeping 7 or 8 hours a night while your baby is still needing one or two feedings. Do not fret. It is normal for your baby. Not all babies have the same time table for sleeping through the night. How much a 2-month-old sleeps depends on if they have colic, get fussy during the night or how long of naps they took during the day. Start a bedtime routine and keep to the same routine as much as possible. Some quiet time just before putting the baby down will help your baby fall asleep in peace.

Mourning Routine and Naps

It might be easier to start with a morning wake-up routine with your baby. How much a 2-month-old sleeps can be managed by you. When you are ready to wake up and get your day started, you may want to set up a special routine with your baby. Getting up with your baby and starting the day off together will help you to set the whole day’s routine. The baby’s first nap can also be scheduled a little bit. How much a 2-month-old sleeps during the day will depend on how much you need to get done and all the running around you need to do.

If you have other children, the 2-month-old will need to fit into your schedule for your other children. Remember, a 2-month-old can usually sleep anywhere. They are used to noise, they do not mind being picked up and put in a car seat, and most babies love to sleep in the car. The motion of the car puts most babies right back to sleep, so taking them with you wherever you go should not be a problem.

Cruising Through the 2 Month Mark

You will have a lot to look forward to as your baby reaches the 3-month-old age. During the second month your baby will start;

  • being more alert
  • develop a personality
  • start to giggle and grunt
  • will suddenly notice they have hands and toes

As a 2-month-old baby, he or she will sleep between 15 and 17 hours a day. How much a 2-month-old sleeps at night depends on the daytime routine, but they can sleep about 8-10 hours a night. The rest of the baby’s sleep time will be divided up between the naps he or she takes during the day. There may be as many as four naps during the day hours.

Sleep Cycle of 45-Minutes

Your baby may start having 45-minute sleep cycles. He or she may wake after 30-45 minutes and that is typical of a 2-month-old baby. Just because the baby wakes up does not mean the baby should be picked up. Let the baby rest where he or she is for a while and see if your baby will fall back to sleep. How much a 2-month-old sleeps can depend on how often you run in and pick the child up the minute you hear a coo. Many times, they just open their eyes and look around and fall right back to sleep.

Baby’s Built in Melatonin

Babies are born with natural melatonin that makes them very sleepy. Once they are a few weeks old, that melatonin starts to slow down and the baby literally wakes up more. As parents of a 2-month-old, you will notice the alertness of your baby and that your baby is starting to smile.

He or she is more alert and the baby’s sleep pattern is guided by how often he or she wants to eat. Melatonin governs how much a 2-month-old sleeps, and Cortisol, the hormone that wakes your baby up, are both now starting to control the sleep and wake patterns of your baby.

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