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Understanding 11 Month Sleep Regression: Causes and Coping Strategies

As your baby grows and develops, their sleep patterns can change. This often results in periods of sleep regression. One such time of change is the 11-month sleep regression. In this post, we’ll delve into what the 11-month sleep regression looks like, why it happens, and how you can help your baby through it.

What is the 11 Month Sleep Regression?

Just as the name suggests, the 11-month sleep regression is a period when an 11-month-old baby who was previously sleeping well, suddenly starts having sleep problems. It can manifest in different ways, including frequent night wakings, difficulty falling asleep, and short naps.

Causes of the 11 Month Sleep Regression

Developmental Milestones

At around 11 months, many babies are achieving significant developmental milestones. They may be starting to walk, understanding more words, and exhibiting a greater sense of independence. All these exciting developments can disrupt their sleep.

Separation Anxiety

Many babies experience separation anxiety around this age. This can lead to night wakings and difficulty settling as they seek the reassurance of their parents.

Changes in Nap Schedule

As your baby gets older, they might need fewer naps during the day. This transition can disrupt their nighttime sleep while they adjust.

How to Manage the 11 Month Sleep Regression

While dealing with the 11-month sleep regression can be challenging, there are several strategies that can help. Maintaining a consistent bedtime routine, adjusting nap times, and offering comfort can all help your baby navigate this period of change. Remember, this is just a phase and it will pass.

Basics of the 11 Month Sleep Regression

How long does the 11 month sleep regression last?

The length of sleep regression can vary from one child to another, but the 11 month sleep regression typically lasts 2 to 6 weeks. It’s important to maintain consistent routines and provide comfort during this period.

Why is my 11 month old suddenly not sleeping?

An 11 month old may suddenly stop sleeping due to developmental changes, teething pain, separation anxiety, or alterations in nap schedules. It’s also known as sleep regression, a phase where a baby who has been sleeping well suddenly starts experiencing sleep problems.

Why is my 11 month old waking up screaming?

Waking up screaming could be due to nightmares or night terrors, but it can also be caused by discomfort such as teething pain or even illness. If this behavior continues, it might be worth discussing with a pediatrician.

Understanding Baby Leaps and Development

Is there a leap at 11 months?

Yes, many babies experience a developmental “leap” around this time. They might be mastering skills like walking and saying more words, which can disrupt their sleep.

Addressing the 11 Month Sleep Regression

How do you break the 11 month sleep regression?

Breaking the 11 month sleep regression often involves a combination of consistent bedtime routines, adjusting nap times if necessary, and providing comfort. Remember, it’s just a phase and will pass with time.

How long should I let my 11 month old cry it out?

The “cry it out” method is quite personal and depends on your comfort level and the baby’s temperament. Some parents might wait 5 minutes before comforting their baby, while others might wait longer. It’s essential to ensure that the baby’s needs are met (they’re not hungry, or have a dirty diaper) before trying this method.

Is it OK to let my 11 month old cry himself to sleep?

This is a personal decision that depends on your parenting style and your baby’s needs. Some experts believe it’s okay as long as the baby’s physical needs are met and they are safe. Others prefer comfort methods. It’s best to do what feels right for you and your baby.

How do I teach my 11 month old to self soothe?

Teaching an 11-month-old to self-soothe can include techniques like establishing a consistent bedtime routine, providing a comfort object (like a favorite blanket), and gradually reducing the amount of time you spend in their room at bedtime.

Why is my 11 month old crying uncontrollably at night?

An 11 month old crying uncontrollably at night could be due to a few reasons, including teething pain, illness, night terrors, or discomfort from a wet or dirty diaper. If this behavior persists, consult a pediatrician.

Is my 11 month old waking up at night to eat normal?

Some 11 month olds might still wake up at night to eat, especially during growth spurts. However, most are able to sleep through the night without a feeding. If your child frequently wakes up hungry at night, it could be worth discussing with a pediatrician.

How Can Help

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The 11-month sleep regression can be a challenging time for babies and parents alike. But understanding why it happens and how you can help your baby through it can make this stage a little easier to manage. And remember, at, we’re always here to support you through your baby’s sleep challenges.

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